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RetroFit by Square - GDG Dallas 06/09/16


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A Bried set of highlight slides about Retrofit for Android

Published in: Engineering
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RetroFit by Square - GDG Dallas 06/09/16

  1. 1. RetroFit BySquare Short presentation by Stacy Devino, with content from Jake Wharton (square). GDG Dallas June 9th, 2016
  2. 2. WhatisRetrofit? Simple, Serialized, Library that allows you make RESTful API calls without all of the thread management and parsing fuss. Make your RESTful calls into Java Interfaces.
  3. 3. SoManyDataTypes,Yes Retrofit, unlike Volley, supports almost every single data parsing web data type there is OUT OF THE BOX. ProtoBuffers XML JSON CUSTOM CONVERTERS!
  4. 4. SynchronousCallsandData Easy, Synchronous Data calls (like Logins and pulling search data). Fast and simple API implementations.
  5. 5. ASynchronousDataCallsandErrorHandling No more weird AsyncTasks and Parse to put in Lists/HashMaps and then build custom classes. Callbacks, just like using any Android Internal API (camera).
  6. 6. DynamicURLSupportandMetaDataCapture Metadata! Since I now can handle dynamic links. I can get pages too. Now, we can handle series of API return dynamic URLs with the variable of {repo} and {owner}. Common need in many higher order API calls.