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Creating a Data Driven Organization - StampedeCon 2016


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Companies today are all focused on finding new consumption models to better utilize the data they produce. This presentation will provide insights and best practices for creating the organization and sponsorship necessary to set the foundation for success.

For this session, Dan will provide an overview of the process and methodologies he employs to establish and sustain a Data Driven Culture. Key topics will include:

Data Driven Culture
Executive Sponsorship
Organizational Structure – Collaboration Hubs and Bi-Modal Analytics
Role of Hadoop and Big Data as Part of Data Driven Culture

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Creating a Data Driven Organization - StampedeCon 2016

  1. 1. Creating a Data Driven Culture July 28, 2016
  2. 2. Agenda • Who is Graybar? • What is a Data Driven Culture? • Who is Graybar D&A? • Mode 1 Analytics • Mode 2 Analytics • Driving Change
  3. 3. Who is Graybar? • HISTORY • Founded in 1869 by inventor ElishaGray and entrepreneur Enos Barton • • Incorporated asGraybar Electric Company, Inc. on Dec. 11, 1925 • One of the largest employee-owned companies in North America since 1929 • OUR BUSINESS • Graybar is a leading North American distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products and a provider of supply chain management and logistics services. We primarily serve the construction market, the commercial, institutional and government (CIG) market, as well as the industrial and utility markets. • Through its distribution network and value-added services, including kitting and integrated solutions, Graybar is helping its customers to power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. • LOCATIONS AND PEOPLE • Through a network of more than 260 locations across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, our 8,250 employees serve more than 130,000 customers. Our corporate headquarters is located in St. Louis, Mo.
  4. 4. Rankings and Recognition • No. 445 on the 2015 FORTUNE 500 ranking of America’s largest companies • On the FORTUNEWorld’s MostAdmired Companies list for the 14th consecutive year (2015) • No. 66 on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies list (2014) • Named one of theTopWorkplaces in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Nashville, Southern Connecticut and St. Louis (2015) • On the InformationWeek 500 annual ranking of the best and brightest business technology innovators for the 12th consecutive year (2014)
  5. 5. A Data Driven Culture
  6. 6. The #1 Killer of Trust in Data
  7. 7. The #1 Killer of Trust in Data
  8. 8. The #1 Killer of Trust in Data Bias
  9. 9. A Data Driven Culture  Executive Sponsorship  Educate on the significance of data  DevelopTrust with the Data  Governance is not an event with a conclusion  Let the data determine the result – remove Bias  “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”  Iterate quickly – Fail Fast – Learn Fast  Not only is it okay to fail, but it is imperative to achieving success  Understand the objective  “Just in Case” reporting  Watch out for the shiny new toy  Know where you want to go before deciding which technology will get you there  The “Real-Time Data” quandary  Determine the business impact?  Don’t go it alone – Partnerships drive success  Hortonworks,TDK, Datum, SAP, Platfora, LaunchCode
  10. 10. Graybar Data and Analytics
  11. 11. Graybar D&A Charter and Priorities • Charter: • The Graybar Data & Analytics team has been established to develop and sustain an environment that promotes Actionable Insights for all levels of the organization and related ecosystem. • Priorities: • Establish a platform for the design, development and release of consumable data that provides consistency across all lines of business • As a result, strengthen theTimeliness and Accuracy of the data being consumed • Establish a governance model that allows for agility in the field while protecting Graybar’s Systems and Data so as to not disrupt daily operations • Innovate, Innovate, Innovate • Fail Fast to charter a sustainable course • Find Graybar’s Value in everything we do
  12. 12. Graybar D&A Organization • Data Management • Data source ingest and consume • Innovation strategies for storage and compute • Governance • CorporateAnalytics – Mode 1 • Analytics for the Graybar Consumer (internal) • Data Discovery – Mode 2 • Advanced Analytics and Data Science • Consumption of all types and sources of data • Data Monetization • System Design andArchitecture • Cloud and On-Prem integrations • Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, etc. • Licensing Administration • UI/UX Design
  13. 13. Graybar D&A Org Chart Dir. Business Information Mgr. of Data Mgmt. Data Warehouse Developer Developer 3rd Party Off Shore Development Corporate Analytics Lead Business Analyst 3rd Party Off Shore Development Shadow IT Mgr. of Sys. & Architecture Senior Administrator Mobile Development Portal Development UI/UX Development Mgr. of Data Discovery Business Analyst Hadoop Developer Data Science LaunchCode Shadow IT
  14. 14. Collaboration Hub • Development and ongoing management of data and tools to answer the immediate and long term needs of the Graybar Business Community. D&ATeam Business Functional Teams Field Leads Collaboration Hub
  15. 15. D&A Landscape SAP BWSAP ECC HANA HANA Live PlatforaHortonworks Hadoop HANA IoT Google Analytics Coremetrics TM1 Excel SAP Business Objects Tableau Access Excel
  16. 16. Mode 1 Analytics
  17. 17. Corporate Analytics Mode 1 • Focus on operational and transactional analytics that are consumed repetitively on a fixed time frame for Graybar’s internal consumers. • Primary technologies include SAP, Business Objects andTableau
  18. 18. Mode 2 Analytics
  19. 19. Data Discovery Mode 2 • Analytic processes focused on disparate, most times very large data sets that are utilized by both internal and external Graybar consumers. • Primary technologies being utilized include Hadoop and Platfora. Hypothesis: By monitoring and managing the data related to specific end points, i.e. lighting, switches, HVAC, etc., GBE will have the opportunity to increase service levels to both suppliers and customers. Source Analytic End Point Sensor
  20. 20. Driving Change
  21. 21. Driving Change  Start at theTop, build from the Bottom  Support comes from results  Kill the Bias!  Understand that it is everywhere  Expect Resistance  Embrace it  Welcome the Challenge  Everyone has a voice  TTWWADI – Status Quo  Be proactive to prove the new way  Embrace “Shadow IT”  Without them, you will not achieve your objectives  UnderstandValue  Many times Perception vs. Reality  Execute through Collaboration  Stop trying to under-promise so you can over-deliver  Work on your Sales Skills  You will need to sell to be successful
  22. 22. Thank you To improve is to change, So to be perfect is To have changed often Winston Churchill Dan Sherman Dir. Business Information and Innovation