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  • 2. Ferrari’s parent company is Fiat. Fiat is an automobile manufacturer that owned: Alfa Romero, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Ram and SRT. The name Ferrari came from the owner Enzo Ferrari. The name is very Italian, it does not have a direct resonation, but Italian is known for producing the highest quality cars. The name is also very catchy.
    Their slogan is “Everything we do is driven by Ferrari”, Enzo Ferrari is the creator of Ferrari. Their logo came from a fighter plane of Francesco Baracca. Francesco is a heroic airman of the First World War. In 1923 Enzo met Enrico Baracca, The hero’s father. The father told him to put the prancing horse on his car, as it will bring him good luck. Enzo added yellow background, which is the color of Modena, the city where Enzo was born.
  • 3. Ferrari produces cars for a niche market of sports and super sports cars. Their product segments are divided into three segments: sports cars, super sports cars and racing cars. For admirers Ferrari is more than just a car, it’s seen as a work of art.. Ferrari is a very expensive car but in the niche market, the price doesn’t matter to its demand. The target markets are exclusively rich men and women who search for something special. This explains the inelastic demand they have.
    One marketing activity that supports their brand’s positioning strategy is their presence in racing event. Ferrari’s racing team is called Scuderia, they mainly race in Formula One. Great number of victories has made Ferrari one of the most successful and prestigious automotive sports teams ever.
    Ferrari does not spend much money on conventional advertising. Flip through magazine or newspaper and you won’t find commercial by Ferrari. It is part of their philosophy, to remain exclusive to educated enthusiasts. They are also not looking for a new market, because the parent group Fiat is already reaching market that Ferrari is not reaching. Ferrari should not expand to a new market in the near future, Ferrari is still the most prestige car in the industry, and as long as it
    Is staying that way they shouldn’t confuse their consumer with new channels and segments.
    Ferrari can also explore new channel by buying and selling vintage Ferrari. Vintge Ferrari is a great investment, and the price can be higher than the new version. Ferrari should refurbished vintage cars that were sold to them and resell it.
  • 4. Ferrari like many other companies also focuses on digital marketing. Here are some descriptions of their marketing digital strategies. The first step is research. Ferrari has an extremely targeted consumer; the team has to ask the right questions. Researching extensive keyword search, and examined competitor tactics and results.
    The second step is to strategize. Ferrari website received a high traffic every day, using advanced tracking methods, the team identified which visitors behaviors reflect like a target consumer. The team then show banner ads to the visitors when they’re visiting other website to drive them back to Ferrari.
  • 5. Selected lists of potential consumers receive direct mail that reflects the quality of Ferrari experience. After launching the campaign strategies, the team constantly track and analyze the performance of the campaign strategies. Over the course of 6 months, the team reduced the cost per action of Ferrari’s digital advertising campaigns by 25%, increased impressions more than 50% and increased landing page visitors nearly three-fold.
  • 6. Ferrari has a brand value of: $3,770M. The Italian automaker earned the highest rating among all brands on the Global 500 list despite worth considerably less than its competition. The ranking takes account more than just a company’s bottom line; Brand Finance also looks at margins, and average revenue per customer. This year Ferrari enjoys the best financial results in the automaker’s history. In 2012, the company’s revenue jumped by 8% to 2.43 billion euro.
    Ferrari is looking into concentrating on China and United States, as income from Europe remains sluggish. By 2017, China and US will contribute to 30 percent of turnover. Turnover from Europe and Middle East will decline from 52 % to 40 %.
    In 2012, Ferrari sold 7,318 cars worldwide, 784 sold in China a 4% rise. China is the world’s largest vehicle market.
    Ferrari will also create a hybrid card to follow the trend. Not only it will satisfy tree hugger, but they also need to start as many auto industries is starting to make their own.
  • 7. Ferrari was the best super car manufacturer due to their history of winning many races. They have to keep at the top to retain their reputation of being the best. Ferrari has not been doing well in Korean and Japanese Grand Prix. The second initiatives is to reduce their current co2 emission, to attract untouched target market. The performance indicators is a lower co2 emission for every new model of car.
  • 8. Lamborghini is owned by the VW group. VW group sells cars under Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen, and also motorcycles under Ducati. Their slogan is “Closer to the road”.. The logo inspiration is Taurus, which is the zodiac of Ferruci. It is also his passion for bullfighting sport. Most of Lamborghini cars named after famous bulls. The bull represents consistency, power and fortitude. Many people say that the black background and golden bull resemblance the black horse and yellow background of the Ferrari logo. The resemblance was not a coincidence, since Ferrucio claim to be an unhappy Ferrari customer.
  • 9.. Lamborghini is known for being dynamic, elegant, and extreme, and that is the strategy that Lamborghini wants to preserve. Unlike Ferrari, Lamborghini is not going to expand to three-model range, as it will dilute what they stand for. Lamborghini main market is US, and they have to leave nuclear Iran to preserve a good relationship with US. Lamborghini is in a group called United Against Nuclear Iran, and it is to their best decision to part ways with Iran. Lamborghini like Ferrari is one of the few manufacturers who do not have to worry much about marketing activities; their automobiles are enough publicity on their own. Lamborghini can also diversify and create more model to reach more audience.
  • 10. Lamborghini gave a custom car for Italy’s police. After 4 years people are still talking about it. They also sell clothing and merchandise to further promote their brand. Lamborghini no longer need to advertise, consumers come to them.
  • 11. Lamborghini’s president and CEO Stephen Winkelmann stated their 2-growth strategy. 1st is creating more model, and that can be achieved by a commitment in R&D. Second growth strategy is to maximize market penetration. Thanks to this policy, the number of dealers worldwide has doubled in only few years. From 65 at the end of 2004 to 127 at the end of 2010.
  • Brand scorecard ppt

    2. 2. FERRARI: DESIGN • Parent Company: Fiat S.p.A • Brand Name: Ferrari • Slogan: “Everything We Do is Driven by Ferrari.” • Originator: Enzo Ferrari
    3. 3. BRAND MARKETING • Position: Ultra Exclusive Brand begin at: $230,000 • 3 segments: Sports cars, super sports cars, & racing cars. • Marketing Activities: • • • F1 Racing No conventional advertising. New Channel: Create dealership that sells vintage Ferrari.
    4. 4. BRAND GROWTH
    5. 5. BRAND VALUE AND EQUITY • Brand Value: $3,770 M • In 2012, company’s revenue jumped by 8% to 2.43 B euro. • Awards: World’s Most Powerful Brand 2013 - Brand Finance • Growth Strategy: - Gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle in 2014 & put more effort in China.
    6. 6. SCORECARD • In 2012, Ferrari sold 7318 units. Lamborghini sold 2083. • Secondary Brand Share: Ferrari sold 77%, measuring only Lamborghini and Ferrari total sales. Program, Initiatives, or Actions Key Performance Indicators Target Timeframe Win United States Grand Prix 1st place or not November 17, 2013 Reduction of co2 emission. Every car produced should have lower co2 emission, than the previous type. Every car produced.
    7. 7. LAMBORGHINI: DESIGN • Parent Company: Volkswagen Group • Brand Name: Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A • Slogan: “Closer to the Road”. • Originator: Ferruccio Lamborghini
    8. 8. BRAND MARKETING • Position: Ultra Exclusive Brand • Strengths of the brand: Extreme • Marketing Activities: • Ending business activities in Iran. • Lambo have 120 dealerships worldwide. • Growth strategy: Diversification • Opportunity: Expand in China, fastest growing market.
    9. 9. BRAND GROWTH • Marketing & Promotional Activities: • Police force in Dubai and Italy. • Clothing line. • Pull marketing: no longer need to advertise
    10. 10. BRAND VALUE AND EQUITY • Lamborghini sold 2083 on 2012. • Rose by 30%. Up by 34% in Europe despite financial crisis. • Revenue up by 46% to $610 millions. • Nine locations in China, 100% growth in Chinese sales volume since 2010. • Great growth strategy: • Diversification by intense research and development. • Maximize market penetration.
    11. 11. SCORECARD Program, Initiatives, or Actions Key Performance Indicators Target Timeframe Brand Extension by line of clothing and accessories. Have one store in every big market countries. 2016 Maximize market penetration in China. Triple number of sales. 2014
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