No More Mad Men: Moms, Social Media and the End of Top-Down Messaging


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No More Mad Men: Moms, Social Media and the End of Top-Down Messaging

  1. 1. No More Mad Men Moms, Social Media & the End of Top-Down Marketing Stacy DeBroff | October 23, 2012 @momcentral I  grow  people…   what’s  your   superpower?  
  2. 2. 1.  pay bills2.  buy groceries3.  pick up kids4. start a revolution
  3. 3. The Era of Top-Down Messaging
  4. 4. Facebook = Moms’ new picket fence Twitter = the new customer service hotline Blogs = replace advertising messages
  5. 5. A New Era of Social Media Marketing
  6. 6. Resistance to Changing Status Quo
  7. 7. Historic Moments of Disruption 1920s 1960s-1970s 1970sRight to Political Right to Workplace Right to Education Equality Equality Equality
  8. 8. 1920 Women’s Suffrage Movement “…if  we  allow  women  to  vote  it  will  mean  the  loss  of  social  structure  and   the  rise  of  every  liberal  cause  under  the  sun.  Women  are  well   represented  by  their  fathers,  brothers,  and  husbands.”   -­‐  Winston  Churchill
  9. 9. 65th  Congress,  1917–1919   112th  Congress,  2012  Women  Representa?ves  and  Senators:   Women  Representa?ves  and  Senators:   House  =  1     House  =  76   Senate  =  0   Senate  =  17
  10. 10. 1960/70s Women’s Movement “Feminism  encourages  women  to  leave  their  husbands,  kill   their  children,  prac?ce  witchcra@,  destroy  capitalism  …”   –  Pat  Robertson
  11. 11.
  12. 12. 1970s Title IX 1800s:  Sports  damage  womens  delicate  internal  organs.   1950s:  Women  lack  the  endurance  to  sprint  full  court.   1990s:  Sports  make  women  unfeminine  or  unaEracFve.  2002:  In  order  to  comply  with  the  law,  schools  are  eliminaFng  men’s  sports,  thus   discriminaFng  against  boys  and  men…   And  “women  don’t  really  want  to  play  sports  as  much  as  men  do   anyway.”
  13. 13. “Girls  playing  sports  is  not  about  winning  gold  medals.  It’s  about  self-­‐esteem,   learning  to  compete  and  learning  how  hard  you  have  to  work  in  order  to   achieve  your  goals.”   —  Jackie  Joyner-­‐Kersee
  14. 14. Today’s Social Media Movement
  15. 15. Right to: Marketplace Equality
  16. 16. Trust = the New Marketing Catalyst •  Make purchasing decisions Social media enables Moms to seek for their children out opinions they trust, instead of •  Feel about brand loyalty relying on brand messaging & acts as •  Interact with brands catalyst that changes how Moms:
  17. 17. Moms  don’t trust brands…
  18. 18. Pampers  Parents expressed P&G launched concern overmarketed as the diaper rash most trusted Dry Max through socialname in diapers technology media creating a in U.S. Facebook page
  19. 19. “ Pampers Swaddler and Cruisers with Dry max have been causing Chemical burns, Infections, and SEVERE diaper rash. Procter …was  just  at  Wal-­‐Mart   and Gamble have been denying this claim and and  (saw)  a  guy  had   they have no scientific proof of this! This is ____ ” Pampers  Dry  Max  in  his   wrong! Please P&G do what’s right & recall! cart…I  stopped  him  and   explained  to  him  what   has  been  happening   with  this  diaper…   I  find  this  completely   unacceptable!  something   needs  to  be  done  our   voices  aren’t  being  heard   loud  enough!   How  is  this  diaper  not   recalled  yet??  Have   not  enough  babies   Is  it  just  me  or  do  any   suffered  yet?  P&G  I   of  you  feel  like  this   think  you  are   issue  is  being  swept   complete  Morons!   under  the  carpet?  
  20. 20. “Intensive safety assessments, chemical testing and consumer testing, before, during and after the launch shows that Pampers Dry Max is safe.” – Company Statement, Proctor Gamble Consumer Reports
  21. 21. Brands Listening Responding Free shipping and returns Personalized offerings easy free shipping Trust in labels food sourcing
  22. 22. xxx Collective Power of Mom Influencers
  23. 23. 1 Mad  Men-­‐Era  Ad Impression 1 Social  Media  Expression
  24. 24. U.S. Momentum Goes Global Changing lives across the globe
  25. 25. Expanding Voices Gen-Z Moms Istanbul, Turkey
  26. 26. Worldwide Social Media Revolutionizing Communications in Turkey
  27. 27. Stacy DeBroff CEO,  Founder  Mom  Central  ConsulFng   @momcentral