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M livingstone

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M livingstone

  1. 1. By Jacob Mckay and mat situlia
  2. 2. DavidBy Jacob Mckay and mat situlia
  3. 3. DavidBy Jacob Mckay and mat situlia
  4. 4. 1813
  5. 5. when washe born? 1813
  6. 6. when washe born? 1813
  7. 7. How was he a missionary?• David was one of the first to try stop slavery and bring christianity to africa.
  8. 8. what were some of his discoveries? • he was the first englishman to look at Victora Falls • dr livingstone was the first european to look at victoria falls Dr livingstone discoverd alot of lakes like lake Chilwa,lake Nyasa and lake Ngamihe also discovered a cure for malaria