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Intro to Android : Making your first App!


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Introductory Slides and code to learn how to make your first Android App.

Presented at WWC Dallas 07/16

Published in: Software
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Intro to Android : Making your first App!

  1. 1. Intro to Android by Stacy Devino for WWC Dallas 2016
  2. 2. STACY DEVINO • Senior Android Innovator at The Home Depot Dallas Technology Center • Works on Consumer Mobile App and Internal Product Innovation • SixSigma BlackBelt, Intel Innovator, DMS Member, Vintage game collector/restorer • Women Techmakers Lead for Dallas/ Ft. Worth WEBSITES EMAIL G+ tacyDevino TWITTER @DoesitPew
  3. 3. Things to know Android Apps are written in Java (for the most part) Apps run in a JVM Android Java ~ Sun/Oracle Java somewhat Android is Open Source (AOSP) - mostly Android is a Linux Distribution Android Kernel is the Linux Kernel
  4. 4. Tools (anyone can start, regardless of OS) Android Studio Android SDK DDMS / Android Monitor Terminal Commands (adb) Android Virtual Device Manager (free, complete emulators!) Code Definition and Examples resources Udacity (Android for Beginners and Android MicroDegree)
  5. 5. UI Layouts (XML) View Groups ● RelativeLayout ● LinearLayout ● RecyclerView ● ScrollView ● CardView View Types ● TextView ● ImageView ● Button ● ImageButton ● ToggleButton ● Switch ● View
  6. 6. Practice your Views (follow along!)
  7. 7. Making a Screen It is easier than you think!
  8. 8. Add the Clicky Action
  9. 9. Whoop! We made a Screen! Now, let’s make an App.
  10. 10. Hmmm… I have Ideas
  11. 11. Oh Noes! Defect :(
  12. 12. Something that runs
  13. 13. Better
  14. 14. Flip It Horizontal
  15. 15. Congrats! Your first Android app
  16. 16. Code is Here: