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A culture of sharing


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A group assignment in which we discussed the pro's and con's of sharing content in the digital age and it's impact on finances, e-commerce and the risks involved.

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A culture of sharing

  1. 1. A Culture of Sharing-Finances By Jonathan Brown, Alex Ribble, Stacy Kennedy, Daniel Crites, Dylan Tweedy, and Corey Kirkbride Q: Does culture sharing promote trust? A: Building trust in the finance area of the internet is a hard thing to do in this day and age. Trust is high-risk for a few reasons. The main being that on sites such as, a project may get fully funded, but the project manager may not finish the project, or use the funds how there are intended. Although it is high risk trust, the outcomes of sites such as KickStarter and GoFundMe are beneficial to the community and economy. Q: Does easy access to digital content promote theft, or has the value of content changed? A: Finance does promote change, but you can get scammed by false products such as some project managers giving false promises to their contributors and giving out a watered down product to them from sites like The value of the ones that are truthful to their contributors have given out something more than they promise if they get more money than expected. c Q: Are there other forces like the economy and the environmental state of the world that play a role in promoting a culture of sharing? A: Online shopping has had a massive effect on the global economy because consumers can purchase goods/services from anyone across the world via the internet like Amazon or Ebay. It can be a risk to expose one's idea to the world, allowing for someone else to steal the idea or take the patent. Sources: KickStarter, GoFundMe, Etsy, Ebay, PayPal, Patreon, Amazon Strategy summarizing my position and predictions: My view can be summarized as saying that while there are still risks involved in the finance aspect, there are also great rewards and benefits to the community. For example, folks who wouldn’t normally be able to pay unexpected medical bills now have hope thanks to GoFundMe and similar sites/applications.
  2. 2. I certainly believe that the pace of technology will promote more trust. I remember the early days of online shopping/banking and the horror stories of identity theft and drained bank accounts. This was largely due to financial institutions/banks not being able to provide the best security for their customers and protecting their personal information. Online security was in it’s infancy. Now, through experience, these institutions have massively overhauled their security measures, buyers’ rights are more protected while making online purchases (as a seller on Etsy, I had to jump through some serious hoops to get paid after my first sale), thus allowing for more trust in the finance realm.