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Pitch 2.0


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Pitch 2.0

  1. 1. PitchSpectres
  2. 2. Script
  3. 3. Mood Board
  4. 4. Tones/Themes• I wish to have multiple themes within my programme. However I wish for my programme to have an overall tone similar to the BBC three drama “Being Human.” However I intend to make the show appropriate for a pre watershed audience. I want to aim my programme towards a working class audience. As such I wish to include multiple working class characters much like “Shameless,” and to include sets and issues that are relevant to people in the working class, much like “Misfits.” As I wish to include supernatural elements, in somewhat of a horror manner. With this in mind, I intend to liken the treatment of supernatural elements, much like “Buffy the vampire slayer.” I intend to couple these situations with elements of humour in a similar manner to “Reaper.” Finally I wasn’t my show to contain continuing narratives, with multiple characters within the story, all of whom effect the narrative, much like “The Walking Dead.”
  5. 5. Characters• The show will mainly focus on one character as the primary protagonist. However the protagonist will be joined by a group of his own companions. This use of multiple characters much like in “The Walking Dead.” This use of multiple characters within the narrative, ultimately helps to make the story more interesting as it gives different perspectives towards the storyline, and gives way to other sub plots to be involved, which again enrich the story more so. The group of characters will all be very distinct and different from one another, but yet have similar traits that link them together, much like in “The Breakfast Club.” In order to go against typical conventions, and make the programme stand out somewhat, the main characters will not be stereotypical. For example, the main protagonist of the show (Tom) will exhibit behaviour that is not typical of the ‘hero’ of show, much like Tony Stark from “Iron Man,” who whilst being painted in a positive light, behaves irresponsibly, and drinks. Furthermore, the ‘sidekick’ of the main character ( Mike) will be presented as an anti hero, much like “Judge Dredd.” This creates are less conventional and far more interesting character for the audience to engage with. The villains of the series will stray also from the more predictable and outward villains, and have a similar presence to villains like Anton Chigurh of “No Country For Old Men.” This is as, unpredictable and menacing villains such as this example make for a more interesting narrative, and greater enigma in the story, this ultimately leads to more interest from the audience, and a greater sense of escapism and entertainment for the audience.
  6. 6. Costumes• For the ‘ghost’ characters the costumes will be kept as a smart casual outfit, that is entirely grey. The grey will be representative of their passing. The mix of casual and formal clothing indicates that whilst they have some remnants of living society (casual side) they are distant from it ( formal). The cast of the ‘living’ will wear fairly basic clothing, of various colours. Although the colours will not be to vibrant as to in keep with the serious, and somewhat gritty tone of the programme. Furthermore, the protagonist side of the cast will be seen in clothing that may be considered ‘in fashion.’ This ultimately helps in keeping the characters relatable to the audience. Although, the characters will each have their own signature outfits, in order to distinguish them from each other, e.g. a character might have their own signature jacket that they always wear.
  7. 7. Setting• The setting for the programme will be either pre synced. Much like “Misfits,” which makes use of the already existing community centre to shoot its programme in. Or the sets will be easily created on our won premises. Both these elements keep the budget of the show low, and can ultimately contribute to the realistic feel of the programme, which whilst juxtaposing the supernatural elements within the show, helps to immerse the audience more so. The two main settings of the show will be a small café and a small flat. Both of these sets, due to there everyday nature, again add to the realistic feel of the show. Additionally, due to the home environment (a flat in this scenario) connoting a persons comfort zone, where they feel safe, it would be easy to go against these conventions. By perhaps making the home the more dangerous place where the characters are uncomfortable. This would cause the programme to stand out and be overall more interesting to the audience. The same effect could be achieved through the work environment, by making this the more safe place of the two.
  8. 8. Website• For the website of the show, conventions of fellow E4 websites shall be followed, to staple the programmes identity as an E4 programme. These conventions include a large central image on the homepage, a recurring use of the colour purple and a background image that is relevant to the show in some manner. Also features like the ability to like the show on Facebook or follow the show on twitter will be included in the webpage, as it gives the audience the impression they can forge a more personal link to the show and receive “exclusive information.” Whilst the website will somewhat try to fit in with the conventions of E4 show websites such as “Dead Set” and “Skins,” the website shall have distinctive features of its own, to establish its own identity. Finally on the webpage, the site shall try to make use of aspects of synergy, most namely the 4od feature. This is in order to compete with other shows, not just on Channel 4 (or its subsidiaries), but on other broadcasters, as many now offer the ability to ‘catch up online.’
  9. 9. TreatmentWorking title: SpectresSynopsis: Tom works in a café. He was born with the ability to see and communicatewith ghosts. He never told anybody about this. He started to tell people about thisover the internet, and became a small time medium in order to secure more moneyfor his ill mother. He did this both over the internet and at small pubs and bars. Manywere sceptical of his ability despite his incredible accuracy. One such person wasMikes best friend Tom. Tom and Mike where in a car when they were hit head onseemingly by accident by a speeding lorry. Tom survives but remembers very littlefrom the incident, and Mike dies. Tom loses confidence after this and he too begins todoubt his own ability as he has somewhat forgotten about how to use it properly, hebegins to ignore it and tell himself that he is just seeing things when it does work. Thiscontinues until exactly 1 year after the accident, when Tom see’s Mike (or the ghost ofMike) sitting in the café where he works. At first scared, Tom’s confidence is somewhatreassured by Mike. Mike has spent the year investigating the accident in secret, as hebelieves that it was planned, and that someone knew that Tom could actually seeghosts, Mike sees this as his ‘unfinished’ business and the duo set about trying touncover who tried to kill Tom and killed Mike.
  10. 10. Treatment• Format:-30 minute comedy drama-High definition (1920x 1080)-Shot on Nikon D3100-Edited on Final Cut Pro/ImovieDistribution:-online trailer :YouTube and E4’s websiteThese two methods of distribution will be effective as they are media which appeal toand are used by the target audience of the show (young people aged 15-35), so assuch, the programme will be marketed to the selected audience and others as muchas possible. Furthermore, the inexpensive nature of these methods of distributionkeep the costs for the programme minimal.
  11. 11. Treatment• Intended audience:The intended audience for my show is those of social grade C1, C2 and D, (lowermiddle class, Skilled working class and Working class), aged 15-35 and of mixedgender. This is the intended audience, as the characters within the show belong to thissocial class, and indeed the settings will also be of this class. This target audience hasbeen selected due to my research. Through my primary production research (phoningClerkenwell Films) I learnt that “Misfits” which is a programme of a similar genre tomine, purposely tries to have a working class tone, as this proves popular withaudiences. As such, the working class are the target audience for my programme, andthe programmes portrayal of working class characters in a working class environmentwill allow the audience to relate to the show more so. Also, members of my groupfound that the largest demographic of those who watch programme of a similar genre(Misfits, Dead set, Skins) was males aged 18-29. taking this into account, whilst stilltrying to appeal to a much wider audience, the programme will intentionally containelements that will specifically appeal to this demographic, as they are the largestchunk of the possible audience.
  12. 12. • Style Treatment Overall the programme is intended to be a serious drama with heavy elements of asupernatural theme. There will also be elements of light horror that will be suitable for apre watershed audience. There will also be some comic relief in the show, to somewhatlighten the tone on occasion. The tone will similar to that of the BBC3 3 “Being Human”, butwill also to deal with real life relatable situation with a supernatural theme as a backdrop,much like “Buffy the vampire slayer”. The show will also feature working class themessimilar to “Misfits.”• Rationale:This product is relevant to the target audience as the protagonists of the show will be of thesame age, social class and generation of the target audience. As such they will deal with thesame kind of issues that many of the target audience may face and dress and act in a similarway, which benefits the programme as it allows the audience to relate to the show more soThis product is relevant to current media trends due to the supernatural element of theshow. Many shows across many different channels contain supernatural elements thatprove very popular. Such as; Being Human, Misfits, True Blood, Supernatural, The VampireDiaries, and American Horror Story. This programme should be commissioned as it fits inwith the current media trend of supernatural theme, so already has a large audience it canappeal to.
  13. 13. Treatment• Feasibility:My production will be a workable project firstly due to its locations. The location willbe fairly low key and as such inexpensive, the location will predominantly be a smallcafé and a small flat. These can be provided through fairly small resources. The flat setcould be created on our own residences, and the café could be created in a small hall,that could be accessed through a number of contacts. Or we could attempt to film in asmall local cafe, if the owners allow it.Budget:Costumes -£30(due to the casual nature, most costumes can be supplied by ourselvesor the actors we choose, this figure is merely just in case there is something we need,so this money may not be spent).Locations-£30-60 (estimated due to requirement of café, if we choose to film on a presynced location, we may require to pay the owner).
  14. 14. Deadlines• Deadlines: Pre production:21st November-28th November Production:29th Novermber-21st December Post Production:30th December-12th January