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  1. 1. • 1.800.436.3627 3102 West Alton Ave Santa Ana, CA 92704 Event Lighting
  2. 2. • 29 Years in Business • Over 1000 successful customers nationwide • Dazzling Array of Products & Services • Professional In-House Creative Team • Printing Capabilities • Full Service Installation, Removal & Storage • Known for delivering Magic! at a glance
  3. 3. Event Lighting
  4. 4. • Light Spheres LED Light Spheres available in 6”, 7.5” and 10 “ : • Warm White • Cool White • Red • Orange • Yellow • Green • Blue • Purple • Pink
  5. 5. • Snowfall Lighting Perfect for unique applications our Snowfall Tubes are available in a variety of options and sizes best suited for your project! Double View available in 23” and 34” Double Sided available in 39”, 20”, 19”, 14” & 7” Single Sided Mini Snowfall in 6” also available
  6. 6. • Meteor Lights Meteor Lights dazzle the eye as lights fall from top to bottom. Use them alone or daisy chain them together as needed! They show great hanging from trees and providing movement as well as overhead! (Available in 2’, 3’ and 4’ lengths.
  7. 7. • RGB Lighting Options Full color animation preprogrammed shows will fascinate and mesmerize viewers! Unlimited design options make our RGB String Lights an attractive solution for year-round decorative or event lighting. • Long-Lasting Polycarbonate Plastic Bulbs • Pre-programmed plug-and-play controllers • 2 Year Warranty • Weather Resistant • Full RGB Animation 25‘ RGB Round Lighting • 12” spacing • 25 bulbs • 25 RGB chips • 10 watts • 40mm bulbs (1.6”) • 12 volt, • .4 watts per bulb • 12” spacing • 50 RGB chips per 25’ strand • 50,000-100,000 hrs • IP56 bulb/IP67 connector • Black wire • Transformer & pre-programmed mini controller included ShowLites 25’ - 25 bulbs, 10 watts, 1.5 amp transformer 50’ - 50 bulbs, 20 watts, 1.5 amp transformer 75’ - 75 bulbs, 30 watts, 5 amp transformer 100’ -100 bulbs, 40 watts, 5 amp transformer
  8. 8. • Protostars & Starbursts Starbursts A unique cool white star with a twinkle that collapses flat for shipping and storage. Available in 18”, 24” and 26” diameters Protostars A versatile 24-volt star that comes in 21”, 34” and 80” diameters and has additional electrical extensions and tee connectors to daisy chain the stars together. Protostars feature warm white lights with a cool white twinkle.
  9. 9. • Light Curtains & Beaded Light Curtains Light curtains (left) create a spectacular look at any event in windows, hung from ceilings or against a wall as a backdrop! Available in steady burn or shimmer versions with white and stacking plugs. For un upgraded look – check out our Beaded Light Curtains below! Beaded light curtains with close-up of
  10. 10. • Image Projection System Our Image Projection System illuminates large surfaces and brings them to life. Stainless Steel gobo designs and custom glass slides will your event or property a unique style with their 30’ x 30’ average projection! The unit comes with a self-supporting pole and base or an alternate light pole mount. All items ship and store safely in a sturdy wooden crate. IPS with color gels Includes: • 28” diameter base, 50 lbs. • 6’ Support Pole • Rotator Unit, Rain Shield, Attachment Clamp • 1 -575 Watt, 120 volt bulb, 185 lbs. • 3’ Lead Cord • Storage Crate
  11. 11. • LED Color Washers Fully controlled color morphing wall washer can operate independently, in tandem with other wall washers, or DMX controlled. Each unit has a water tight control panel on the back for independent operation. Unit returns to setting after shut down and subsequent start up. • 8.5” x 6” x 13.5” • 11 lbs. • Input voltage: 100v-256v AC, UL and IP65 rated, 55 amp • Black Aluminum Alloy Housing • 24v Operating Voltage • 18 Tri-Color LEDs • 60’ Projection
  12. 12. • Star-Lites Star-Lites create a stunning star field on your landscape combining holographic, laser and lighting technology. The magical effect mimics fireflies or stars for a truly spectacular display! Star-Lites are plug and play and cover up to a 25’ x 25’ area and are water resistant. • Laser Classification: Class 3r • Max Beamlet Power: Less than 5 mw • Colors: Green or Blue • Lifespan of Laser: 7,000 hours • Power Consumption: 3 watts • Projection Size: 25’ x 25’ • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  13. 13. • Low Voltage LED Up Lighting
  14. 14. • Angel Lights Angel Lights are adaptable for lighting trees, floral, centerpieces, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor with an IP44 water resistant rating. They are easy to shape and ready for your unique application. There are many different configurations with our options in length, bulb count and color – call today for your specific needs!
  15. 15. • LED Mini Lights
  16. 16. • LED C7 and C9 Lighting Our LED C7 and C9 lights are much brighter and bolder with the most consistent color spectrum in the industry! Create a nostalgic look with C7 and C9 lighting, commonly use for perimeter lighting, trees and rooftop displays! All bulbs are fully dimmable for animation. With a built in rectifier, unwanted flickering is eliminated and the truest color possible is delivered. Energy-efficient, long-lasting and virtually maintenance free. These bulbs make it easier than every to add event or building lighting! Available in LED: C7 Smooth Bulbs, C7 & C9 Opaque Bulbs, C7 & C9 Faceted Bulbs, G50, G40, G30, and G20.
  17. 17. • Low Voltage Clip Lighting
  18. 18. • Festival Lighting Light walkways and overheads with bright and cheerful festival lighting that will add to any property or event! Available in both incandescent and energy saving LED styles. • Medium Base LED Bulbs • LED Bulbs consume 90% less electricity than incandescent • Plastic lens covers are virtually indestructible • Bulb life estimated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours
  19. 19. Value • Talented Team of Designers • Complimentary Artwork • Fulfillment Capabilities • Highest Grade Products • In-House Printing & Graphics Dept. • Purchase & Lease Options • Professional Installers • Year Round Banner Programs
  20. 20. Partner With Us TOP 7REASONS TO Jaw-Dropping Designs attracts more customers, photo opportunities social media buzz Customized Décor we tailor everything to your needs We enhance your unique brand Industry Experience 29 years of success, will work for you The Latest, Newest, Freshest Ideas we attend ALL major global holiday decoration shows & forums Full Range of Financing Options purchase, lease, rental for those that qualify cost-effective solutions
  21. 21. • 1.800.436.3627 3102 West Alton Ave Santa Ana, CA 92704 Thank You!