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Android Animations : Smooth criminals


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“How did they do that?!!!”
How many times have you been just stunned, STUNNED by the work you see others do in a fully native app? Smooth, layered animations for every transition that work on even $20 phones?
Its not magic and it may not be as difficult or as “mathy” as you might think. “Wow” effects that impress and delight!
We will be covering how to use multiple ways to accomplish a standard set of animations and much slicker more complicated ones using native and external libraries.

From the native side we will cover topics like using animation xml definitions, Material Design AppCompat included tools, moving through Animation Properties, Listeners, View Animators, Animation Sets, even AnimatedVectorDrawables, Morphs, and libraries like Lottie.

Published in: Engineering
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Android Animations : Smooth criminals

  1. 1. Smooth Criminals The many ways to animate and potentially get robbed
  2. 2. Lottie ( ) Pros : - Take Adobe After Effects animations and make them real - Android, iOS, and React-Native - Super Simple, no “Dev” work - Draws using Android Canvas - Handles complicated easily Bonus :
  3. 3. Lottie ( ) Cons : - Performance issues for repeated animations - Performance issues for full-screen - Not as efficient as “hand-writing” in Canvas
  4. 4. Kyrie ( “Alternative” to AnimatedVectorDrawables Addresses issues with AnimatedVectorDrawables - Dynamically create at runtime - Pause/Start/Stop - Allows you to define vector-pathing to potentially render an “SVG” from API
  5. 5. Shapeshifter ( ) Online tool for building AnimatedVectorDrawables easily! Requires no “code” experience to use Does have its own learning curve Builds assets for Android, iOS, and Web (CSS) Video :
  6. 6. Code Time!
  7. 7. Stacy Devino WEB EMAIL childofthehorn@gmail TWITTER @DoesitPew Slides : ● Google Developer Expert - Android ● Intel Innovator - Android and IoT ● GDG Dallas / Women Techmakers Lead / GDG South Mentor ● Android at Nike s23NYC Labs ● DMS Member, Vintage game collector/restorer, 6-Sigma Black Belt, Sneakerhead