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Monitoring and evaluation of donor- Blockchain for Social Impact: Moving Beyond the Hype


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Monitoring and evaluation of donor- and
government-funded projects is a necessary but
laborious and expensive process.
Ixo Foundation’s first pilot, Project Amply, is
being implemented in collaboration with
Western Cape Department of Social Development
in South Africa and funded by Innovation Edge
and the UNICEF Innovation Fund.
Amply allows preschool educators to securely
record school attendance using a mobile
application and automatically generates the form
required for the schools to receive attendance-
based subsidies. Amply has digitized more
than 55,000 preschool attendance records,
and the program is poised to scale.
Ixo’s long-term vision is expansive: scaling
and standardizing verified impact data that is
universally accessible on a global impact
ledger. The Ixo protocol would enable any project
to self-certify its impacts, allowing small and
remote projects to access the global capital
markets for social finance.
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Pilot Stage
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