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Mass Powerpoint


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Published in: Spiritual
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Mass Powerpoint

  1. 1. Entering God’s Holy Place• We walk in two straight lines.• We are quiet as soon as we get throughthe doors.• We bless ourselves with holy water.
  2. 2. • We genuflectwhen we go intoour seat.• We sit quietly andkeep our feet still.• We keep our eyeson the altar.
  3. 3. • Father begins Mass with a blessing.• We bless ourselves.
  4. 4. The Readings• We listen to a reading from the old Testament and apsalm. We also listen to a letter from the NewTestament.• The priest then reads the gospels. We listen carefully tolearn what Jesus did and we think about how we can livelike he did.
  5. 5. • The prayers of the faithful are our ownprayers.• We ask God to listen to them by saying“Lord Hear our Prayer”.
  6. 6. The Offertory• The gifts of the bread and wine are takenup to Father.
  7. 7. • The Eucharisticprayer reminds usthat Jesus gave uphis life for us. WhenFather blesses thebread and wine webelieve we arereceiving the bodyand blood of Christ.• This is a very specialpart of the Mass andwe watch and listencarefully to theEucharistic Prayer.
  8. 8. The Our Father• We pray the OurFather, which we allknow.• It was the prayer Jesustaught us to say
  9. 9. Sign Of Peace• We shake hands with those who arebeside us. We say “Peace be with you.”We look at them while we say it.
  10. 10. Communion• Everyone who has madetheir First Communion goesup to receive communion.• When we walk up we keepour eyes looking towardsthe altar.• We think about what weare receiving.• We hold our hands out• Father says Body of Christ.We say Amen
  11. 11. • We walk back to our seats and kneel tosay Thank you to God for what we havereceived. We then sit in silence on theseats.• Children who have not had communionmay receive a blessing. They walk up tofather and return to their seats quietly.• No one speaks at communion time.Receiving the Eucharist is a sacramentaltime and should be spent in personalprayer.
  12. 12. Final Blessing• Father finishes Massand blesses us beforehe tells us to “go inpeace to love and servethe Lord”. Theseimportant words give usa command to followuntil the next time we areat Mass.