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Sb Marketing3ppt

  1. 1. quot;We can't compete on price. We also can't compete on quality, features or service. That leaves fraud, which I'd like you to call marketing.quot; Dilbert’s Boss
  2. 2. Loreto Bay Marketing 2008
  3. 3. Overview ‣ What is Marketing? ‣ Our Brand ‣ Who are Our Customers? ‣ Where We’re Headed ‣ How We Get There
  4. 4. What is Marketing?
  5. 5. Marketing is the process of communicating and building relationships that turn prospects into raving fans
  6. 6. What is good marketing?
  7. 7. A Team Concept ‣ Sales and marketing should work as one Team, period. ‣ Marketing and sales are interrelated. One cannot function without the other.
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy Brand Strategy
  10. 10. Marketing Strategy Brand Strategy Sales Strategy
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy Brand Strategy Sales Strategy ng eti Dire ct M M ark b ail We PR Prospects
  12. 12. Marketing Strategy Brand Strategy Sales Strategy ng eti Dire ct M M ark b ail We PR Prospects Sales Process
  13. 13. Marketing Strategy Brand Strategy Sales Strategy ng eti Dire ct M M ark b ail We PR Prospects Sales Process Happy Customer Profitable Sale
  14. 14. Our Brand
  15. 15. Your brand is what instantly comes to mind when people hear or see your name.
  16. 16. and, its a singular idea.
  17. 17. And, it’s not just the logo...
  18. 18. everything is part of the brand.
  19. 19. How we answer the phone
  20. 20. Amenities How we answer the phone
  21. 21. Amenities Response Time How we answer the phone
  22. 22. Amenities Response Time How we answer the phone Email Messages
  23. 23. Colors Amenities Response Time How we answer the phone Email Messages
  24. 24. Colors Amenities Response Time How we answer the phone Email Messages Our People
  25. 25. Colors Advertising Amenities Response Time How we answer the phone Email Messages Our People
  26. 26. Colors Architecture Advertising Amenities Response Time How we answer the phone Email Messages Our People
  27. 27. It must be woven into our Culture
  28. 28. Loreto’s singular idea ‣ What is it today? Who is Loreto Bay? ‣ What’s Missing? ‣ How do we get there? ‣ What is a storyline? ‣ What’s an envisioning? ‣ what do we stand for?
  29. 29. What Does Our Brand Promise?
  30. 30. Integrity: Keeping the Brand Promise ‣ Ensure that your brand tells the truth when it makes a promise ‣ And when a promise is made, make sure it is kept
  31. 31. perception 80% of CEO’s believe of believe their brand provides a superior customer experience (Bain & Company)
  32. 32. perception 80% of CEO’s believe of believe their brand provides a superior customer experience 8% of their customers agree (Bain & Company)
  33. 33. But I’m just a sales person That is not my department…
  34. 34. YES IT IS… Our brand communicates every time it touches a customer. As a Sales Person you need to manage this communication. This makes you responsible for each “moment of truth”
  35. 35. Consider Each Moment of Truth as a Brand Expression Source: DAVIS S., LONGORIA T., “Harmonising Your Touchpoints”, Brand Packaging, Jan/Feb 2003
  36. 36. So, what’s our Story?
  37. 37. EXPERIENCES - EMOTIONS - STORIES In a million channel world, brands whose consumers tell the best stories, win
  38. 38. Loreto Bay: The Storyline ‣ In addition to the implementation of new visual tools, the storyline will be created as a blueprint for all marketing and public relations messaging ‣ Establish Loreto Bay as a great place to experience life: for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or to live full-time
  39. 39. Story Cornerstones ‣ A still charming, still relatively unspoiled part of the Baja and one of the few remaining bastions of the idyllic and vivacious Mexican culture most US and Canadian visitors would say they have been searching for ‣ The Sea of Cortez. Cousteau’s aquarium. Steinbeck’s pearl. A World Heritage site. ‣ A spectacular site – the mountains do kiss the sea – but, again, what does that mean for the buyer? ‣ The concept of Experience Concierge as part of the club we’re planning. But at a really consequential level
  40. 40. Brand Evolution ‣ Loreto Bay will be marketed to a much broader demographic as an exciting destination ‣ The flavor of the new mark expected to be fresher and more casual ‣ Will marry easily to photographs, typography and backgrounds ‣ Open, airy, light, much like the landscape
  41. 41. Brand Evolution Brand Loreto Bay as a Hot Destination for all ages and interests based on: • Sports and Adventure • Safe/Social Community • Convenience and Access • Sustainability • Previously undiscovered - New Mexico
  42. 42. Who Are Our Customers?
  43. 43. Current Buyers: Demographic + Geographic ‣affluent baby boomers ‣young professionals ‣ages 30 to 59 ‣married couples ‣well-educated ‣HHI more than $200,000
  44. 44. Current Buyers: Demographic + Geographic ‣ 44% of buyers are from California ‣ 20% from Canada ‣ 12% from the United States Northwest ‣ 24% are from 26 other States, France, UK, Saudi Arabia and the US Virgin Islands
  45. 45. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ Authenticity Seekers ‣ Youth Wealth ‣ Leaving a Legacy ‣ The New Prime Time ‣ Slowing Down the Speed of Life ‣ The Importance of the Female Buyer ‣ The Real Value of Real Estate
  46. 46. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ Authenticity Seekers – “Authenticity is the new luxury.” Authentic architecture. Authentic places. Authentic experiences. Authentic people. Authentic relationships. And authentic stories.
  47. 47. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ Youth Wealth – Surprisingly 70-percent of the wealth in the United States has been created in the past 12 years. We are in an Entrepreneurial Age, when someone, regardless of age and, indeed, independent of traditional business acumen, can accumulate RAPID wealth, often in technology-related fields.
  48. 48. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ Leaving a Legacy – Many Baby Boomers have “sold their souls, and now they want to buy them back.” These buyers could be drawn to Loreto Bay’s commitment to honor the sea
  49. 49. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ The New Prime Time – Boomers are also redefining the very word “retirement”. They see retirement as being an active phase of life – physically, intellectually and even professionally, with many of them embarking on second careers (often in search of a second, preferred, more creative career than their first one).
  50. 50. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ Slowing Down the Speed of Life – In terms of real estate sales “…the new urgency is the uncertainty and brevity of life. Baby Boomers in particular want to squeeze as much (meaningfulness) as possible into their lives.” They accept that their bodies will age, but mentally they do not want to grow old.
  51. 51. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ The Importance of the Female Buyer – With real estate uncertainty to depend across America, we’re clearly into a new era, with new buyers, new buying patterns, and a major paradigm shift is needed. Most marketers know that 70- percent of real estate purchases are finalized by women.
  52. 52. What Will Drive Recreational Real Estate? ‣ The Real Value of Real Estate – End of skyrocketing prices of real-estate fueled by the speculative buyer and by the availability of sub- prime mortgages. – developers who over-promised and under- delivered have also caused buyers to now become more cautious – Buyers now ask more and expect more of the developer-builder they choose to buy from. This is a crucial part of the new Loreto story.
  53. 53. Loreto Bay is Multi-Generational ‣ 25 to 35 year-old Buyers: – It is romance, margaritas, a great tan and has just about any sport you can think of to get in shape and have fun.
  54. 54. Loreto Bay is Multi-Generational ‣ 35 to 55 year-old Buyers: – It is a sports and adventure vacation destination for couples who enjoy their neighbors and love to have a great time. – It’s also a getaway for a long weekend to repair stress, play some golf, meet new friends. – And it’s safe. The kids can drink the water, experience another culture, play in the ocean and see whales.
  55. 55. Loreto Bay is Multi-Generational ‣ 55+ year old Buyers: – Not a retirement village but rather a healthy family environment where both your children and grandchildren love to come. – And it’s sustainable.
  56. 56. Where We’re Headed
  57. 57. Strategic Overview ‣ Leverage new brand position, expanded market data, fully developed project storyline and marketing infrastructure to launch a comprehensive, fully-integrated marketing effort intended to accomplish the following: – Establish Loreto Bay as an emerging “must see” destination – Create buzz in the market place surrounding both home sales and tourism – Generate leads and traffic required to achieve sales and revenue goals
  58. 58. Going Forward ‣ Introduce non-traditional methods with refined and re-focused traditional tools ‣ Leverage tourism efforts for real estate ‣ Re-Brand Loreto Bay with new look to establish it as a major destination
  59. 59. How We Get There
  60. 60. The next 30 Days ‣ 3 more prospect blasts ‣ troon blast to 250k ‣ completion of sales centers ‣ completion of new collateral materials to support on site sales ‣ new “look and feel” and Logo ‣ new 2008 PR campaign launched ‣ Highly targeted PR campaign with seattle firm for major canadian provinces ‣ Social networking campaign is lauched ‣ continued homeowners communication
  61. 61. The next 60 days ‣ new storyline completed ‣ website reskinned and launched ‣ new inn site completed ‣ initiation of on site signage program ‣ new sales strategy fully underway ‣ new airport creative ‣ national geographic traveler ‣ continued on line lead generation efforts ‣ PR Program to Major provinces
  62. 62. The next 90 days ‣ Membership program launched ‣ Launch strategy for beach club finalized ‣ Outreach programs in place – Vancouver marketing – Replay “friends and Family” well underway – Resort to resort – Coming out event ‣ print placements – in flights – verticals
  63. 63. more to come ‣ True Integration with hospitality ‣ Home owner referral programs ‣ Events ‣ resales well underway ‣ Grand Openings – beach club – golf course
  64. 64. Lead Generation 2008 Web Inquiry public relations Direct Mail Friend/Owner Referral Print social Networking Resort Guest - eco travelers Banner Ads Realtor Walk In
  65. 65. Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Traditional Non-Traditional Print Advertising Social Media Marketing Radio/TV/Outdoor Blogging Public Relations Social Networking Direct Mail Social Media Events Newsletters Communication and Referral
  66. 66. Advertising ‣ A combination of base and vertical placements will be used to support overall marketing efforts and Social Media campaign ‣ In-flight magazines have performed and support tourism ‣ Local advertising in support of off-site events ‣ Message designed to drive web traffic ‣ Print will help establish Loreto as “must see” ‣ Leverage PR and editorial wherever possible
  67. 67. Public Relations ‣ Establish Replay as a respected source player in resort development ‣ Focus on amenity development and business development in baja ‣ Utilize a combination of high level international approach combined with additional emphasis in feeder markets ‣ Continue integrating tourism and home sales messaging ‣ Further establish Loreto as a destination – the hip, outdoor recreational hub of Baja ‣ Consistently reinforce Loreto Bay storyline in PR opportunities
  68. 68. The Importance of the Internet – 65-percent of resort real estate buyers find their next new homes by referral from friends and family – 65-percent predicate their real estate buying decisions on information they find on the Internet – let’s give them something irresistible to talk about in our on-line marketing efforts – We must better understand how to make a first- time guest visitor to our resort or to our website feel welcomed, feel “a part of us” at the moment of first contact
  69. 69. Website ‣ Become an interactive community ‣ Unique experience in real estate and tourism sites Create a personal feeling for the user ‣ Meet people from LB who is sharing the spirit and excitement through conversation ‣ Fresh and clean ‣ Easy to navigate
  70. 70. Web 2.0 Marketing
  71. 71. A Myriad of New Web 2.0 Tools to Get Our Message Out Fast!
  72. 72. Preferred Method of the Desperate
  73. 73. Preferred Method of the Desperate
  74. 74. Knowledge Marketing We Don’t Sell. We Teach.
  75. 75. Don’t “advertise” Join the conversation
  76. 76. Social Media Marketing: Joining the Online Conversation ‣ Social Network Sites – Facebook – LinkedIn – MySpace – Many more... ‣ Blogs ‣ Picture/Video Sharing
  77. 77. Social Media Marketing: Joining the Online Conversation ‣ Word of mouth can be encouraged and facilitated. ‣ It can’t be faked! ‣ 56% of consumers say they trust their friends and family to influence them on companies and brands ‣ 63% of consumers share content they receive at least once a week ‣ 75% of people forward shared content to up to six people
  78. 78. Social Network Marketing: ‣ Websites where people can gather to discuss common interests, share media, explore ideas, complain, praise, etc. ‣ There is a place for every conceivable interest
  79. 79. It’s About Relationships (wasn’t it always?)
  80. 80. It’s Just Not Child’s Play Anymore
  81. 81. Impact of Social Media Sites Total Web Traffic in Millions July 2007 Source: ComScore
  82. 82. It’s Not Going Away... ‣ Facebook – 67 million users – Average 250,000 new users per day since Jan. 2007 – The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older ‣ LinkedIn – Over 18 million users – More Business Oriented – Average HHI - $130,000 – Average Work Experience - 15 years
  83. 83. You can Participate ‣ Personal Profile on LinkedIn & Facebook ‣ Administer and Feed Loreto-centric social media sites ‣ Take part in discussions online to help people with questions about Mexico or Baja real estate or the destination ‣ Start building relationships with people online
  84. 84. DANGER, DANGER
  85. 85. There is a Right Way... ‣ We can provide you with training getting your profiles set-up correctly ‣ Get too aggressive and you can get dumped from these sites without warning! ‣ They don’t want people becoming spammers and just putting up aggressive sales pitches ‣ Must be done in the spirit of helping others with VALUABLE information
  86. 86. PERSPECTIVE Do good for the world and for your business
  87. 87. Gracias