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Your 2014 Marketing Budget by the Numbers


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Looking for answers as you put together your 2014 marketing budget? Get The Starr Conspiracy e-book for answers and insight.

Marketers in this space are by-the-numbers people. To get your numbers right and balance all of your (sometimes competing) needs next year, fill out the short form on this page and download the e-book “Your 2014 Marketing Budget by the Numbers.”

You’ll learn how to:

• Budget effectively based on your business strategy
• Get the right budget mix of people and programs
• Use your brand strategically
• Make the most of your demand generation opportunities by focusing on the right activities and offers

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Your 2014 Marketing Budget by the Numbers

  2. 2. NUMBERS: THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH The ancient Greeks were right. All of the secrets of the world can be found in numbers. You can capture the shape of a cloud in a single fractal. If you know the variables and ratios, you can do anything. Having a tough time knowing how to spread your 2014 marketing budget around? We got this. This ain’t our first rodeo. We know enterprise software marketing from every angle. And we’re happy to help you out. 2
  3. 3. HOW MUCH TO BUDGET? It depends. What are you trying to accomplish? CAPTURE MARKET SHARE: Figure 25-50% of gross revenue for sales and marketing. Get 100% or more if you can swing it. That’s what it takes to win a category. DRIVE PROFIT: If you don’t have a rich uncle or a VC and need to show a profit, your marketing budget needs to be 5% of gross revenue. 3
  4. 4. PROGRAMS 58% | PEOPLE 42% PROGRAMS PEOPLE 58% 42% P+P After you get your budget, here’s how you split it. You might have to tinker with this, depending on whether you intend to take on more work in-house or outsource it. And when you’re spending on people, choose quality over quantity. Your best buy is a hardworking, roll-up-the-sleeves marketing director. The hardest positions to hire are demand gen ninjas and anyone good in product marketing. 4
  5. 5. EVENTS: 23% OF PROGRAMS Live events are the biggest movers in demand generation. Don’t try to hit every show. Focus on the two or three that matter, and go big. Some of the other big buckets of program spending: ADVERTISING (PRINT AND DIGITAL): 21% MARKETING SUPPORT: 18% DIRECT MARKETING: 14% 5
  6. 6. MEDIA: 25-33% OF PROGRAMS Which enterprise software marketers need to buy media? All of them. Media are your access to your target market. Traditionally, buying industry media at high CPMs was the only way to do it. That’s changing. Programmatic ad buying and behavioral targeting give you greater reach at lower CPMs. And digital channels offer much more focused tracking. That means you can see the ROI more easily. Your CFO will like that. 6
  7. 7. BRAND 50% | DEMAND 50% BRAND DEMAND 50% 50% B+D The biggest mistake that enterprise software marketers make? Thinking that they can’t afford brand awareness. You can build your brand without slapping your logo on NASCAR. You can do it in ways that drive leads. But you must build a brand that resonates at an emotional, values level with your target market. Ignore this advice at your own peril. 7
  8. 8. CONTENT MARKETING: 97% OF B2B MARKETERS DO IT… … and the other 3% are trapped under something heavy and can’t hit the publish button. White papers and webinars have traditionally worked great as early-stage offers. Now that’s giving way to infographics and e-books. And here’s a question we get a lot: What’s the ideal length for a white paper? It’s getting shorter. WHITE PAPER LENGTH 1,800 words 1,500 words 1,200 words 2010 2012 2014 Write short. Pick quality over quantity. And deliver the right message to the right buyer at the right moment. That’s context — a word you’ll hear a lot in 2014. 8
  9. 9. WHO’S NO. 1 IN SOCIAL MEDIA? A little bird told me the answer is Twitter. We’ve confirmed that with real-world experience. You can build brand and generate demand there. There are lots of cool new LinkedIn programs. There’s also a surprising amount of bang for your buck in Facebook. Google+ authorship is essential. But rock out the 140 for your best ROI. 9
  10. 10. GO MOBILE FIRST Forget responsive. Just design all of your online properties for mobile. And if you haven’t yet, you’d better allocate some budget for that. (FYI – like 5% of your program budget.) You’re out of runway. You’ve got to fix this. Like now. 10
  11. 11. AND IF YOU ONLY DO ONE THING Get your message and position right. Differentiate. Be clear. Connect with emotion. Talk about values. Be bold. 11
  12. 12. GOT IT? IF NOT, CALL US. Here’s some good news. No matter how far behind you think you are, you’re still ahead of more companies than you’d think. If you’re reading this e-book, you’re well ahead of the pack. Want some easy, free advice? Let’s chat. We’ll give you a full planning session. Email to set something up. About The Starr Conspiracy You shouldn’t have to pay an agency to get to know your industry. The Starr Conspiracy already knows your market segment, who you are, and where you fit in. We’re a strategic marketing and advertising agency devoted exclusively to enterprise software and services. When you partner with us, it’s to build market share, multiply brand awareness, and drive sales leads — not to bone up on the basics. We’ve been “out there” for more than a decade, so you can hit the ground running. Founded in 1999 and located in Fort Worth, Texas, The Starr Conspiracy has won eight best places to work awards and countless creative awards. Visit us on the Web at 12