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OrganicNet pitch


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Three key elements of every successful startups are: Idea, Team and Execution.

As we all know today people care more than ever about what they eat.
Therefor, organic markets are growing but we can still see a huge gap between a demand and a supply.

Producers don’t know how to market themselves and reach customer, and usually sell through large supermarkets that leaves them with really small profits.

On the other hand consumers are struggling with finding real organic food. In supermarkets it is overpriced and on the open market sellers claim it’s organic, but how to trust them?

Well, we have a solution for them!

First of all, it is a social marketplace, where producers can add their products, set their own prices, and upload a certificate on their profile. Consumers can easily find the food they are looking for and the platform will recommend them the products and producers in their neighborhood based on their geo-location. they directly agree with each other about order details, price and the delivery method.

Secondly, it is a platform based on trust and reputation! After completing an order, they are encouraged to rate and review each other, which helps producers build the reputation and validity.

And third: it is also a knowledge sharing platform driven by the community of producers, consumers and certification bodies, where they can share their know how and ask and answer questions about any aspect of agriculture.

As a location based platform, OrganicNet is multilingual.

Our business model is:
- tired membership fee for producers and certification bodies
- provision fee on every transaction for premium producers
- A featured product fee

In Europe there are over 2 mil organic food consumers and 3 thousand and 5 hundred producers

Who is behind OrganicNet? We are Eton Digital, a design and development agency based in Serbia and UK. We are specialised in social network development.

We have built dozens of similar platforms in other sectors and some of them reached over 1 mil users in just one year! We have a how-how, experience and capacity to build such complex platform that OrganicNet is.

Our product is currently in the development, I can show you the demo after the presentation, we will launch on April 8th 2016. We’ve already got the investment from Finish accelerator of over 1 hundred and 30 thousand eur, and we need 1 hundred thousand eur more for mobile apps development and marketing.

So let’s together revolutionize organic food market!

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OrganicNet pitch

  3. 3. PROBLEM ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCER CONSUMER Access to Market: difficult to find the market for their goods Marketing: No means or knowledge to market themselves. Education & know-how: Lack of information and know-how for improving the production Pricing and profitability: Pricing determined by the large supermarkets and profi ts Very low availability: hard to find organic or natural food on the market. Price: semi rotten and massively overpriced organic products in supermarkets. Trust: open market tradesmen who claim to have organic produce, but how to trust them?
  4. 4. Social marketplace & knowledge sharing platform for organic food producers and consumers
  5. 5. SOLUTION Online social marketplace - Producer profile act as a personal store - Create products, upload certificate - Discover trusted producers in your local area - Order a product Trust and reputation - Rate and review producers and their products - Rate and review buyers - Get feedback from your customers Knowledge sharing - Aggregated information from relevant sources - Ask & answer questions about any aspect of agriculture
  6. 6. BUSINESS MODEL Tiered membership fee for producers and certification bodies Provision fee on every transaction for premium producers A featured product fee
  8. 8. a design and development company that builds innovative digital solutions with a focus on social networks
  9. 9. Know-how + Experience We built dozens of similar platforms in other sectors. Some of them reached over 1 million users in just one year!
  10. 10. 50+ professionals
  12. 12. STATUS Product: In development Launch date: 08th April 2016 Raised: € 134,000 Need: € 100,000 more
  13. 13. Let’s revolutionize organic food market