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How Online Influencers Drive Sales

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How Online Influencers Drive Sales

  1. 1. !!!How Online Influencers !Drive Sales !
  2. 2. From searching for reviews online to asking friends forpersonal feedback, consumers look to peers for advicebefore making everyday purchases. In a culture whererecommendations are shared through more and morechannels everyday, we wanted to understand which onesmattered most, especially to Mom. !! In March 2013, Mom Central Consulting surveyed over900 Moms to understand the power of peer influence.  !!Heres what we learned:
  3. 3. v"81%of Moms read5+ blogs perweek !91% 65% 52% 25% 23%Moms use social media daily!Moms embrace social media connectivity!v"v"v"
  4. 4. When online, Moms engage with brands andbloggers for different reasons!
  5. 5. Moms visit blogs to…!84%read authentic contentabout topics thatinterest them !73%discover great newproducts !71%research products theyare consideringpurchasing !68%find coupons andpromotions !
  6. 6. When interacting with a !brand online…!93%91%""of Momsenter bloggiveaways!of Momsredeem blogcoupon codes!65%of Momscomment onblog posts!
  7. 7. “the blogger’slifestyle andinterests match !my own”!“the blogger haschildren around thesame age as mine”!“the blogger isaround the sameage as me”!94%62%42%Moms are more likely to read blogs if…!
  8. 8. It is not written in anauthentic voice!It is purely product!focused with no story !told around the experience!1. 63%62%!2.Moms are likely to stop reading a blog !post if…!Authenticity matters
  9. 9. of Moms research onlineprior to making purchases !99%!
  10. 10. 94% !of MomsTRUSTproducts more for theirfamilies after they’vedone their own research!! !When doing product! !research online, Moms! !are most likely to clickon retail websites (e-commerce reviews) andblogger reviews for !more information!
  11. 11. Blogs influence Moms most whenpurchasing:!f " Y"B"73%Household !Products!Food/!Beverage!Home!Décor !65% 60%of MomsTRUST blogs as asource of product information!91%!
  12. 12. 83%of Moms find the productrecommendation of ablogger more authentic thantraditional media messaging!76%of Moms have sought outinformation on blogs abouta product they first learnedabout through !traditional media!Moms rely on blogs for reliable information!
  13. 13. Bloggers influence Moms purchasing habits!of Moms havepurchased a productafter hearing about !it from blogger!92%
  14. 14. ! ! ! ! !of MomsTRUST social mediarecommendations for product information prior to purchase!76%!
  15. 15. v"of Moms are more likely to PURCHASE aproduct if the product is recommended bythose they follow on social networking sites!69%Social media recommendations drivepurchase!
  16. 16. E-commerce reviewsinfluence Moms mostwhen purchasing:!TechnologyItems !Large-TicketItems!63% 57%of Moms are more likely to purchase aproduct if it receives a high star ratingon ecommerce reviews!67%!
  17. 17. Online Influencers Drive Sales !In todays social world, Moms rely on the trusted voicesof peer online influencers to inform their purchasingbehavior.  Authentic feedback, written by those they canrelate to personally, shapes Moms opinions along thepath to purchase.  Creating relationships with theseenthusiastic advocates – and the resulting onlineconversations they drive – can establish a sustainableand loyal relationship between brands and theirconsumers.!!
  18. 18. Stacy DeBroff!CEO!617.244.3002!!!!Connect With Us!!!

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