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It really takes a lot of time.
Maybe there are some mistakes, but all the press have tried their best. (by TNFSH Press Team)

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The Tainan MUN I Bulletin

  1. 1. Tainan MUN Bulletin Page 1Global Tainan, Tainan Globalized A Small Step for TNFSH, A Big Step for Southern TaiwanFEB.19,2011 TAINAN MUN I 2011, ISSUE II Opening Ceremony Welcoming Speeches from the Host School T he first day of Tainan MUN began with greetings from the principal, English department chair, directors, secretary general, admin team, each delivering their words of wisdom and heartfelt wishes to all participants. With Principal Huang taking the lead, he reiterated the signified and the purpose of Tainan MUN. He believes that valuable experience will be gained during the process. “Delegates will experience what it is like to be a real diplomat,” said the principal. Though brief, his lecture is a real boost toward the nervous participants. Finally, he ended his speech by sending his best regards to- Index: ward those who have contributed to this activity. The speech was followed by a thundering applause as he retired. Coming up next was the English Department Chair, Mrs. 1Sybil Huang. She gave a brief summary of the club’s history. She pointed out that without the guidanceand constant support from a score of English teachers, these remarkable achievements would not have Opening ceremonybeen possible. “We have had more than five hundred students trained so far,” she said proudly. As the opening ceremony proceeded, we came to realize that neither being a delegate nor a member ofpress team is an easy task. Just as Mrs. Chen, director of Tainan MUN, mentioned in her address, dele- Interviewing the delegates 2gates have their resolutions and position papers to mind about. On the other hand, the press team is undertremendous pressure to release related news before the deadline. Mrs. Chen extended her appreciation tothe working staff including Eric Chiu, TNFSH Special Education Section Chief, and many others, butbarely mentioned her own contribution to the activity. Interviewing the advisers 3 The secretaries general, role-played by the chair and co-chair of the MUN club, are two other signifi-cant figures that can not be excluded. In their speech, the process of preparation was brought up. Theytalked about some of the difficulties and challenges they had encountered. They also shared their storiesof how they ended up in this position. None of them expected to get so deeply involved in MUN beforethey entered high school. “Being Deputy Secretary General is a miracle I could not have imagined” said Wonderful night– the 4Kevin Chen, co-chair of the Tainan MUN. Speaking of the motivation, “Rather than leaving high school banquetwith nothing but all those memorized facts, we choose to devote our youth to something crazy,” he not-ed. After gaining experiences from previous MUN conferences, they put this idea into action. And nowthey have fulfilled their dream as they wished. Finally, Admin Staff along with the press team also sent their regards, sincerely wishing this event to Na Momo Group– the 5be a cherished memory for those who participate in it. (written by Steve Su) approval panel and the press team To be continued… 6
  2. 2. Page 2 Tainan MUN Bulletin TAINAN MUN I 2011, ISSUE IIInterviewing the Delegatess ome of the delegates already had the experience of participating in this kind of event prior to Tainan MUN I, 2011. The dele-gate of Lebanon participated in Tai-MUN and Hsin-MUN last year, he is interested in this activity because it gives him an oppor-tunity to meet different delegates of different stances. The delegate of Palestine once served as the co-chair in Tai-MUN and shesaid, ”I am good at the issue about human right. I think that it will be a challenge for me to be a participant of the Security Council.So I think that attending the Security Council opens a new window to me.” Many delegates are a first timer. “ This is the first timewe participate in this kind of inspiring event, MUN. Knowing that many of the delegates have a lot of experiences of MUN, we feelreally intimidated,” said the delegates of Germany and Nigeria. No matter how many times they have participated in MUN the del-egates wholeheartedly focus on the issue, the independence of Palestine, and eager to see a helpful solution for Palestine. The delegates do a lot research via the Internet and also read a lot of articles while preparing for the issue of the independence ofPalestine. Before the MUN came. The delegate of China read magazines and recent articles concerning the independence of Pales-tine. Also, the delegate of Brazil used Google to look for information. Some of the delegates asked the teachers or scholars for theiradvice. The delegates of Bosnia and Palestine asked their advisers about how they thought about the independence of Palestine.Doing research is really a laborious job but it is the most basic things the delegates do. Thus, this really shows how important re-search can be. The more you research, the more evidences you can find to back up your position. While exploring for the information, the delegates face a lot of difficulties. “ The most difficulty I face is that I find my Englishis not good enough to fully digest the material I gather,” said the delegate of South Africa. However, the delegates overcome thechallenge and do well on the conference. Some of the delegates ask the teachers to help them solve the problems. “If given moretime for preparations, I can do better. It is a rewarding experience to work with all of the participants. I have a good time during theconference.” said the delegate of Russia. During the conference the delegates enjoy the time getting along with other delegates. Thedelegate of Nigeria said, “We have a lot of fun during the lobbying time and of course we learn communication and lobbying skillsfrom this conference.” The delegates all do a good job. They have some suggestions for Tainan MUN. “I think the conference is alright, but delegatesshould be more active to join the lobbying and other procedures. It was a little quiet during the lobbying. And I also hope someclauses in my resolution take effect to the current situation,” said the delegate of the U.S.A.(written by Joe Hsiao, Ken Wang, David Wu and William Cheng)Interviewing the AdvisersT he teachers of SKGSH made the students do research first, and then let them ask questions. Of course, there are still somequestions that can’t be answered. In this case, the English teachers will make them ask their history or geography teachers. “In thisway, students will know more about their situation so they will be able to write an impressive speech!” said Ms. Ya-Hui Chang,an advisor from SKGSH. “By the way, this is the first time for us to attend this kind of event, so that we feel a little nervous, ofcourse.” “We not only prepare for the speech but also learn a lot of history and international situations. I think this is a very pre-cious experience!” added Ms. Ching-Li Tou, another advisor from SKGSH. “The thing that impresses me the most is the prepara-tion job everyone did. Everyone was so well-prepared that they all did a great job on their speeches. They really tried their best,”said the advisor. Nicole is one of the members of the approval panel of Tainan MUN, so she read a lot of resolutions. “I really appreciate whatthe delegates did but sometimes they didn’t take a really clear position so that they failed to convince others easily. Still, they dida really good job especially the delegate of Israel in Security Council,” said Nicole. “He expresses his position really conspicu-
  3. 3. Tainan MUN Bulletin Page 3 TAINAN MUN I 2011, ISSUE IIously and clearly.” Also, she mentioned that though this is the first time for SKGSH to participate in the MUN, but they impressher a lot with their stunning speeches. “It is great that all the participants can wholeheartedly focus on the speeches and writings,and with their devotion, it makes Tainan MUN better.” she added. Advisors from TNGS set deadlines to every procedure so that the students can catch up and prepare more for the MUN. Theymade their students do things all by themselves so that they could learn more. “They learn to do research, and to write openingspeeches and resolutions. We only help them check their mistakes and urge them to practice more,” said advisor Ms. Carol Wu.“It is good that we can attend this kind of event in TNFSH. It is impressive and we are really astonished by how greatly the prepa-rations THFSH has made.” “Participating in Tainan MUN is a fascinating experience. We think that the delegates of our school doa greater performance than I have expected. They really do a great job. I hope that we can participate in such an event in the fu-ture,” added Ms. Chen-Yi, Wu, another advisor from TNGS. Also, they mentioned that letting students make mistakes and learnfrom them might seem cruel, but it is always the best and the fastest way of learning.(written by Joe Hsiao, Roy Cheng and Ken Wang )
  4. 4. Page 4 TAINANMUN I 2011, ISSUE IIA Night of Joy Formal Banquet T he night closed in, and the moon rose quietly. After discussing and working extremely hard on resolutions for an entire day, all the delegates appeared exhausted. However, the day didn’t end here. A brand new chapter unfolded with the formal banquet beckoning. TNFSH welcomed all the visitors from everywhere with delicious food and good music. At the Banquet Hall, a variety ofexquisite dishes caught your eyes. You could stuff your stomach with roast beef, and eat turkey to your heart’s content. Shrimpsalad also delighted everyone with special sauce on it. If you were hungry for more, all kinds of snacks were there waving at you.There were cakes, pancakes and so on. Also, you could have a good talk with the friends that you just met this morning over adrink. As a member of the press team, this was definitely the greatest opportunity to make an interview. A special reminder to theboys: this was the best time to get close to the girls they admired as well. I saw several groups chatting happily, and then exchang-ing cell phone numbers. At the other side of the hall, there were handsome delegates from our school taking photos with beautifuldelegates from other schools. Much to my surprise, there were some hardworking delegates still talking about and arranging thestrategy for the exciting battle next day. Happy time flew past in the blink of an eye. At the end of the story, the students hugged each other, saying goodbye. It wasthe precious memory that we would cherish. We all know that, next year, we will meet here again. I promise. (written by Roy Cheng) Wonderful Tonight !
  5. 5. Page 5 TAINANMUN I 2011, ISSUE IINa Momo Group (the silent group) Press Box Editor-in-Chief THE PRESS TEAM Samuel Lu 盧廷軒 Stan Wang 王奕棠 Stanford Yu 余慈海 Steve Su 蘇宇軒 Assistant Editor Joe Hsiao 蕭哲輝 Jackie Wu 吳佳憲 Reporters Ken Wang 王林謙 David Wu 吳敦仁 William Cheng 鄭哲宏 Jordan Huang 黃奕文 Roy Cheng 鄭翔允 Charlie Wang 王嘉宏 D uring the conference, not only the delegates but also the Press Team is occupied in pre- Chris Wu 吳宇軒 paring for Tainan MUN. While the delegates were conducting a fierce debate, the Press Team strived to come up with press release. Advisor Delegates are usually the ones who are in the center of spotlight in a regular MUN con- Andrew Hung 洪鍾儒 ference. Less attention goes to the Press Team, hence few people are aware of their contribution. The following is a brief introduction of what we do. Vincent Hung 洪瑞鴻 The Press Team commenced their task in early February, which included interviewing the advisers, Ming-Hung Chiang 蔣銘鴻 chairs and most important of all, the directors of Tainan MUN. In the process, each member was as- signed to a task to accomplish, such as editing news press, interviewing the delegates, and taking pho- tos, and had dedicated their best effort toward this activity. We came to realize that all others who are Approval panel involved in Tainan MUN all devoted themselves to achieving success in this activity. Inspired by the commitment, we decided to give it our best shot. The aim of the Press Team is to document wonderful TNFSH : bits and clips of the conference, as the advisor, Andrew Huang, told us. We hope the Tainan MUN Meihua Chen 陳美華 bulletin will fulfill the objective, and record the wonderful memories for every participant. Sybil Huang 黃慧姬 (written by Stan Wang, Stanford Yu, Steve Su, Roy Cheng, and Joe Hsiao) Carrie Lin 林湘昀 Joyce Chang 張雅玫 THE APPROVAL PANEL H eartfelt apprecia- tion is dedicated to TNGS : the approval panel Carol Wu 吳佳霖 for their full sup- Zhen-Yi Wu 吳貞儀 port to this activity. With spe- cial thanks to the approval SKGSH : panel for using the expense of Ching-Li Tou 竇景麗 their evening, editing the dele- gates’ resolutions, even if it Ya-Hui Cheng 張雅惠 means to lose their opportunity to attend the banquet. The principal had invited the approval panel to join the banquet several times, however, they rejected. In their heart, getting the students’ resolutions done is the most important. (written by Samuel Lu, Steve Su, and Joe Hsiao)
  6. 6. To be continued...Published by: The Tainan MUN I Press Team Na Momo Group