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So you want to be a corporate developer?


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* From Big Android BBQ 2016 conference *

Have you considered making the jump from Indie to the Big Leagues? Being an Android contractor for large companies? It really is a whole different world.

Here is what to know before you make the jump, whether or not it's for you, and what it can mean for your career. We will also go over what to look for in that next career jump and how to not end up in a "cushy" job where you sink into obscurity.

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So you want to be a corporate developer?

  1. 1. So you want to be a Corporate Developer? By Stacy Devino - BABBQ 2016
  2. 2. • Senior Android Innovator at The Home Depot Dallas Technology Center • Works on Consumer Mobile App and Internal Product Innovation • Six Sigma BlackBelt, Intel Innovator, DMS Member, Vintage game collector/restorer • Women Techmakers Lead for Dallas/ Ft. Worth STACY DEVINO WEBSITES EMAIL G+ acyDevino TWITTER @DoesitPew
  3. 3. Truth Is... But, I can comment on my own experiences and those shared to me by others.
  4. 4. The Survey ~100 Professional Android Developers What does the landscape like? Dev-mographics on professional Android developers (primarily in the US) Best General Advice Tidbits and General advice left from those more experienced for those to come. We gonna to talk about... Types of DevsSurvey Says Doing the Job at Scale
  5. 5. Dev Survey • ~100 Professional Devs • Multiple Choice and fill in the Blank • Posted through a couple public channels and many private ones Thanks if you Took the Survey!
  6. 6. The Lay of the Land
  7. 7. Working Status
  8. 8. In the Workplace “ Programming requires creativity and women are powerful creative, creative power that grows another next generation. When I fall into that bias trap, I get out and head to another place where I can be productive and contribute. It ain't easy, but it's all I can do. Staying to fight would mean I'm not coding so I turn and run.” “I feel more valuable at a small company, and less like a cog in the machine. “ General “The problem of our friends is the next our great app.” “How interviews are conducted is regional. Mountain View area tends to prefer recent graduates. Portland tends to prefer extensive experience.” “Get broad knowledge, keep up with tech.” WFH “Remote work is the f*cking best thing ever.” “Don't work from home if you're renovating a house, or if you have stay-at home kids.” Best Advice
  9. 9. Indie / Independent Contractors Working For yourself, working by yourself, or working on your own terms. Start-ups Is the opportunity worth the risk? Small/Medium Size Companies Small and Nimble, but prone to imperfection. Pixel Pushing or Being Everything Types of DevsSurvey Says Doing the Job at Scale Large Companies We have had to become technology companies in order to stay relevant and generate revenue, but not everyone knows what you do or how you do it (No, I will not fix your computer.)
  10. 10. TheIndependents TheOneManShowandHiredGuns According to the Dev-mographics: Most of those who are Independents have 10+ Years of Programming Experience and Primarily the rest have 5-10 years of Programming Experience; as well as have worked at Small/Medium sized Tech companies.
  11. 11. TheIndependents Positives According to the Comments: Freedom of work, getting to pick your own projects, and flexibility seem to be the prime motivators.
  12. 12. TheIndependents Negatives According to the Comments: Taxes, estimation, setting up contracts, not always having work, lack of benefits. It’s tough and those years of experience seem to help.
  13. 13. Startups Harderthanthesuccessstories Reality Perception
  14. 14. Small/Medium We<3Technology According to the Dev-mographics: More newer developers in both overall programming experience and android-specific experience. More females have worked in small companies than in large or independently.
  15. 15. Small/Medium Positives According to the Comments: Agility to move quickly with more duties, but less process. People feel as though they know each other and have personal impact.
  16. 16. Small/Medium Negatives According to the Comments: Wearing more hats means you work longer hours for less pay and have less opportunity to advance as you are a more critical player. Never enough time for short deadlines!
  17. 17. Large BigTechinevenBiggerindustries According to the Dev-mographics: Many relatively new to Android developers (1-3) who have more overall programming experience (5+ years). Many more high-level positions currently held than other groups.
  18. 18. Large Positives According to the Comments: Resources to get the job done and benefits means you can afford to take time off without having to worry about losing your job. Doing a proper job comfortably.
  19. 19. Large Negatives According to the Comments: Bureaucracy and red tape can make development go slowly. The process chains are extensive.
  20. 20. User Considerations Working at Scale, Becoming a “Method” Actor Understanding Your Customer It’s not always your User Navigating the Boat Big Boats and Small, all have their best way to cross the ocean. I’m on a Boat Types of DevsSurvey Says Doing the Job at Scale
  21. 21. Become a “Method” Actor to surprise and delight in ways that are unexpected Understanding your User You != Your App User Do your own Customer Research Understand the various customers you have Test on something 2+ years old that will support the previous release of the lastest OS version Refine your experiences Become a Paver, make roads
  22. 22. Write code that works and makes the company look reliable while not screwing up anything major. Customer Delivery Your Customer is not your User (usually) Your motivations may not be the Company motivations Your Customer may have motivations not in line with company, user, or your own motivations. Business is in the business of keeping promises You still have to deliver
  23. 23. Cultured, Sour, Sweet, Filling, Takes on any Flavor, and Good for You. Navigating Be Yogurt Everything is “your fault” (team) Big Ships Turn slowly, but when they do they make waves Just doing Good Work will not get you noticed or rewarded Prove Value with $$$ Pushing is not B*tching
  24. 24. Survey Takers The Home Depot DTC Big Android BBQ Team IDEAA THANKS ! WEB EMAIL G+ TWITTER @DoesitPew