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January Safety Council


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Bed Bugs Education, Protection & Treatment

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January Safety Council

  1. 1. Courtney Myers, MPH, RS District Programs Coordinator Stark County Health Department BED BUGS: EDUCATION, PROTECTION AND TREATMENT
  2. 2.  Infestation Impact  Bed Biology  Prevention, Control & Treatment  Working With Pest Control
  4. 4. Lai, O., Ho, D., Glick, S., & Jagdeo, J. (2016). Bed bugs and possible transmission of human pathogens: a systematic review. Archives of Dermatological Research, 308(8), 531-538. doi:10.1007/s00403-016-1661-8 THE EFFECTS OF BED BUGS GO BEYOND TRADITIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH
  6. 6. Feed on Blood Prefers humans, but will feed on other mammals. Primarily Nocturnal Can Not Fly or Jump Great Hitchhikers Not Associated with Un-cleanliness, Associated with People! BED BUG BASICS
  7. 7. LIFE CYCLE
  8. 8. Bed Bugs do NOT Transmit Disease. Rash Allergic Reaction Seen in 50% of people Secondary Infection may Develop. BUG BUGS AND DISEASE
  10. 10.  Limit the belongings you take with you throughout the day  Do not wear shoes throughout your home  Do not bring purses, computer bags, backpacks, etc. into areas where you sleep PREVENTION
  11. 11. PREVENTION: OFFICES AND SCHOOLS  Not a breeding location.  May be an area of transfer.  Desks, cubicles and waiting rooms and lunch rooms are high risk zones.
  12. 12. PREVENTION: OFFICES AND SCHOOLS Education and staff training is key. Develop Policy and Protocol. Work with infested employee to prevent transfer to workplace. Broadband pest control not typically warranted.
  13. 13.  Don’t sit on upholstered furniture.  Limit belongings in home.  Keep supplies in plastic totes in car.  Wipe equipment down with Steri-Fab or rubbing alcohol.  Wear disposable booties or spray shoes. PREVENTION: HOME VISITS
  14. 14. PREVENTION: TRAVEL S.L.E.E.P. S- Survey the room for infestation. L- Lift and Look around bed & furniture. E- Elevate luggage. E- Examine luggage while unpacking & at home. P- Place belongings in hot washing machine or dryer at home.
  15. 15. TREATMENT
  16. 16. TREATMENT OPTIONS Identification is Key! Keep insect intact Kill with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Have a Pest Control Operator to ID the insect.
  17. 17. TREATMENT OPTIONS Temperature at or above 120 degrees F Launder clothing in hot water or place in dryer. Wipe down commons areas with rubbing alcohol or Steri-fab. Vacuum area – discard contents ASAP. Use a Monitoring Tool.
  18. 18. TREATMENT OPTIONS: CHEMICAL  Crack and Crevice Treatment  Repeat visits are necessary.  Must make direct contact.  Low residual effect  Developing resistance
  19. 19. Diatomaceous Earth Powder Heat Treatment Steam Cleaning Trailer Heating Whole House Heating TREATMENT OPTIONS: PHYSICAL
  20. 20. TREATMENT OPTIONS: MONITORING Bed Bug Dogs  Highly Trained  Used in large scale buildings  Can locate viable and live eggs and bugs  As good as their training and handler
  22. 22. WORKING WITH PEST CONTROL Develop a plan before you have a problem. If your business is at risk for bed bugs use monitoring tools. Talk about appropriate treatment options and contract terms.
  23. 23. BARRIERS TO TREATMENT Pesticide Resistance Cost of Treatment Home Preparation Landlord Tenant Law Lack of Agency Authority
  24. 24. Pesticide Misuse LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS
  25. 25. woman-burns-down-home-trying-to-kill-bedbugs/ LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS
  26. 26.  US EPA  What Schools Need to Know by Michigan Bed Bug Working Group chools_293498_7.pdf  Central Ohio BB Task Force RESOURCES
  27. 27. Contact Information Courtney Myers, MPH, RS Stark County Health Dept. 330-451-1472 THANK YOU!