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IoT with Firebase : IoT DevFest Phoenix 2018


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Cloud connect your DIY IoT Appliances with Firebase Database.
Get your maker on and learn how to leverage Firebase for ESP8266/Arduino/Android Things/NodeJS

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IoT with Firebase : IoT DevFest Phoenix 2018

  1. 1. Cloud Connect your IoT IoT DevFest January 2018 Stacy Devino (presenter)
  2. 2. This is a LIVE DEMO ~25min
  3. 3. The Inspiration (for this example)
  4. 4. I Bought One
  5. 5. Code and Hardware used Firebase Arduino Library: Hardware: - Sparkfun esp8266 Thing - HC04 Distance Sensor - Existing button and sensor in toy reused
  6. 6. Set up Getting the Database Set up and configs!
  7. 7. Upload and Run Code is Here:
  8. 8. Dance JarJar DANCE!
  9. 9. Cool Extras for more functions Manipulate the data and the actions that you now have to be automatic. Integrate with other Google services seamlessly and automatically. Give yourself IFTTT-like integrations to other services and control for things like SMS updates and automatic data export.
  10. 10. Slides: About Me: • Google Developer Expert - Android • Native Apps Lead - Alkami Technology (FinTech) • Intel Innovator, DMS Member, Vintage game collector/restorer, 6Sigma Black Belt, Sneakerhead • Google Developer Group Organizer / Women Techmakers Lead for Dallas / GDG South Mentor WEBSITES EMAIL LinkedIn no-40ba6815/ TWITTER @DoesitPew