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Test to see how to upload Notebook files.

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Welcome to smart notebook

  1. 1. Welcome to SMART Notebook TM Welcome to SMART Notebook 10.7 SMART Notebook Quick-Start Guide Review features and functions and get started quickly   To access this tutorial later, go to:
  2. 2. Welcome to SMART Notebook SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard This file introduces you to some of the features of SMART Notebook 10.7 software. Several features require an 800 series SMART Board interactive whiteboard. These features are marked with this icon. 800 If youre using SMART Notebook software with a different SMART hardware product, visit smarttech.com/us/Resources/Training for additional resources related to your product.
  3. 3. Welcome to SMART Notebook Pages See and sort your Pages Use the Page Sorter tab to jump to a page by selecting its thumbnail, or reorganize your pages by dragging them into a different order. Add a Page Press the Add New Page button.
  4. 4. Welcome to SMART Notebook Write and draw Pick up a pen and write Press the Pen Tray button to change the pen colour. The on-screen keyboard 800 Press the Keyboard button to launch the on-screen keyboard. Right click 800 To make your next touch a right click, just press the Right click button on the pen tray.
  5. 5. Welcome to SMART Notebook Write and draw Icon toolbar The toolbar icons let you draw as well as create shapes, lines and text. Press the Selection icon to switch back to Select mode.
  6. 6. Welcome to SMART Notebook Write and draw Calligraphic pen This pen automatically smooths your writing or drawing. Connect your SMART hardware to use it. Use your handwriting Select the drop-down menu from the written object. Press Recognize to transform your handwriting into text.
  7. 7. Welcome to SMART Notebook Objects Move, resize and rotate Press the leaf and drag it to move it around the page. Resize and rotate To rotate, use the green handle. To resize, use the white handle.
  8. 8. Welcome to SMART Notebook Objects Object drop-down menu Press a star and open the drop-down menu. From here, you can group and lock objects. You can also add sound or attach a link to an object. Properties You can change an objects properties using the objects drop-down menu or the Properties tab.      
  9. 9. Welcome to SMART Notebook Gallery content Find content in the Gallery Find images, videos, sound files, interactive activities, backgrounds and SMART Notebook pages in the gallery. Just drag and drop to add to your page. Add interactivity with the Lesson Activity Toolkit The Gallery tab also contains templates to help you create your own activities. Engage your students with interaction.
  10. 10. Welcome to SMART Notebook Using touch recognition Press the video file to view the gesture. Work more naturally 800 Use your finger, pen and palm or fist to switch naturally from writing to erasing. Use the pen to write, your finger to drag, and your palm to erase.
  11. 11. Welcome to SMART Notebook Working together 800 Press the video file to view the gesture. Collaborate more Students can work together on the interactive whiteboard by writing, moving objects and interacting at the same time.
  12. 12. Welcome to SMART Notebook Using object awareness 800 Press the video file to view the gesture. Work flexibly Want to use your finger to draw? Press a toolbar icon with your finger. Love the pen? Press the pen to the toolbar icon to draw with it instead.
  13. 13. Welcome to SMART Notebook Practice using object awareness 800 Press a toolbar icon with your finger and another icon with your pen and see what you can do.   To switch back to Select mode, press the Selection icon with your finger and put down the pen.
  14. 14. Welcome to SMART Notebook Pages and gestures 800 Gesture tip To zoom, pan and swipe Press your fingers to an empty Press the video file to view the gesture. area of the page. Zoom and pan Use two fingers to zoom or pan anywhere on the page.
  15. 15. Welcome to SMART Notebook Pages and gestures 800 Press the video file to view the gesture. Swipe to navigate Swipe one finger across the interactive whiteboard to move between pages. Swipe here to go to the next page
  16. 16. Welcome to SMART Notebook Object gestures 800 Press the video files to view the gestures. Gestures Use gestures to rotate and resize. Gesture tip To rotate and resize Press two fingers on the leaf to Begin with two fingers on the object. rotate or resize it.
  17. 17. Welcome to SMART Notebook Object gestures Press the video file to view the gesture. Flick Use gestures to flick objects. Flick the object quickly with one finger to send it flying across the page.
  18. 18. Welcome to SMART Notebook Tips and tricks Press the video file to view the gesture. More gestures 800 Press one finger to the interactive whiteboard and tap the interactive whiteboard with another finger to right click. To erase a large area, draw a circle around it using any eraser, then tap in the center of the circle. Gesture tip To circle tap Use the eraser or your palm to draw the circle and to tap in the centre.
  19. 19. Welcome to SMART Notebook Lockable pen option 800 Press the video file to view the gesture. If you want to use your SMART Board interactive whiteboard with a sock, Koosh ball, tennis ball or pointer, turn on theLockable pen option. Press and hold a pen color button until it flashes. This locks the interactive whiteboard so any tool, not just your finger or pen, can be used with the board. Press another pen color button to turn off the Lockable pen option and go back to using your pen, finger and palm.
  20. 20. Welcome to SMART Notebook Download lessons Download teacher-created lessons from the SMART Exchange Search by subject and grade. See what other teachers are trying and loving. Download and modify lessons to suit your teaching style. exchange.smarttech.com
  21. 21. Welcome to SMART Notebook Discover EDCompass Discover the new EDCompass blog Its the perfect place for educators to find posts on the latest education news, resources and inspiring ideas for using SMART products in the classroom. Subscribe to the blog today!
  22. 22. Welcome to SMART Notebook Now try it yourself Start exploring and creating For additional help, tutorials or information on training sessions, use the Help menu or go to smarttech.com/us/Resources/Training