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Dental practice now needs to consider customer service as an integral part of its offering. Presentation to University of Adelaide Dental School Post Graduate Continuing Education Conference

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Customer service dental practice presentation file

  1. 1. UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd - The Education and Training Company of the University of New EnglandCustomer Service- does ithave a place in dental practiceWhy do they come and Will theykeep coming?Mark StallwoodAcademic Director UNE PartnershipsPractice Management Program
  2. 2. How do patients judge yourpractice?Professions approachClinical excellenceProfitabilityStaff turnoverPatient approachImagePainFriendly caring staff
  3. 3. What is customer service?• Customer’s perception of service youprovide• Positive first impression• Reflects image of thebusiness
  4. 4. Factors That Make Up CustomerServiceReliabilityResponsivenessCompetenceAccessCourtesyCommunicationCredibilitySecurityUnderstandingTangiblesFocusQuality
  5. 5. Patient NeedsCommon needs• skilled and competent service from clinicalstaff• a caring and empathetic approach by all staff• confidentiality of information• a focus on the dental needs of the patient• access to the professional staff of theirchoice at a convenient time and place.
  6. 6. Patient NeedsSpecific needs• Vary between groups• Vary between individuals
  7. 7. Customer Service and PatientSatisfaction• Timeliness• Accuracy• Appropriateness• Communication
  8. 8. Setting a Service standardMinimum standard to keep patients comingto the practice• All staff need clear guidelines as to how totreat patients• Must be at least 1% better than what willkeep patients happy
  9. 9. What Determines Our Service Standard?
  10. 10. Customer Service TrainingPrograms• Induction programs• Ongoing Training• Difficult Patients
  11. 11. Training ProgramsInduction programs• Why you think customer service is important• Role of staff in delivering high quality service• Impact of good customer service• Presentation of behavioural expectationssuch as the ‘house rules’ that define whatyou expect.
  12. 12. Training ProgramsOngoing Training• Core skills for reception area• Email training• Team building• Problem solving• Service management training
  13. 13. Training ProgramsDifficult Patients• Practitioner factors• Patient factors• Situational factorsHow to deal with them?
  14. 14. Patient LoyaltyOver rated by many businessesConvenience is main driverPoints in the bank concept
  15. 15. Misconceptions about loyalty• Satisfied patients are loyal• Costs too much to get loyal patients• Best to focus on the bottom of the scaleand improve their loyalty
  16. 16. How do you judge loyalty?Need some form of quantifiableMany schemes over the yearsSimplest is Net Promoter Score
  17. 17. Net Promoter ScoreHow likely are they to refer a friend orcolleague to this practice?• Score 1 – 10• Problem 1-6• Work on 7-8• Advocates 9-10
  18. 18. In Summary• High levels of patient satisfaction driveprofits in practice• Need to understand patient needs todeliver high levels of satisfaction• Highly satisfied patients become loyal• Loyal patients generate more referralsand have a higher spend.
  19. 19. Mark Stallwood B.V.Sc., MBA., Dip Pract Management.MAVBA. AFAIM. MAAPM. MAICD. MAITDAcademic Director UNE Partnerships