Eeunit bulletin nov_-_dec__09


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Eeunit bulletin nov_-_dec__09

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Eeunit bulletin nov_-_dec__09

  1. 1. D E PA RT M E N T O F F O R E S T RY N OV / D E C 0 9 E N V I RO N M E N TA L E D U C A T I O N U N I T BU L L E T I N What’s been going on ? Latanye, Mauby Nursery Construction at  La Pointe   Mon Repos  The long awaited construction of a latanye (Coccothrinox barbadensis) nursery is finally on its way. The nursery consists of two (2) germination bins, a building to house washrooms, store rooms and offices. It is located on lands leased by Superior Brooms Association adjacent to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand who are also members of the Superior Brooms Association. This project aims to benefit members of the Superior Broom Association, Latanye farmers and Latanye broom producers ensuring the availability of quality latanye leaves. In a study done in 2000 by Lyndon John of the For- estry Department it was found that there existed a major threat to the exis- tence of the latanye palm in the wild due to over harvesting. In 2001 the department formulated a conservation strategy for the cultivation of la- tanye to allow for its recuperation and conservation. Through experimenta- tion a sustainable harvest regimen was developed. This project involving the collaboration of the Superior Broom Association, IICA, Social Transformation, Extension Services, Marketing Unit, Propaga- tion and Forestry Department aims to help in the alleviation of poverty . Workers from Millet, Quillese and Dennery ranges have all been assisting in the construction. Donatian Gustave wants to express special thanks to these workers and the range officers and especially to Dr. Curt Delice, Mrs. Hyacinth, Ms. Wilson, Mr. Moses and Mrs. Severin for their timely and creative interventions in making this project a reality. The project is ex- pected to be completed soon. We wish continued success to this project !! Phone: 468-5648/5 E-mail your suggestions/ ideas to: Done by: Nicole La Force
  2. 2. D E PA RT M E N T O F F O R E S T RY N OV / D E C 0 9 E N V I RO N M E N TA L E D U C A T I O N U N I T BU L L E T I N What’s been going on ? National Forest Demarcation and Bio-Physical Resource Inventory Project: Has come to an end !! We the staff of the Forestry Department say farewell to Dr. Robert (Bob) Tennent as he leaves us after a stay of 18 months. We wish him and his family God speed and success in all future endeavors. Dr. Tennant as consultant for the “Finish Consulting Group” was the manager for the National Forest Demarcation and Bio-Physical Resource In- ventory Project, which was funded by his firm in the amount of $2.5 million eastern caribbean dollars. Overall the project was a success as most of the objectives were met, some of which included mapping and reclassi- fication of forest vegetation, herbarium update, wildlife assessments, timber yield estimation and establishment of a software for data entry which is vital for future forest management planning and execution. We thank Dr. Tennent and all other forestry and consulting personnel for their invaluable contribution towards this project. Preservation of Iyanola, the St. Lucia Iguana continues The protection of the St. Lucia iguana is still a top priority of the Forestry Department. A commu- nity meeting was held at the La Resssource Combined school in December targeting communities of Aux Leon, Gadette, Denier Riviere and La Ressource. These areas are all in close proximity to the habitat of the iguana. Many persons attending the meeting had previous encounters with the iguana. They were further educated on ways to mini- mize the threats towards these endemic and unique creatures. Particular emphasis was made on the invasive green iguana which is primarily located in Soufriere. Participants were taught how to differentiate between our endemic and the invasive iguana and to at all cost prevent the transport or migration of these invasives to other parts of the island especially the north east coast. Collaborating with the Forestry’s Department efforts to preserve our iguana is Digicel, who sponsored prizes of a cell phone and free credit which was won by some of the attending participants. Thank you Digicel. Thank you to all the forest officers and other participants who made this meeting a success. Phone: 468-5648/5 E-mail your suggestions/ ideas to: Done by: Nicole La Force.
  3. 3. D E PA RT M E N T O F F O R E S T RY N OV / D E C 0 9 E N V I RO N M E N TA L E D U C A T I O N U N I T BU L L E T I N What’s been going on ? $50,000.00 Grant for the Refurbishment of the Enbas Saut Trail Receiving funding is always wonderful news since money always seems in short supply. The Ministry of Tourism has given $50,000 EC dollars for the refurbishment of the Enbas Saut trail located in Fond St. Jacque Soufriere. This project is spear headed by Mr. Nigel Mitchel Director of St. Lucia HeritageTourism and Mr. Remy the Build- ing Officer. As can be observed in the photos, the ground work has already began. Discussions have been held among all stake holders and the construction of a gazebo, his and hers toilets, reception area and store room is expected to be com- pleted very soon. Contractors and workers from the area have been employed to execute this task. The Enbas Saut Forest Trail is one of our highest revenue generators and this face lift will assist the Forestry De- partment in providing better service to all those visiting this nature trail. To date the project’s execution has not been an easy task as differences of opinion exist between what was envi- sioned and what has currently been done so far. On these grounds, work has been temporarily halted. However don’t despair. Matters are being resolved even at this moment and work will soon resume and hopefully the completed task is something we all can be proud of. I don’t think they can do worse than what presently exist. Thanks again to the Ministry of Tourism for this timely intervention !! May the joy of the Lord be your strength and fill your hearts the whole year through. Phone: 468-5648/5 E-mail your suggestions/ ideas to: Done by: Nicole La Force.