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Ministry Configurations


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Ministry Configurations

  1. 1. St. Philip Lutheran Church February 24, 2013
  2. 2.  Also ‘Settled Pastor’ For Our Purposes, Full-Time, Residential Confusion About Role (not duties) Of Pastor In Many Churches Today • Relationship To Elected Leadership • Relationship To Staff (in some cases also school staff) • LCMS Has Specific Understanding Of Role of Pastor (not hierarchical or presbyterian or congregational or so-called ‘business’ model)
  3. 3.  Sunday Morning Ministry Mostly Sometimes Called ‘Preaching Station’ Maybe Confirmation Class Sunday PM Usually Very Low Attendance Numbers -- Increasing or Decreasing The Beginning of A New Ministry The End of An Old Ministry
  4. 4.  Worship, Confirmation Classes, Home- bound Ministry One Pastor Responsible For Seeing It Is Done – Not Always Doing It Rotating Worship Leaders Often Typically No Meeting Responsibilities Typically Half-Time Duties, Half-Time Pay
  5. 5.  One Pastor And Two Ministry Sites Intentionally Long-Term Arrangement Pluses: Shared Resources; Respond To Declining Population; Good For Cong’s With Few Day-To-Day Activities Minuses: Resource Battles; Who Gets First Shot At What?; Challenge To Provide Cradle-To-Grave Ministry; Difficult If Congregations Have Different Size
  6. 6.  Congregation Can Share Staff Other Than Pastor (Youth Worker Often) Congregation Can Ask Neighboring Pastor To Take On One Specific Ministry • StP Should Consider Neighboring Pastor For Long-Term Home-Bound Ministry Given Exceptionally Large Number of Home-Bound
  7. 7.  Does Everything Former Pastor Did Can Be Eligible For Call To That Cong Responsible Mostly To Congregation, Somewhat To District Full-Time Duties, Full-Time Pay ‘Pastoral Bridge’ To New Pastor Typical For Congregations With Many Day- to-Day Activities (school) Goal: Consistency in Ministry
  8. 8.  TypicallyRequested By District Additional/Special Training Cannot Be Pastor Of Cong He Serves Specific Goals • Bring Closure To Former Pastor’s Ministry • Coming To Terms With Cong’s History (lumpy rugs) • Discovering A New Identity • Leadership Changes During An Interim (struggle between generations or ministries) • Renewing Denominational Ties • Commitments To New Directions (18-month plan)
  9. 9.  Year 3 of 4-Year Seminary Course Full-Time, Then Return To Seminary Seldom Returns To Vicarage Site Introduction To All Aspects Of Ministry Limits To Ministry • Cannot Perform Marriages • Should Not Perform Baptisms or Consecrate Elements of Holy Communion (Emergency or Exceptional Circumstances) • Caution About Sacraments: ‘Do Not Create Doubt In Conscience of Members’
  10. 10.  Deferred/Delayed Vicarage • Year 4 of 4-year Course • Vicar Stays in Cong Where He Serves • Good For Families – Eliminates Two Moves