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SmartHeart + Abudhabi

SmartHeart + Abudhabi

SmartHeart — это брендинговое агентство новой волны, реализующее комплексные проекты в направлениях бренд-консалтинга, визуальной айдентики, рекламы, архитектуры, мероприятий и digital. Мы создаем продукт международного уровня, соединяя актуальные технологии брендинга (Smart) с эффективными инструментами эмоционального впечатления (Heart).

+7 (495) 917 73 56
пер. Б. Казенный, д.1/2, с.1, оф. 17, Москва

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SmartHeart + Abudhabi

  1. 1. ABU DHABI City of the Future 2013
  2. 2. Project mission and terms of reference Introduction
  3. 3. Abu-Dhabi is a city of the Future 3 Abu-Dhabi is getting more and more comfortable place for leisure. On a quite compact territory of the emirate and adjacent islands there has been created ultramodern infrastructure, including luxurious hotels and restaurants, ideal beaches, seafronts as well as the unique Ferrari-world, race track Yas Marina Circuit, futuristic aquapark Yas Waterworld, equipped with amusement rides which are one-of-a-kind in the world. All these factors form the image of the country at the world market as a premium destination attractive for all types of audience.
  4. 4. Challenge The aim of Abu-Dhabi promotion event in Moscow is the highlighting of strong and expressive brand platform of positioning this destination for sophisticated Russian audience. Currently the aim of communication and promo-campaign is to involve a new wider audience using the instruments of creative advertising, digital technologies and innovative approaches to positioning. All these steps are taken in order to highlight the announced image of the destination and to position the brand in Moscow on a new advanced level. 4
  5. 5. Elaboration of the idea of event organization Project stages
  6. 6. The main stages of event realization project stages 1. Elaboration of creative idea of the event 2. Architectural design of pavilion 3. Decoration and interior decisions of promo zones of the pavilion 4. Branding platform 5. Visual identity 6. Communication strategy
  7. 7. Creative idea forms the basis of conceptual promo event. Further more it is being finalized to be turned into integrated concept , which can be reflected in various adds carriers. Then, the concept of add visual is produced. It reflects the main idea which should be delivered by the brand to the target audience. Elaboration of creative idea of the event 01 We present several concepts of addvertising message to be chosen. After the best variant is confirmed by the brand, we transfer the concept into the final product. A very special moment is the creation of the event script using expressive and innovative means of communication with target audience. We transfer associative image of the brand into the format of interactive games, curious art objects, vivid installations and esthetic video mapping.
  8. 8. Elaboration of architectural construction of the pavillion according to brand image announced at the world market. Stand architecture consists of the following aspects: division of space, shape of the construction and the way of installation, lighting, technical constructions, flooring, ceiling decoration, stand equipment, colour composition, texts. Architectural design of pavilion 02
  9. 9. Well-executed exhibition stand contributes to communicative strategy of the brand. Therefore, while planning it, it is recommended to consider technical infrastructure, expected number of visitors, location, methods of recognizability, accessibility and position regarding the neighbours.    02 Architectural design of pavilion
  10. 10. Elaboration of interior solutions for inner space of the pavilion, conceptual zoning in accordance with the key direction:gastronomy, folk costume and dance, modern art, art objects and installations, business and innovations, architecture and design etc. Interior design03
  11. 11. Creative positioning of the brand is the main idea which will form the basis of all its communications with the target audience. This is an image and qualitative characteristics which will help to differentiate the brand from its competitors and will facilitate its loyalty from the part of the concerned parties. Branding platform04
  12. 12. Strategy Before turning to the visual component of a brand, we study the specifics of the client's business, market, target audience, its needs and interests, analyzing world trends, define channels and ways of promoting, forming a communication plan. At this stage the idea laying in the foundation for the project is forming. The strategy block includes: 1. Market research and competitive strategy analysis 2. Target audience research 3. Determination of the deepest audience insight for strategic target audience 4. Elaboration of positioning strategy and brand-platform 5. Elaboration of brand mission and brand values 6. Slogan development Branding platform04
  13. 13. Visual identification systems are replacing traditional corporate identity and logos. At this stage we are laying the key principles that define the brand identity, form a well- recognizable and memorable image. The Visual identity block includes elaboration of the general graphic idea of the brand based on positioning strategy. Visual identity  05
  14. 14. Communication strategy There are hundreds of ways to convey information to the audience: films, websites, social apps, art installations, sales promotion, BTL. Our concern is to choose the most effective of them to convey the idea and to do it impressively. People must not only understand you but love what you offer and be willing to share it with others. 06
  15. 15. Elaboration of communication strategy and pr&advertising campaign The communication block includes: 1. Development  of creative concept of the project 2. Development of visual images of the project 3. Production of advertising carriers and launch of advertising campaign in the city. Communication strategy06
  16. 16. In order to drive vast Abu Dhabi destination awareness and “Travelers welcome” slogan recognition as well as announcing our Mega Event in Moscow we suggest to conduct consumer advertising campaign which includes the following tools: Branded Billboard advertising: 6мх3м, and Citylight 1,2мх1,8 м. Outdoor Press & Magazines Placement of visuals in strategic press (media planning) Digital & SMM Announcement about the mega event at selected consumer focused travel portals, special groups in social networks, branded banner advertising.
  17. 17. Locations Recommended venues
  18. 18. Creative promo event at the best-known venues in Moscow Locations Recommended venues: - Gorky Park - Muzeon Park (the park adjacent to Central House of Artist) - The Red Square - The Red October area
  19. 19. Gorky Park Gorky Park is the central park of Moscow with around 20 000 visitors per day. From 2011 Gorky Park totally changed their approach of arranging public activities and brought new standards of service to its visitors due to which they gain reputation one of the major place for public events. Today this is the place for the audience which focused on new European life standards.
  20. 20. Muzeon Park Museon Park of arts is a unique museum under the open sky having a collection of not less than 700 sculptures. After a total rebrending it is equipped with a cinema-hall, musical stage, playground for children’s classes, several concept restaurants, it has various temporary exhibitions and special art events. So the park is turned into a creative workshop and is the place for the wide audience which focused on modern life-style.
  21. 21. Red Square Red Square is a large open main square in the center of Moscow, the real heart of the city.  It is located in front of the Kremlin's western wall. The square is fenced in the State Historical Museum building, the GUM building, and St. Basil Cathedral. For many centuries Red Square has served as the place for important historical events and a   vast meeting place for the people.
  22. 22. Red October Within a short time Red October became a new mega- popular place for cultural and creative Moscow. The main part of gastronomical restaurants, clubs, architectural and design bureaus, art galleries and exhibition halls. Today it is not only art community but a territory with a new concept of city life. It is also a fast-moving development project.
  23. 23. Event activities & creative formats Our vision of main activities
  24. 24. A vast and bright installation is constructed of plates filled by multicolored arabian spices. The colour, the flavour and the authenticity make the installation a real oriental attraction. Sand from spices installation 01
  25. 25. Oriental gastronomical culture is demonstrated withing the format of conceptual setting the tables, through gastronomical installation (logo-shaped food installations etc), drink, theatrical gastronomic performance. Gastronomy02
  26. 26. Video mapping is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings. By using specialized software, a two or three dimensional object is spatially mapped on the virtual program which mimics the real environment it is to be projected on. 3D video mapping & Interactive  03
  27. 27. Interactive dance installation with augmented reality technology for contemporary dance performance. An interactive video installation dealing with body politics where the viewer's motion and position in the space affects sound video and narrative and creates an interactive choreography. Interactive dance choreography 03
  28. 28. Modern interpretations of traditional cultural background of Abu Dhabi through art, design objects and digital technologies. Art installations04
  29. 29. Interactive art installations are generally computer-based and frequently rely on sensors, which gauge things such as temperature, motion, proximity etc. Unlike traditional art forms wherein the interaction of the spectator is merely a mental event, interactivity allows for various types of navigation, assembly, and/or contribution to an artwork, which goes far beyond purely psychological activity Interactive art installations05
  30. 30. About us SmartHeart agency
  31. 31. Beauty is a combination of Smart & Heart 31 So, this is our name: SmartHeart. We’re an independent agency that creates integrated projects in the field of branding, design and adverting. We create a product based on rational and emotional approaches: the harmonious combination of logic (smart) and emotions (heart).
  32. 32. Contact us: Eurasian Media Group +7 (495) 720 6608 SmartHeart® Agency +7 (495) 795 8243 The Future is here. Anna Antonova Event Manager +7 (926) 344 38 11 Irina Tishina Account Manager +7 (917) 507 70 01 2013

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SmartHeart + Abudhabi SmartHeart — это брендинговое агентство новой волны, реализующее комплексные проекты в направлениях бренд-консалтинга, визуальной айдентики, рекламы, архитектуры, мероприятий и digital. Мы создаем продукт международного уровня, соединяя актуальные технологии брендинга (Smart) с эффективными инструментами эмоционального впечатления (Heart). +7 (495) 917 73 56 пер. Б. Казенный, д.1/2, с.1, оф. 17, Москва


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