Talkin' 'Bout My Generation


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Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

  1. 1. Talkin’  ‘Bout  …  My  Genera4on   Stacy DeBroff! October 19, 2011!
  2. 2. BO Free-­‐spirited,  experimental,  yet  also  loyal.     19O 46  M Vietnam,  Watergate,  Women’s  Rights,   -­‐  E Transistor  Radios   19 64  R “Me  Genera$on”  S    GE Latch-­‐key  kids,  self-­‐reliant  –  not  into  labels.  N     19-­‐ Resist  paren4ng/family  models  of  mother’s   65   -­‐  X genera4on.  End  of  the  Cold  War,  AIDS,  Atari,   19E Space  ShuWle  Challenger,  War  on  Drugs   76  RS    “Defiant”    GE Op4mis4c,  entrepreneurial,  confident.   19N      -­‐ Digital  na4ves  –  live  online,  communicate  via   77   -­‐  Y   email/text  not  phone.    Terrorism,  Gulf  War,   19E Y2K,  9/11,  Facebook   92  R S   “En$tled”  
  3. 3. Stepping  Out  of  Lockstep  
  4. 4.  M    In  April  2011,  we  surveyed  900+  Moms:   ¥  W   H   ¥   Gen  Xers   E  E   ¥   Gen  Yers   N     ¥   Boomer  Moms  T   &     W  H   ¥   All  with  kids  under  11  years  old   ¥ Survey  took  45  minutes  to  complete   H   O  O      D   ¥   Moms  answered  90+  in-­‐depth  ques4ons  about  their  O     abtudes  toward:        L   ¥   Paren$ng  &  being  a  Mom   A   B  O   ¥  Use  of  social  media  &  technology     O   U   T  G        How  they  want  to  engage  with  brands  Y   ¥   
  5. 5.   Impact  On  Mom’s  Purchasing  Decisions             In-­‐person  Mom  Friends       Spouse/Partner       Product  Ra4ngs/Recommenda4ons   Recommendation Personal   My  Online  Mom  Friends         Culture! Retail  Stores           Mom  Blogs           Child  Experts  (In-­‐Person)       Online  Paren4ng  Sites         My  Mother       Books         Cost-­‐Saving  Emails       Online Online   Online  Brand/Company  Website     Connectivity! Direct  Mail       Child  Experts  (Online)         Email  NewsleWers         Print  Magazine  Ar4cle/Ad/Review   TV  Adver4sing   ! Online  Magazine  Ar4cle/Ad/Review  ! TwiWer   Tradi$onal   Newspaper  Reviews  Online   Targeted  Ads  on  My  Social  Network   Newspaper  Reviews   ! Celebrity  Moms   Radio  Ads       ! !
  6. 6. G   A  E   G  N   E  E   S    R  A   1! 2 &   S  T   T  I   A  O   G  N   E  S   S  
  7. 7. Meet! Meet  Generation Mom! Meet  
  8. 8. Core  Paren4ng  Values  Converge   “would rather stay at home1! instead of forging ahead on their career path”!! “would forgo a bigger paycheck to spend more time with their kids”!2 ! “say contentment in kids trumps future success”!3 ! “put parenting ahead of their marriages”!4
  9. 9. What  Makes  a  Great  Mom?   “Spending quality time1! with my kids.”! “Raising children with2 good manners.”! “Setting boundaries and3 keeping them.”!
  10. 10. “I  Feel  So  Guilty…   …about being short-1! tempered with my family”! …because I don’t play2 with my children enough”! …for not spending enough3 time with my kids”!
  11. 11. Secondarily:  A  Crisis  of  Isola4on   Crisis  of  Isola4on     Only  19%  of  Moms  raise  their   children  in  the  community  in   which  they  were  raised.     Less  than  50%  live  near  family   members.     Over  80%  don’t  feel  they  get   enough  support  from  co-­‐workers.     And  when  it  comes  to  friendships…  
  12. 12.  W   BA   OV   O ME   E  S   R     S  O  F   G E   N    L   -­‐   X  O   E  N   R   S  E  L   G I   E N    N    -­‐  E   Y   E  S   R  S   S  
  13. 13. Age  of  Social  Media  Connec4vity  
  14. 14. Genera4on  Mom’s  Embrace    of  Social  Media  Connec4vity    9  out  of  10  Moms  cite  Facebook   as  their  “go-­‐to”  des4na4on    3  out  of  5  Moms  engage  with   each  other  on  TwiWer   3  out  of  5  Moms  Blog  
  15. 15. Communi4es  of  Commonality  
  16. 16. Recommenda4on-­‐Driven  Culture  
  17. 17. Online  Recommenda4on  Trust   96%! trust  products  more  aqer     they’ve  done  their  own  research     90% ! 82% !trust  products   read  product  more  aqer   reviews  online  hearing  about   before  buying  a  them  from   brand  they  friends   haven’t  tried  yet          
  18. 18.   Untethering  of  Brand  Loyalty  66%  agree:   You can spend less and get theBrands  aren’t   same qualityimportant  to  me   from a generic. Only  50%  consider   Looking for savings, Moms remain open tothemselves  brand   trying new productsloyalists.   and brands.
  19. 19.  The  Swing  Vote   Moms now mirror independent voters ... and will cross the aisle in search of new brands. If  Friends  Love  a  Brand   &  Recommend  It   Moms  will  switch  brands  …   To  Save  Money  ü  78% of Moms say that they would gladly switch brands if offered a coupon ü 68% pay attention to brands offering free samples ü 65% poll their Mom friends when trying a new product
  20. 20. Win  Me  a Brand.  Moms Admire .  .  .   Be Over  .  .   and  over,  and  over   Honesty! ! Affordability! Transparency! Social Consciousness! Fun, style, ! friendliness!
  21. 21. Social  Media  as  Key  to    Be a Brandenera4on  Mom   Reaching  G Moms Admire
  22. 22. Living  in  aBrand Moms Admire Be a  Recommenda4on  Culture  
  23. 23. G G E B E O N     N      -­‐ O -­‐ M Y   X E E   E R   R   R  Generation Mom!
  24. 24. Stacy  DeBroff   CEO  and  Founder   @momcentral     For  Consumer  Insights:   Tracey  Hope-­‐Ross       @thopeross   77  Chapel  Street  |  Newton,  MA  02458  |  617  244  3002  |  |  Facebook:  Mom  Central  |  TwiWer:MomCentral