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Irla power point slideshowview

  1. 1. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®<br />LeadershipAcademy<br />
  2. 2. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />Discover your <br /> potential<br />Leadership<br />
  3. 3. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />MISSION STATEMENT:<br />The Indiana REALTORS® <br />Leadership Academy<br />(IRLA) develops leaders and enables<br />them to serve with <br />the foundation of the past <br />and vision for the future.<br />Class of 2006<br />
  4. 4. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br /> Do you have a passion for the real estate industry?<br />Are you active in your community and/or your REALTOR® association?<br /> Have you wanted to take on a leadership position to help promote your group’s vision for the future?<br />Maximize your leadership potential within the REALTOR® organization <br />and your local community.<br />
  5. 5. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />The IRLA program helps you enhance your existing leadership skills and gives you a solid foundation of knowledge in team building, government affairs, board leadership, communication, legal affairs and governance.<br /> Become a leader of tomorrow by taking on the new, exciting challenge of the IRLA today.<br />
  6. 6. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />A timeline for a participant:<br />September : Upon acceptance into the program, join your fellow<br />classmates for an IRLA Introduction and reunion at Fall Conference.<br />October : Travel to Camp Ransburg in Bloomington for leadership development and team building. These two days will provide a solid foundation for the year to come.<br />December : Meet with IAR’s Government Affairs staff at the<br />Indiana State House and participate in a mock legislative session. Tours of the Supreme Court, Senate and House chambers will also be arranged.<br />January : Join classmates at IAR’s Winter Legislative Conference.<br />At this conference you will learn about your duties as a member<br />of a board of directors at the Board Leadership Conference, work with your classmates on your class project and participate in legislative briefing, state house visits and a reception with legislators.<br />
  7. 7. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />A timeline for a participant:<br />February & March : Evaluate experiences in IRLA program<br />thus far and work with classmates on class project via e-mail in<br />preparation for April meeting.<br />April : Attend a training seminar that will give you tips on public<br />speaking and how to be an effective spokesperson. This seminar will help you learn to communicate, listen and craft a message that gets others to “buy in.” Study the Code of Ethics, professional standards and other important legal issues as well as understand emerging technology trends and technology trends in real estate.<br />August : Begin thinking about your case study and put the final<br />touches on your class project.<br />September : Work through your final case study with your<br />classmates and present your class project at the IRLA breakfast.<br />Upon completion of these tasks you will graduate from the program.<br />
  8. 8. Indiana REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />offers opportunities to<br /> challenge yourself <br /> Learn TEAMwork,<br /> develop and e x p a n d relationships<br />Experience POSITIVE action,<br /> apply vision and FORESIGHT<br /> IRLA PREPARES and ENABLES<br /> leaders to lead.<br />
  9. 9. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />“I was certain that there was nothing I could learn from the Academy. <br /> MAN, WAS I WRONG.  <br />Working with the students in the classes,  with the outstanding instruction from so many wonderful people (Sherry, Jack, Paul, etc.), and with Rudy Koch as my mentor, I very quickly found out what it means to be humbled.   My classmates tolerated all my shortcomings, and exchanged tons of very valuable insights during late night chats.  I couldn't believe the feeling of teamwork and mutual trust that came of this.   What great human beings these folks are.” <br /> -Dave HardiekSr, Class of 2009<br />
  10. 10. INDIANA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Leadership Academy<br />Find out what it takes to be anIRLA Grad!3 ways to find more information: Ask your Association Executive Contact Alyson WelkerIAR’s Special Meetings & Events | 317.913.3237 Visit<br />