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Flavia Drinks Station


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Flavia Drinks Station

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Flavia Drinks Station

  1. 1. FLAVIA Creation 400 ™brewer FLAVIA and the C400 - the perfect partner at work. ® • Ideal for larger workplace environments. freshness • FLAVIA’s 3-step process, SOURCE • SEAL • SERVE™, sources the finest quality ingredients, seals them for freshness and serves a fresh cup every time. • The FRESH RELEASE™ brew system releases sealed ingredients direct from pack to cup for fresh taste with no crossover of flavor between drinks. • Separate brew cycles for coffee and tea ensure the best extraction method needed to deliver the highest-quality drink. • Perfected temperature, flow rate of water and pressure extract the ultimate flavor, aroma and body. choice • The unique FLAVIA technology offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, chocolates and specialties and the option to personalize your own drink. • FLAVIA brewers have the ability to make 2-pack drinks such as cappuccinos, mochaccinos and lattes. • All FLAVIA coffee and teas are Kosher certified. convenience • Reliable and convenient; no cleanup, no mess. • Manually ejects used fresh packs into the bin or receptacle. • One cup at a time. Drinks are ready to use and available in 30-60 seconds. • Available 24/7. • LCD screen highlights drink categories and options. • Graphics provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a drink and indicate when the drink is complete. • Cutting-edge design and styling. • The unique style was designed to fit under cabinets and take up less counter space. • Cup sensor on brewer will alert if cup is not in place, preventing accidental brews. • Removable drip tray to allow for travel-size mugs and easy cleaning. • Water source can be plumbed or unplumbed. • 877-273-5812
  2. 2. Creation 400™ brewer technical specifications drink volume per cup 4 oz.–10 oz. (LCD screen lets you choose) pack bin capacity 23 brewer weight 23 lbs. a brewer dimensions 9.9 in. wide x 20.5 in. deep x 17 in. high Note: A depth of 2.5 in. is needed behind the brewer for connectivity to main electrical supply and plumbed water. b merchandiser dimensions 21.8 in. wide x 17.2 in. deep x 16.3 in. high (24.3 lbs.) (6 column) Each column is 3.3 in. wide* x 17.2 in. deep x 16.3 in. high Five columns hold up to 700 + drinks *End columns are 4.3 in. wide c base cabinet 36.6 in. wide x 28 in. deep x 34.8 in. high, capacity of 750 + drinks mini cabinet 13 in. wide x 20 in. deep x 11 in. high, capacity of 200 drinks water supply Plumbed or pour over power supply 120V, 60Hz, maximum 14 amps, electrical cord is 78 in. long approval certification UL 751, NAMA certified a b c FLAVIA Creation 400™ with 6-column merchandiser on base cabinet Contact information:©/ ®/™ Mars Drinks, 2009 F370 • 877-273-5812