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Advanced Mineral                                   L I QU I D      Makeup                                     F OU N DAT I...
Stacey Adair • 832-725-4252 • •                    Purigenex Non-Invasive Face...
TIKKUN SKIN C AREPRODUCT LINE                 Divinely Inspired, Scientifically1. ACNE CARE                 Formulated, Org...
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Product lines

  1. 1. DERMATOLOGY • PLASTIC SURGERY • AESTHETICS • MED SPA • SPAS • SALONS QUA L I T Y P RO D U C T S F O R T H E AE S TH E TIC S I ND US TRY Stacey Adair • 832-725-4252 • • Purigenex TikkunAdvanced Mineral Makeup Non-Invasive Face Lift Cosmecutical Skin CareNon-comedogenic and oil-free makeup Breakthrough, Non-Invasive Collagen Divinely Inspired, Scientificallythat allows the skin to breathe. Anti- System, medically engineered with the Formulated, Organically Infused.Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial world’s most highly purified Created by a physician to provide theproperties of the makeup are helpful atelocollagen - a truly non- most effective skin care therapyfor sensitive acne and rosacea-prone immunogenic, bio-compatible element available today for visible 100% pigment that does not in the most active animal-source form. Years of research have led to thecontain perfume or FD&C Dyes, Refrigerated, Negatively Ionized development of Tikkun’s anti-agingoffering a minimum allergy risk. Collagen replenishes and restores benefits. All of its formulas areContains no fillers, binders, and is dermal tissue weakened by aging and scientifically prepared according to theparaben-free. Boosts natural function of sun damage. Softens wrinkles, lifts highest standards and using the purestthe skin by stimulating cell growth to sagging loose skin, plumps and tones ingredients available. Tikkun productsrejuvenate tired skin. Weightless and skin, relieves acne scars and smooths utilize the maximum strengthfast coverage lasts all day and will not out texture to a more youthful and vital ingredients for successful skin caresettle in fine lines and wrinkles. 100% state. Purigenex collagen must be kept results while infusing green tea, papaya,Vegan. Only the finest high quality refrigerated, distinguishing it from many kaolin clay, mint, and more of nature’singredients are used. It’s your other collagen preparations as bio- soothing elements into our formulas toskin....only better. active collagen denatures and is hydrate, heal, and renew the skin. considered an inactive, incomplete Products include back bar and retailProduct Line: Liquid Mineral molecule at room temperature. products.Foundation, Loose Mineral PowderFoundation, Perfecting Concealer, Loose Uses: 8 Week Program to restore Product Line: Acne Care, Glycolics,Mineral Natural Hair Brush, Liquid youthful vitality, Adjunct Therapy for Anti-Aging, Cleansers, Moisturizers, EyeMineral Synthetic Brush peels, lasers, micro-derm, etc. Treatments, Face Masks, and SunscreenADVANCED MINERAL MAKEUP PURIGENEX NON-INVASIVE TIKKUN FACE LIFT COSMECEUTICAL SKIN CARE
  2. 2. Advanced Mineral L I QU I D Makeup F OU N DAT ION✤ Advanced Mineral Makeup is an allnatural makeup that is naturally flawless, TRANSFER-PROOF, FADE RESISTANTgiving you a fresh and beautiful look that MAKEUP THAT LASTS ALL DAYlasts all day. WITHOUT TOUCH-UPS. BOOSTS NATURAL FUNCTION OF THE SKIN✤ Different than conventional cosmetics. It BY STIMULATING CELL GROWTHis 100% Vegan, paraben-free, talc-free, and TO REJUVENATE TIRED SKIN. EASYcruelty free and contains no dyes, SPREADABILITY AND APPLICATION.perfumes, or binders such as mineral oil. ANTI-MICROBIAL, ANTI-✤ Available in seven shades. Takes the INFLAMMATORY . FAST,guesswork out of color matching by WEIGHTLESS COVERAGE.offering natural hues that mesh with yourskin tone and feel weightless on your skin.It’s your skin...only better. L O O S E P OW D E R“THE GREATEST PRIORITY FOR F O UN DAT IONALL MY CLIENTS IS TO PUTTHEIR ‘BEST FACE FORWARD.’ TOACHIEVE THAT GOAL, MY OFFICE SPF 30 UVA/UVB BROADPROUDLY RECOMMENDS AND SPECTRUM SUN PROTECTION.SUPPLIES ADVANCED MINERAL FUNCTIONS AS A POWDER,MAKEUP FOR BOTH OPERATIVE CONCEALER, SPF ANDAND NON-OPERATIVE CLIENTS. FOUNDATION ALL IN ONE.ADVANCED MINERAL MAKEUP IS ANTIOXIDANTS VITAMIN A AND EA COMBINATION SKIN FIGHT FREE RADICAL DAMAGE.TREATMENT AND MAKEUP OF ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. VERY‘COSMECEUTICAL’ QUALITY.” WATER-RESISTANT.~STEPHEN MCNEESE, M.D., F.A.C.S.Benefits of AdvancedMineral Makeup PERFECTING✤ Non-comedogenic and oil-free, so itallows your skin to breathe. Anti- CONCEALERinflammatory and helpful on sensitive, acneand rosacea-prone skin.✤ 100% pigment offers complete coverage FULL COVERAGE, 100% PIGMENT REFLECTS LIGHT AND HIDES DARKwithout looking heavy or caky. CIRCLES, FATIGUE, AND✤ No perfumes or FD&C dyes, maintaining PUFFINESS. WILL NOT CLOGa minimal allergy risk. PORES OR SETTLE INTO FINE LINES AND WRINKLES. CONTAINS✤ Fast, weightless coverage that lasts all GRAPESEED OIL, VITAMIN E ANDday. Will not settle into fine lines and SHEA BUTTER TO MOISTURIZEwrinkles and will not support bacterial SKIN AND FIGHT FREE RADICALS.growth.
  3. 3. Stacey Adair • 832-725-4252 • • Purigenex Non-Invasive Face Lift Bio-Active Collagen System Pure The only bio-available collagen of its kind in transdermal preparations. R E S U LT S Active True collagen from safe porcine sources, never heated or denatured. Non-immunogenic Exclusive telopeptide-free formation ensures rare to no immune reaction. Bio-compatible Highly soluble succinylated and negatively ionized collagen provides superior transdermal penetration and integration with human cells. B EF ORE Natural Preservative-free formulations includes no harsh chemicals or synthetics. Healing Ideal anti-aging treatment to help prevent and repair aging, sun damage, discolorations, and acne scarring. Enhancing Supports and builds connective tissue integrity and elasticity ~ skin will appear smoother, plumper, more supple, and AFTER 4 WEEK S more youthful. B EF ORE AFTER 1 MASK (30 MINUTES)
  4. 4. TIKKUN SKIN C AREPRODUCT LINE Divinely Inspired, Scientifically1. ACNE CARE Formulated, Organically Infused.2. GLYCOLICS Created with the consciousness of the Texas, all of its formulas are scientifically3. ANTIOXIDANTS & VITAMINS ancient word “tikkun” – to “repair or prepared according to the highest reconstruct” – Tikkun is a professional standards and using the purest4. CLEANSERS line of anti-aging skin care formulated ingredients and herbally infused with5. EYE TREATMENT with a dual purpose. Healing the skin, green tea, papaya, kaolin clay, mint, and which is exposed every day to the sun’s more of nature’s soothing elements to6. FACIAL MASKS damaging effects and other hydrate, heal, and renew the skin. The environmental factors, is the primary complete Tikkun line is now available to7. MOISTURIZERS goal of Tikkun. It was created by a select physicians and professional salons 8. NUTRIENTS physician to provide the most effective and spas. Product line includes both skin care therapy available today for back bar and retail items. 9. SUNSCREEN visible improvement.Years of research Portion of proceeds support The 10. BACK BAR have led to the development of Tikkun’s Melanoma Research Foundation. valuable anti-aging benefits. Made in