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Cyclone power point

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Cyclone power point

  1. 1. Cyclones How Do Cyclones Occur ?
  2. 2. Stage One The start of a cyclone is when air heated by the sun rises very swiftly which creates areas of very low air pressure. As the warm air rises it becomes loaded with moisture which condenses into huge thunder clouds.
  3. 3. Stage Two Cool air rushes in to fill the void that is left, but because of the consent turning of the earth axis the air is bent inwards then spirals upwards with great force.
  4. 4. Stage 3 The swirling wind rotate faster and fast er, forming a huge circle which can be up to 2,000 km across.
  5. 5. Stage 4 At the centre of the storm is a calm, cloudless area called the eye where there no rain and the winds are fairly light.
  6. 6. Stage 5 As the cyclone build up it begins to move. It is sustained by a steady flow of moist air.
  7. 7. Stage 6 The strongest winds and heaviest rains are found towering around clouds which merge into a wall about 20-30 km from the storm’s centre.
  8. 8. Stage 7 Winds around the eye can reach speeds of up to 200km/h and a fully developed cyclone pumps about 2 million tonnes of air per second. This results in more rain being released in a day falls in a year in a city like London.
  9. 9. Looks Like Feels Like Sound Like - After the cyclone houses have been destroyed and it looks like the cyclone has been throwing them around as if they were ball - Tree have lost there lives because the cyclones has torn them, out of the ground. - clouds come together to make a eye because the warm has been captured inside -Cold because the icy cold wind is freezing me -Hard to walk because the wind is pushing you back -Unsafe because everything around is coming apart around you. - Scared because you’re not sure what going to happen next or if your house is going to blow down next.
  10. 10. The love the sky had for the sea Once upon a time in the small country of Aotearoa in the small town of opotiki there live Nitama who was the earth god, Uenuku the sky god and the love of there life Rereahu the sea god .One day while Nitama watch Rereahu brush her chocolate colour hair he said “I can’t bear to keep my love the Rereahu a secret I shall tell her today”! Uenuku watch the Rereahu prance around like a kangaroo and a said “I can’t keep my love for the Rereahu a secret I must tell her today”! Rereahu lay down to rest after her fun day. Soon Nitama and Uenuku came to her taking no noticed of each other each other and together “Rereahu I’m in LOVE with YOU!! Rereahu stared in shock she was speechless but said “I don’t know who to choose “she said still in shock. They were still confused “what do you mean” they said then they realise and turn to each other and then Uenuku shouted “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” I came to tell Rereahu my passion for her Nitama replied calmly though you see him shivering with fright. Uenuku shouted yet again “WHY DO YOU BOTHER? SHE WILL CHOOSE ME OVER A COWARD LIKE YOU. I AM MUCH BET- but was interrupted by Rereahu her voice gone from quiet to fierce “HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT UENUKU? NITAMA HAS DONE NOTHING TO YOU”?!SHE SHOUTED. All went quiet then again Rereahu was the one to speak “I thought you were more than that I thought you were kind and care but I guess I was wrong and you know what you are a tāruturutu a jerk” she finish in quiet voice “I may be a jerk but I am not a tautauā like him” he snarled “you know what you are not only a t āruturutu you are also a tautauā that’s why I have chosen Nitama now leave before I hurt you” she replied Uenuku left hurt and in shock. He watch Rereahu and Nitama playing and having fun together he watch them till it was dark and before they parted Nitama gave her a kihi and left. Uenuku watch with his anger but it change to him having tears in his eye then suddenly he came up with an idea he would send off a huge haumātakataka in the morning. And so it happen in the morning Rereahu and Nitama woke to the sound of rain, hail, thunder and lightning! They try to reach each other but the wind held then back soon the tired and gave up hope. Uenuku lips spread across his face as he watch Nitama suffers. Nitama and spoke “Why why why are you doing this?” Uenuku replied “because Rereahu chose you over me I should have been chosen not you but I released my anger and she chose you because of that. And now once you are gone she will chose me cause you won’t be around ha-ha” “please stop you are hurting not only me –” but was cut off. “Ohh shut up” Uenuku replied and left. “Please wait and listen to me” Nitama cried After a while he heard the sound of crying and turned to saw Rereahu face covered in red while the rest of her body was under the sea trying to calm the sea down but nothing she would do wouldn’t calm the sea but the sea would only get worst ! In that second he’s heart broke into a million pieces he was hurting the love of his life! Uenuku knew what he had to do slowly he began to stop the storm. Once the storm had stop completely Rereahu rush to Nitama needs thankful he was ok. Uenuku realized what he had to do he had to let Rereahu go! Though it was the hardest thing he had ever done but he had to and from now on if any thing tried to part Rereahu and Nitama he would send down a haumātakataka till they stopped and every time this happen Rereahu would think of Uenuku . By Kiara
  11. 11.                                                                      WALT compare and contrast Task: Compare and contrast two photos. One before you natural disaster occurred and one after. Success Criteria: How will I know when i have been successful?  - I can identify what is the same in the two photos  - I can identify what is different in the two photos  - I can explain why these changes have occurred Similarities     -           Back houses are still standing -           Water tank is still sanding -           Background tree are still standing Differences -           Sea a lot calmer than after the cyclone -           lots of house were destroyed -           a lot greener before the cyclone -           house looked a lot more stable -           a lot of tree’s had been destroyed after the cyclone   How It Happened The cyclone wiped the houses off there feet or made them very unstable there is a house where all that is left is it's roof cause the cyclone took it off balance and it was destroyed. The sea was very wavy before and after it was calm that happen because the sea was sending a warning that something bad was coming. All the grass had gone because the wind was so strong that it pulled it off the ground and the wind carry it away. house have disappeared completely cause the cyclone has destroyed them and swept them away and left rumble behind
  12. 12. Formation The formation of a tropical cyclone is dependent upon a number of favourable environmental conditions which are frequently present in the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. These include a warm ocean surface (above 260C) and several physical parameters contributing to a deeply humid and unstable atmosphere. The formation process begins in an area of low pressure coinciding with vigorous convective cloud in the tropics between about 50 and 220 latitude. Usually the cloud cluster drifts slowly towards the west as the convection increases and winds begin spiralling in towards the system centre. Prematurity As the tropical low becomes further organised and the surface winds reach gale force it is then declared a tropical cyclone according to international convention. Satellite and radar observations of the system show the distinctive spiral banding pattern. Full Maturity If the ocean and atmosphere environment continues to be favourable the cyclone may continue to intensify as it moves poleward. The cloud system becomes more circular in shape and develops a distinct eye. This is the severe cyclone stage where the cyclone is at its most dangerous. Approximately half of the cyclones that form progress to full maturity.   Decay Tropical cyclones normally decay when they move into a less favourable environment, either over land or the cooler waters in higher latitudes. The rate of decay varies with the circumstances. A tropical cyclone moving into mid-latitude westerlies may be quickly sheared apart by strong upper winds, or it may react with a frontal system and persists for several more days. Similarly, a cyclone moving over land normally dissipates rapidly due to loss of its energy source, namely the warm ocean surface. However in northern Australia cyclones moving inland are frequently observed to persist as rain depressions for a number of days bringing widespread flood rains, and may even redevelop if they move over the ocean once more. Think Write! Process of a Cyclone Key: Pink = Title and Sub Title Blue= What It Is Purple= What Happens
  13. 13. The Air Force is on standby after Cyclone Pat tore through parts of the Cook Islands yesterday. A state of disaster has been declared on the island of Aitutaki, where the category-three cyclone passed through early in the day, damaging houses, felling trees and knocking out power and communications. Despite the storm's ferocity, there have been no reports of casualties or serious injuries. A spokesman for the New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAid) said the islands had good emergency warning systems and people had time to head for shelters before the cyclone struck. The New Zealand manager for Cook Islands Tourism, Chris Ingram , said about 60 per cent of the houses on Aitutaki had been damaged. The island's resort hotels fared better as they were built to withstand the cyclone season, although guests appeared shaken, Mr Ingram said. "The fact it hit in the early hours of the morning when it was dark would certainly have intensified the experience. Guests and locals were moved to safety centres on the island and this no doubt contributed to the fact there were no casualties or injuries." .Article continues below Power remained off late yesterday, but some communications had been restored and the airport on Aitutaki had reopened. Weather Watch head analyst Philip Duncan said the cyclone was dying down as it travelled, but would still cause huge waves when it reached Rarotonga, where a state of emergency was declared. In Wellington, a spokesman for Foreign Minister Murray McCully said the NZ Government was waiting for conditions to clear so a plane could fly over the area to assess the situation. "We are currently on stand-by and waiting for requests for assistance." - NZPA Next Article: Aitutaki Cyclone Disaster Think Write! Key: Green= participants Blue= what hit Aitutaki Yellow= where it happened
  14. 14. Thanks For Watching My Slide Show
  15. 15. Slide Show By Kiara Pictures From Google Images
  16. 16. Bye The End

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