LD Presentation Spring Project


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LD Presentation Spring Project

  1. 1. Spring Project:Discrimination and Disabilities Shannon Ferguson English & US History Ms. Kautsch and Todd Spring 2012
  2. 2. People with disabilities are a group that are often not discussed. Society often thinks of people in wheelchairs when they think of people with disabilities, but there are many different types of disabilities. My project’s focus is onDescription of Focus students with learning disabilities, where these studentsThe project I was originally assigned have special accommodations to fit their needs based onwas on the vague subject of difficulties with processing what they learn. Many studentsDiscrimination. Due to this vagueness, with learning disabilities grow up never knowing what theirdrastic changes were done to the disability is (because their parents do not want them to feelprocess of this project. For example, too different), or why they go to an alternative classroommy group became just me, Shannon that is considered for students who are not “smart.” Having aFerguson, to do the project. This learning disability does not make one “not smart;” it meansproject is based completely on myefforts, so that is why the project may that the way that student processes information, or learns, issound small even though the topic is not in a typical way, and certain ways of learning are difficultsignificant. Another change was the (i.e. visual, verbal). To be in a Study Skills class, which is partaltering of the topic. Instead of of Special Education, the student with the learning disabilityDiscrimination, it became about issues must have at least an average IQ. Students with learningfor students with learning disabilities. disabilities entering high school have more things to consider than students without a disability. These students may take alternative classes, including a Study Skills class, and have to go to meetings at least once a year to discuss accommodations and goals to put in the student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan). With all of these things to look at when transferring into high school, and other concepts of high school, I developed a pamphlet describing high school, answering questions, and giving suggestions to ease the transition process.
  3. 3. I created a pamphlet that describes high school, defines terms and Special Education systems, offerssuggestions, and answers questions. Some of the information in the pamphlet can be useful to a typicalincoming freshmen, and some of the information addresses specific things that affect students with learningdisabilities. Questions that I answered were given to me by incoming freshmen with learning disabilities fromKenilworth Junior High School and Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley.To address my project to the community, To have my project reach the CasaI decided to make a pamphlet for Grande community, I had students inincoming freshmen with learning Study Skills classes help me answer thedisabilities. I asked for current eighth questions given to me from the middlegraders with learning disabilities for schools, since they would be the bestquestions about high school, which I experts to provide answers from thewould answer, and then I would point of view of a student with a learningdistribute those pamphlets to the middle disability. I will also put some of myschools in Petaluma. I received questions pamphlets in the Study Skills classroomsfrom Kenilworth Junior High School and at Casa so new freshmen in Study SkillsMary Collins School at Cherry Valley (K-8 will have access to the information too.charter school). By giving information toat least these schools, I am reaching thecommunity.
  4. 4. Evaluation of ProjectSuccesses FailuresEven though I didn’t do a good job with More seemed to have gone wrong thanpreparations, and I kept pushing it off, I went right. I should have been more onat least got something done. I am happy top of my project. With my group, wethat I finished what I set out to do, and it should have been more productive inhas a good chance at being successful. By coming up with a project, and we shouldmaking a pamphlet, my project can have communicated a lot more. Whensurvive and be accessed by more than my group dwindled down to just me, Ijust next year’s incoming freshmen. I was should have figured out a plan andable to do all that I could do, even executed it a lot earlier than I did.though it wasn’t much, and I didn’t just Because I did my project mostly lastgive up on the project. minute, it’s not quite what the project called for. I shouldn’t have pushed the project off so much. Due to the late production of my project, it also does not address all the RADIO points quite as strongly as it could have.
  5. 5. Radio PointsRigor Action Deconstruction Interdisciplinary Other Voices educationThis project is My project This project is My project People withnot very strong addresses not very strong combines disabilities, leton the Rigor Action because with the information alone youthpoint, but my it reaches out Deconstruction about high with learningproject does to students point, but my school, student disabilities (toreach out to with disabilities project life, and be moremiddle school in the probably education with specific), is astudents to community, deconstructs disability rights group whoseteach them and it will common and voice is not theabout what to provide them a beliefs about accommodat- mainstream.expect from service with high school as ions. It relates They are so nothigh school information. well as students with mainstreamwith a learning stereotypes disabilities and that they aren’tdisability. about students high school. even with learning mentioned in disabilities. our class.
  6. 6. The ProjectThe next several pages will be thepamphlet that I made for incoming freshmen with disabilities.
  7. 7. Time school gets outis subject to changeat Casa, which will befixed on pamphletbefore distribution.
  8. 8. Thank YouThank you for reading about my project. Even though it may not be typical, orexpected, for the Spring Project, I did all I could in the time left that I had. I hope thatmy contributions can be lasting and universal (for at least a couple years) help thataffects more than next year’s freshmen. This presentation may not be fancy, but Ihope it was informative.High school is a difficult time, which is universal to any student. For students withlearning disabilities, there is a lot more to know so as to be successful in and getthrough high school. With my project, hopefully that transition can be a little biteasier.