Increase Your SEO Service Value: Advanced SEO Course


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Are you looking for ways to increase the value you provide to your SEO Clients? Then this course will teach you how you can do that.

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Increase Your SEO Service Value: Advanced SEO Course

  1. 1. Advanced Course:Increase Your SEOService Valueby StanleyFounder of Reporb
  2. 2. Are you looking for ways to increase the valueyou provide to your SEO Clients?Then this short course will teach you how youcan do that.What Will You Learn?With the knowledge you get from this course,you can easily increase your SEO service prices &at the same time make your clients happier andthey will see you as the “go-to-business” forSEO.
  3. 3. 5 Ways To IncreaseYour SEO ServiceValue
  4. 4. 1. Position Your SEO BusinessDifferently From The RestWhat is positioning & how can this improve my value?• Positioning is where you “move” your business to a specific“position” where your customers view you differently from the restof the other SEO businesses. I will give you 2 examples :-Price Positioning• e.g. You increase your SEO prices to $1,997/month from$250/month.What will your new visitors think? They will think you are an agencycatering to big businesses. From the $250, where your visitors willthink you are a normal SEO business build to serve small to medium-size mom & pop businesses.
  5. 5. Service Positioning• e.g: You change your SEO business from a linkbuilding business to a business whether yougenerate traffic from the search engines.Result: Clients are more willing to pay a trafficgeneration business more than a SEO business.+ you don’t have to educate 50% of your clientson what SEO can do for their business.Overall: Less work + More clients
  6. 6. 2. Target A Market & Craft YourMessage To Fit Them• Market targeting. This is so simple yet super effective at the same time.It’s as simple as changing your marketing message to suit your visitors totailoring your services to your clients.Changing Your Marketing Message• e.g. I will stick to the standard example of marketing messages for SEObusinesses which is “Search Engine Optimization Services”. Now changeyour message to “Search Engine Optimization Services For Lawyers”.Now imagine, a lawyer is looking for SEO services and came across these 2websites with these 2 different marketing messages.Business A - ”Search Engine Optimization Services”Business B - ”Search Engine Optimization Services For Lawyers”Who do you think he/she will pick?You got the answer.
  7. 7. • Now in your mind you must be thinking, this is effective but I’mlimiting my business to lawyers only which sucks for no.of potentialclients & revenue. How can I solve this?“Easy. Create separate landing pages for differentmarkets & client types you are targeting.”• e.g. Landing pages for lawyers, landing pages for plumbers, landingpages for small-businesses, landing pages for salons, etc.Bottom line here is the services you are providing is the same which isSEO services, the only difference is how you present your business toyour visitors.Result: More clients & more revenue with Market Targeting.
  8. 8. 3. Show The Benefits Of Your SEOServiceBesides, presenting your SEO business the right way. You must also show thebenefits your clients will be getting when they hire you. I will show you 3examples of benefits you can start using :-• e.g. #1: Make your customers find you in the search engines.Benefit here: Make your customers find you.• e.g. #2: Get more traffic to your website from Google.Benefit here: More traffic to your website.• e.g. #3: Receive more leads to your business.Benefit here: More leads to your business.Another way of showing the benefits of your SEO service is by presentingprevious client results & testimonials. It’s as simple as that.Show what you did for your previous clients and most importantly theresults they got when they hired your SEO business.
  9. 9. 4. SEO Reporting That Makes YourClients Love YouSEO reporting is an essential part of any SEO business but many of them aredoing it wrong. Why & how? Before, I tell you about the why & how is itwrong. Let’s start with what is the purpose/goal of your clients when theyhire you to be their SEOs?Which one of these are your clients goals when they hire you?a. Increase traffic from search engines like Googleb. Increase keyword rankings so they are able to get more sales via searchengine visitors.c. How you improved their site to be better for the search engine spiders sothey are able to crawl through their site easier.What do you think is the answer?99% is either A or B or A & B. 100% not C.
  10. 10. But still SEO businesses are reporting these crap data to their clients like“error 404 pages, no.of pages crawled, no.of pages indexed, link metrics likehow old is the domain where their links are at, etc”“Clients don’t care about those metrics”Why & how are most SEO businesses doing SEO reporting?SEO Business A gets “Super Popular SEO Tool A” & just throw in everydata they get from Super Popular SEO Tool A and report them to theirclients.& set them on auto-pilot to send the same crap report to their clientsevery single month. Auto-pilot report sending is not the issue. It’s thesame report their clients are getting which is the sad thing.
  11. 11. Now, imagine this yourself. If you are hiring a Web Design Company todesign your website for you.Which of these Web Design companies would you hire :-• Web Design A which reports on :- The final design of your website(which can be equivalent to traffic, sales & keyword rankings interms of SEO)• Web Design B which reports on :- What is wrong with your websitewhen they are designing it like (equivalent to seo metrics like error404 pages, meta description missing, title tag too long, etc)A or B? I’m going with Web Design A cause I hire a Web Designcompany to design my website & report on it NOT to report on what iswrong with my website.
  12. 12. 5. Using The Unboxing MethodWhat is the Unboxing method?• The Unboxing method is where you will “unbox” / show your clientswhat they will be getting in terms of results & services providedwhen they hire you.2 ways on how to use the Unboxing method(next slide)Note: in SEO, no results can be guaranteed. Therefore, its best to under-report thepotential results & over-perform to exceed your clients expectation from your report.
  13. 13. Unboxing Method #1 – Unboxing The “Predicted” Results To Your Clients• In your report, you can report on the potential results they will be gettingwhen they hire you. This can be highly rewarding to both you & your clients.e.g. of an “Results-based Unboxing Method” used for a client:“In the next month, we will be looking to see these results with our SEO work :-1. Traffic- We are expecting a 32% increase in traffic from organic search. (i.e: Peoplevisiting from the search engines)2. Backlinks- My team & I are looking to build 85 backlinks to your site to increase its searchengine ranking position.3. Site ScoreWe are looking to boost your site score from the current score of B to A.According to our predictions, all these results will be expected by the end of May2013.- Stanley”
  14. 14. Unboxing Method #2 – Next Month’s SEO Work• In your report, you can report on what your clients will be getting in the nextmonth of their subscription.e.g. of an “Work-based + Explanation Unboxing Method” used for a client:“In the next month, we will be performing :-• 404 error page checksWhat is this for? To improve the SEO performance of your site which will result inhigher rankings.• Building more backlinksWhat is this for? To increase your keyword rankings which will result in moretraffic & potential sales.• Getting more pages indexedWhat is this for? To improve the authority of your site which will results in betteroverall rankings across your website.We will get all these tasks done in by 31st May 2013.- Stanley”
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