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Achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Blockchain for Social Impact: Moving Beyond the Hype


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Achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
addressing issues such as poverty, human rights, and
access to education requires large amounts of capital
and innovative approaches to increase effectiveness.
Despite significant investments by development
organizations, governments, and the private sector,
an estimated $2.5 trillion of additional capital
is needed.
Blockchain offers a promising solution to increase
funding levels and effectiveness by addressing key
issues such as transparency, costs and inefficiency,
and new vehicles for capital.
82% of these
initiatives are nonprofit
or foundation led.
All but one of these
initiatives are located in
western countries, and
only 30% have a
presence outside of their
own region.
Nearly three-quarters
of these initiatives are
using blockchain to
facilitate payments and
money transfers.
More than half (59%) of
these initiatives are still
in the early pilot stage,
reaching fewer than
1,000 people

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