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Stan Gershengoren's Best Practices for Management Consulting

Learn how to become a more effective management consultant with these eight best practices

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Stan Gershengoren's Best Practices for Management Consulting

  1. 1. Best Practices for Management Consulting Stan Gershengoren
  2. 2. MaintainGood Communication withClients  Good consultant = excellent communicator  Be easily understood – both in written and oral communications  Clarify which types of communication the client prefers  Be transparent - alert client of both good and bad
  3. 3. Understand Clients Needs  Employ active listening skills  What a client asks for and what need may be two different things  Take the time to listen and identify the actual problem to be faced  Focus on the proper issue
  4. 4. ClarifyScope ofWork  Be crystal clear with your client about roles and responsibilities  Maintain good communication throughout that relationship  Everyone should know what is expected of them
  5. 5. Be an Efficient Problem Solver  Think the problem through from beginning to end  Know who to involve in the project  Consult others who are experts in the requisite areas
  6. 6. Observe Ethical Standards  Represent the profession with integrity and professionalism  Refrain from deceptive advertising  Promote adherence to the code of ethics
  7. 7. Make a Difference  Take all the necessary factors into consideration  Make certain that the work that you do for your client makes sense for them and their business  Always look to educate the client
  8. 8. Equip for Continued Success  Teach clients not only how to solve the current problem, but to tackle similar problems in the future  Sharing knowledge and having good mentoring skills will go a long way to promoting goodwill toward you and the profession
  9. 9. ContinueSelf- Improvement  Learn from each new project you take  Read journals and other informative sources  Talk with other consultants  Update your technical skills