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StadiumRoar.com Online Registration Software - Learn how people register online for your programs

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Having People Register for Your Programs - StadiumRoar.com

  1. 1. Having People Register for Your Programs Learn how people register for your programs online
  2. 2. Admin View vs. Public View ADMIN PUBLICWhen you log into your site as an When people visit your site in theadmin, you have a different view than public view, they will see a bluepeople who visit your site in the public REGISTER button in the “Registration”view; your “Registration” section section; if they click this button, theycontains a gray REGISTRATION button can sign up for your programs.that brings you to the admin part ofthe Registration section. 2
  3. 3. The first thing you need to do in order to get people toregister for your programs on your website is tospread your StadiumRoar website’s public link to them www.stadiumroar.com/yoursitename People simply need to visit this link from any computer. That’s it. 3
  4. 4. We suggest you include a shortmessage to people along withyour link… To register for programs, visit this link and click the blue REGISTER button www.stadiumroar.com/yoursitename 4
  5. 5. There are various ways you can easily spread your link and message to people; here are some suggestions… Other Sites Email Forms Social Media Signature Have your link Email your Add your link at Post your link on Add your link atadded on other sites link to people the bottom of social media the bottom of related to your who will be any printed sites your outgoing organization; your registering forms your email signature existing program organizationwebsite, town sites, uses school sites,association sites, etc 5
  6. 6. What happens once people visit your StadiumRoar site to register? Registration Info (required) Fees (optional)
  7. 7. Info is required, fees are optionalAll registrants submit registration infolike name, email, school, DOB, etc –this information instantly shows up inthe admin view of your site as peoplesubmit itYou also have the option of allowingpeople to pay you registration feesonline through credit card during theregistration process – money instantlygets deposited into a PayPal accountfor you
  8. 8. People Have a Payment Choice ORStadiumRoar accommodates online payments, however, alsolets people register for programs without paying online; forinstance, you can collect their registration info online and theycan send you a check at a separate timeHowever, we highly recommend online payment – it makesthings easier for registrants and for you
  9. 9. Why choose online payments instead of checks? vs. 9
  10. 10. The Registration ProcessSee what registrants see when theygo through the registration process on your site
  11. 11. The STEP 1: People click theRegistration REGISTER buttonFormSTEP 2: Peopleselect if they wantto sign up a“Person” or awhole “Team” STEP 3: People fill out an Online Registration Form 11
  12. 12. Complete List ofFields on the “SignUp a Person” Form Note***There is an additional area at the bottom of this tab for an "emergency contact", just in case a participants father or mother is not the emergency contact person 12
  13. 13. Complete List of Fieldson the “Sign Up aTeam” Form 13
  14. 14. ProgramSelection Once all fields are filled out, people see a list of all your programs and can select the ones they want to register for 14
  15. 15. Legal Disclaimer At the bottom of the Online Registration Form, we include a standard legal disclaimer for sports- and-recreation programs, which limits your liability as an organization running programs; people must agree to this in order to registerIf you have your own legal disclaimer you would likepeople to agree to, we recommend you type it into adocument and include it as one of your “requiredforms” when you enter programs 15
  16. 16. Forms and Fees Finally, people are then shown a list of any required forms you added to the selected programs; they can download and read them directly from this screen They are also shown any program fees you included and are given the option to “Check out with PayPal” If you did not include online fees, this part of the process is skipped 16
  17. 17. Paying Feeswith CreditCards If people have fees to pay you, they can securely pay them with credit cards (Visa, American Express, etc) on a secure PayPal page 17
  18. 18. Confirmation Once people complete registration, they will be given a confirmation message for their records 18
  19. 19. Just You Need a PayPal AccountYou need to create a PayPal account in order to accept payments online throughStadiumRoarHowever, the people registering for your programs and sending you money do NOTneed a PayPal account; they can simply pay you online with credit cards and moneywill be deposited into your PayPal account REGISTRANTS YOU 19
  20. 20. Questions? Contact us at any time908 591 5448contact@stadiumroar.com 20