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Extended Class Session: Changing the Landscape of Investing


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AngelList was created in 2010 to help entrepreneurs recruit talent, get startup advice, and connect with potential investors online. In this candid classroom session, Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer Robert Siegel discusses the changing landscape of investing with AngelList COO Kevin Laws and VP of Fundraising Products Ash Fontana.

Topics covered include:

• Identifying product/market fit in platform businesses.
• Understanding the different players within the angel/venture capital ecosystem.
• Explaining why investors often have incentives to interact with entrepreneurs using traditional modes of communication, in order to protect their access to top startups, limiting trackable activities and outcomes on AngelList.
• Evaluating AngelList as an option for entrepreneurs seeking early stage financing.

Laws and Fontana were guest speakers in Siegel's Entrepreneurship: Formation of New Ventures class on October 21, 2014.

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