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Montreal Linux MeetUp - OpenStack Overview (2017.10.03)


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Slides from the Montreal Linux MeetUp of October 3rd, 2017 held at the ÉTS.

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Montreal Linux MeetUp - OpenStack Overview (2017.10.03)

  1. 1. @cloudops_ OpenStack Overview October 3rd 2017
  2. 2. Stacy Véronneau ● Director of OpenStack Solutions and Lead OpenStack Architect at CloudOps. ● Using public cloud resources since 2007 ● Started ‘exploring’ OpenStack at Folsom and using at Grizzly ● OpenStack MeetUp organizer ○ Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton and Toronto(Co-Org) ● Speaker at OpenStack Days and Summit ○ Austin, Montreal, Barcelona, Boston, Ottawa ● OpenStack Mentor since August 2017
  3. 3. @cloudops_Page About CloudOps 3 We enable our customers to own their destiny in a cloudy world by leveraging open source cloud orchestration and best of breed technologies. Our team has built and continues to support dozens of regional clouds for telco and community cloud service providers around the world. We’ve helped hundreds of software companies migrate to and scale their businesses on regional cloud platforms such as and public clouds such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.
  4. 4. @cloudops_ What is OpenStack?
  5. 5. @cloudops_Page What is OpenStack? 5 As described by Wikipedia “OpenStack is a cloud computing project aimed at providing an infrastructure as a service (IaaS).” The software platform consists of interrelated components that control hardware pools of processing, storage and networking”
  6. 6. @cloudops_Page What is OpenStack? 6 ● What it is ○ Abstraction Layer ○ A group of interrelated projects ○ IaaS Solution ○ Community Driven ● What it isn’t ○ Interdependent project (Exceptions Apply) ○ A complete standalone solution, extra components are needed ○ Standalone Virtualisation solution
  7. 7. @cloudops_Page OpenStack Capabilities 7 ● Virtual machines (VMs) on demand ○ Provisioning ○ Snapshotting ● Networks ○ Provisioning ○ Isolation ● Storage for VMs and arbitrary files ● Multi-tenancy ○ Quotas for different projects, users ○ User can be associated with multiple projects
  8. 8. @cloudops_ History and a High Level Recap
  9. 9. @cloudops_Page History 9 ● Started in 2010 by and ● Foundation created in 2012 ● Latest release was on August 30th 2017 and is named Pike The Mission: “To produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable”.
  10. 10. @cloudops_Page History - Release Naming 10 Only single words with a maximum of 10 characters are good candidates for a name. Bonus points for sounding cool. ● Austin: The first design summit took place in Austin, TX ● Bexar: The second design summit took place in San Antonio, TX (Bexar county). ● Cactus: Cactus is a city in Texas ● Diablo: Diablo is a city in the bay area near Santa Clara, CA ● Essex: Essex is a city near Boston, MA ● Folsom: Folsom is a city near San Francisco, CA ● Grizzly: Grizzly is an element of the state flag of California (design summit takes place in San Diego, CA) ● Havana: Havana is an unincorporated community in Oregon ● Icehouse: Ice House is a street in Hong Kong ● Juno: Juno is a locality in Georgia ● Kilo: Paris (Sèvres, actually, but that's close enough) is home to the Kilogram, the only remaining SI unit tied to an artifact ● Liberty: Liberty is a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan ● Mitaka: It’s named after the town located in the Tokyo metro area, known for Inokashira park and the Ghibli museum, ● Newton (Austin, Texas): The "Newton House", located at 1013 E. Ninth St., Austin, TX, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places ● 2017.1 Ocata (Barcelona, Spain): Ocata is a beach about 20 minutes north of Barcelona by train ● 2017.2 Pike, the Massachusetts Turnpike, also the Mass Pike (Boston) ● 2018.1 Queens, Queens Pound river in the Souther Coast region of NSW (Australia) ● 2018.2 Rocky (British Columbia, Canada)
  11. 11. @cloudops_Page History - Architecture @ Cactus 11 Source:
  12. 12. @cloudops_Page History - Architecture Now 12 Source:
  13. 13. @cloudops_ High Level at High Speed
  14. 14. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Is NOT VMware 14
  15. 15. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Is more an In-House AWS 15
  16. 16. @cloudops_Page OpenStack vs AWS 16 Project Name Description AWS Equiv. Codename(s) Compute Provision and manage large pools of on-demand computing resources EC2 Nova Block Storage Volumes on commodity storage gear, and drivers for turn-key block storage solutions EBS Cinder Object Storage Petabytes of reliable storage on standard gear S3 Swift Networking L2-focused on-demand networking with some L3 capabilities VPC Neutron Dashboard Self-service, role-based web interface for users and administrators Console Horizon Metering Centralized metering data for all services for integration to external billing CloudWatch Ceilometer Identity Multi-tenant authentication system that ties to existing stores (e.g. LDAP) and Image Service IAM Keystone Image Management Upload, download, and manage VM images for the compute service VM Import/Export Glance Orchestration Application orchestration layer that runs on top of and manages OpenStack Compute CloudFormation, CloudWatch Heat
  17. 17. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Is NOT a Product 17
  18. 18. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Is an AWESOME platform 18
  19. 19. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - High Level & High Speed 19
  20. 20. @cloudops_ Let’s Talk Distros OpenStack Overview
  21. 21. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Let’s Talk Distros 21
  22. 22. @cloudops_ Core Services OpenStack Overview
  23. 23. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Core Services 23 OpenStack embraces a modular architecture to provide a set of core services that facilitates scalability and elasticity as core design tenets.
  24. 24. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Core Services 24 Each service: ● Is also a “top-level” OpenStack component ● Has an elected “Project Technical Lead” (PTL) ● Has separate developers and design teams ● Has a well defined public API ○ With the exception of Horizon, which is the Web GUI, all other projects have a RESTful (JSON/HTTP) API ● Has a separate database and an isolated persistent layer
  25. 25. @cloudops_Page OpenStack Programs Relationships 25 Provides Network connectivity for Image Glance Stores disk files in Neutron Network Block Storage Cinder Provides volumes for Nova Compute Poll data from Ceilometer Metering Poll data from Poll data from Object Storage Swift Stores images in Heat Orchestrate Arranges and directsProvides UI for Provides UI for Provides UI for Provides UI for Provides UI for Provides UI for Provides UI for Common UI Horizon Dashboard Keystone Identity Provides Auth for Provides Auth for Provides Auth for Provides Auth for Provides Auth for Access Control Provides Auth for Provides Auth for Provides UI for Provides Auth for Not a program, but important to understand the relationship Database Not a program, but important to understand the relationship Message Queue
  26. 26. @cloudops_Page OpenStack Deployment Topology 26 Control Cluster Horizon Keystone GlanceNeutron CinderNova Compute Cluster compute node compute node compute node compute node compute node compute node Storage Cluster (Cinder Volume, Swift) storage node storage node storage node storage node storage node storage node Heavy CPU and RAM Heavy Disk and I/O CeilometerHeat
  27. 27. @cloudops_ Keystone Provides Identity, Token, Catalog and Policy services for use specifically by projects in the OpenStack family OpenStack Overview
  28. 28. @cloudops_ Nova API A RESTful API web service which is used to interact with Nova Compute OpenStack Overview
  29. 29. @cloudops_ Nova Scheduler A daemon, which determines, on which compute host the request should run OpenStack Overview
  30. 30. @cloudops_ Neutron Network as a Service OpenStack Overview
  31. 31. @cloudops_ Cinder Block Storage as a Service OpenStack Overview
  32. 32. @cloudops_ Glance Provides services for discovering, registering, and retrieving virtual machine images OpenStack Overview
  33. 33. @cloudops_ Swift Swift is a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store OpenStack Overview
  34. 34. @cloudops_ Ceph The all-in-one storage service that is not an OpenStack project OpenStack Overview
  35. 35. @cloudops_ Ceilometer The Telemetry Service OpenStack Overview
  36. 36. @cloudops_ Heat The Orchestrator OpenStack Overview
  37. 37. @cloudops_ Horizon Provides a baseline UI for managing OpenStack services OpenStack Overview
  38. 38. @cloudops_ Magnum Container Infrastructure Management Service (Big Tent Project) OpenStack Overview
  39. 39. @cloudops_ Dependencies The bare minimum components outside of Openstack OpenStack Overview
  40. 40. @cloudops_ Provisioning of a VM The most common and complex process in OpenStack and involves interaction of most of OpenStack components OpenStack Overview
  41. 41. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Provisioning of a VM 41 ● Users log into Horizon and initiate a VM create ● Keystone authorizes ● Nova API initiates provisioning and saves state to DB ● Nova Scheduler finds appropriate host ● Neutron configures networking ● Cinder provides block device ● Image URI is looked up through Glance ● Image is retrieved via Swift ● VM is rendered by Hypervisor ● VM now accessible by the users
  42. 42. @cloudops_ Deployment Tools OpenStack Overview
  43. 43. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Deployment Tools 43 The deployment tools for OpenStack are like Baskin Robbins. It’s a 31 flavors buffet. ● OpenStack Ansible ● Puppet / Chef / Salt OpenStack ● Fuel ● JuJu + Charms ● Triple-O / Kolla / OpenStack Helm / Conjur-Up / PackStack / DevStack ...
  44. 44. @cloudops_ What About That Magical Thing Called Kubernetes OpenStack Overview
  45. 45. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - Kubernetes 45 There are many ways to use Kubernetes when it comes to OpenStack. You can use it to deploy OpenStack or you can use it within OpenStack. It’s been called the infrastructure club sandwich. ● K8s to deploy OpenStack ○ OpenStack Helm ○ Kolla ● K8s in OpenStack ○ Kubespray / OpenShift ○ Magnum / Rancher ○ KubeAdm
  46. 46. @cloudops_ What Else is Needed? OpenStack Overview
  47. 47. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - What else is needed? 47 You now have a shiny new OpenStack Cloud but beside spinning instances, what can you do to maximize utilisation and ROI? ● CI/CD Systems ● External AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) Integration ● Logging, Monitoring and Alerting (Day 2) ● Plan WorkLoad Onboarding
  48. 48. @cloudops_Page OpenStack - What else is needed? 48 ● Workshops ○ Architecture Design Assessment ○ Knowledge leveling sessions ○ Hands-on labs ○ Day 2 troubleshooting scenarios ○ SDN and OpenStack ○ OpenStack and Containers ○ OpenStack and Ceph
  49. 49. @cloudops_Page 49
  50. 50. @cloudops_Page Open Source Magic In OpenStack 50
  51. 51. @cloudops_Page Open Source is what makes OpenStack an AWESOME platform! 51
  52. 52. OpenStack Days Canada ● October 19th 2017 - Nature Museum ●
  53. 53. Reach out on Slack if you have more questions
  54. 54. @cloudops_ Thank you for your time