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Learn about StadiumRoar's free online activity registration software. Collect sign up information and payments online for any sort of program.

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Free Online Activity Registration Software - StadiumRoar

  1. 1. Fast, Sleek, Powerful…Free Don’t waste your time with paper forms and checks Don’t waste your money with expensive software Be smart, use our free online registration software Click arrow to begin
  2. 2. Still conducting registration with pen and paper?
  3. 3. Or…are you shelling out money for online registration software?
  4. 4. Either way, you’ve got a problem.
  5. 5. Luckily, we’ve got a solution…
  6. 6. The cloud provides awesome software benefits… LESS STRESS. Software saves you time, which saves you stress. MORE MONEY. Software creates efficiency, which saves you money. HAPPIER PARTICIPANTS. Software not only benefits you, but organization participants too.
  7. 7. …while skipping annoying software obstacles NO COSTS TO YOU. We’re supported by small ads and transaction fees; our service is free to you. NO HOSTING. We host and manage all your data on our servers. NO TRAINING. Our system is very easy- to-use, and requires no formal training.
  8. 8. Some examples of cloudsoftware that work in a similar way to StadiumRoar
  9. 9. Now that you know the advantages ofStadiumRoar’s cloud-powered online registration software, let’s show you how it works…
  10. 10. Get your site• We give you an online- registration website• Place a link to your site on any other website• People visit your site to register for your programs
  11. 11. Enter your programs• Enter program names• Set program fees• Add descriptions, attach required files and set maximum-spot limits
  12. 12. People register online• Your programs appear on an online- registration form on your site• Customize the fields on your form• People fill out your form to register
  13. 13. People securely pay you• People easily pay program fees online with credit cards• All transactions are secure, protected by our leading SSL-encryption technology• Collect fees in one of three ways: – Merchant Account – PayPal Account – No Account – we’ll send you a check or direct deposit each month with your balance
  14. 14. Sit back, relax and collect• Collect the names and info of all registrants in a chart• Collect registration fees• Withdraw money at any time
  15. 15. Enjoy being more successful!• Become free of the administrative burdens of registration without tapping into your budget• Focus on running great programs• Become a huge success in the eyes of your organization
  16. 16. GET STARTED!Want help getting started? Call us at 908 591 5448or email us at