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Edu367 week 3 assignment starr white


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Edu367 week 3 assignment starr white

  1. 1. Week 3 – Assignment Starr WhiteEDU367: Elementary & Secondary School Media Linda Bjork Friday, March 01, 2013
  2. 2. A School LibraryNot Just a Room of Books
  3. 3. “An abundance of evidence strongly supports the connectionbetween student achievement and the presence of school librarieswith qualified school library media specialists. When library media specialists work with teachers to support learning opportunities with books, computer resources, and more, students learn more,get better grades, and score higher on standardized test scores than their peers in schools without good libraries.” ~(“School Libraries Work”, 2008)
  4. 4. Role of an Effective Librarian
  5. 5. Role of an Effective Librarian Teaches Students to Locate Select Evaluate Synthesize information Be ethical users of information
  6. 6. Role of an Effective Librarian Plans and Collaborates With Teachers Full partners in the instructional process Collaborates with all grade levels Implement lessons Assess lessons
  7. 7. Role of an Effective Librarian Program Administrator Cross-curriculum units of study Cross-grade level programs
  8. 8. Traits of an Affective Librarian Engage Direct Encourage student learning Actively involved in curriculum Understands differentiated instruction Maintaining strong relationships among colleaguesWorks constantly to stay informed of new technologies Information specialist
  9. 9. Meeting the needs of all students Academic Support Services Atmosphere conducive for private and collaborative studyProvides audiobooks and alternative textbooks to students with learning disabilities and visual impairments Offers computers with adaptive technologies
  10. 10. 21 Century Skills Student collaboration Integrated with curriculum Pilots new technology and software Technology skills
  11. 11. Technology skills VoiceThread Xtranormal Quia Photo Peach Prezi Slideshare MovieMaker Photostory PowerPoint And MORE
  12. 12. Technology Computers Scanners Laptops Tablets Kindle Cameras Interactive whiteboards Online environment
  13. 13. Online Environment Subscription Databases Library Catalog Writing Resources Plagiarism Information Other Libraries Calendar Policies News Webliographies Podcasts
  14. 14. Campus Centerpiece For Research Computing Collaboration Study Presentation
  15. 15. The library provides student-centeredspace in an atmosphere conducive forprivate and collaborative study computer workstations quiet study areas noisy high traffic group study areas study rooms information help desks social spaces Housing for book and media collections Preserved the school archives
  16. 16. Reader’s Theatre Principals/TeachersPrograms: Literacy Circles Challenge Book talks Book buddies (challenge students to read a Blogs (different grade levels read certain number of Wikis to each other) pages, etc.) Web pages Book Fairs Book covers Podcasts (students design covers) Treasure Hunts/Scavenger Guest readers Hunts Read alouds Author studies (listening to good readers) Summer Reading Lists Author visits Reading environment Author displays (atmosphere/environment And MORE Bulletin boards conducive to reading) Book character Silent Sustained Reading parades (SSR) Reading bowl Drop Everything and Read Battle of the books (DEAR) Book Clubs Library Clubs
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