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Chromaway is working with governments Blockchain for Social Impact: Moving Beyond the Hype


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Chromaway is working with governments in
Sweden and the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh
(among other, not-yet-public locations) to
maintain land titles and legal records of property
transactions on a blockchain-based system.
The open-source code used by Chromaway to
build land registries is crucial for building trust
in its solutions, and, characteristic of distributed
ledger systems, can operate without a central
infrastructure. This creates opportunities for
implementation in rural areas with only mobile
internet connectivity.
The Swedish land registry system has been
piloted domestically and is only awaiting a final
legal decision to update a rule that requires paper
to be physically signed in the land issuance
and transfer process.
Delays like these show perhaps one of the
biggest challenges to implementing blockchain
for social impact are laws and policies that
never envisioned a digital future.
Founded in
Pilot Stage
Records and

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