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Year 1 Fairytale by Grace O


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Year 1 Fairytale by Grace O

  1. 1. My Fairytale By Grace O
  2. 3. Once upon a time there was two princess that were turned into big fat frogs.
  3. 4. There name’s were Grace and Erin. They looked everywhere but They just could not find any help.
  4. 5. Then they heard some thing in the wood. It was an elf. They were really scared.
  5. 6. Erin said “Can you help us? We were turned into a frog by a witch” The elf said “I will help you. I know where the evil witch lives”.
  6. 7. Grace said “Can you sneak in and get the spell book and her Wand?.
  7. 8. The elf tried to sneak in and get it but the witch was practicing her spells.
  8. 9. The elf went and told Grace and Erin. Grace had an idea.
  9. 10. How about if we go and get the spell book and the wand at 8pm.
  10. 11. They waited until 8pm and climbed up the castle. The witch was asleep.
  11. 12. Very carefully they got the spell book and the wand. The elf looked in very page and he found it at the end of the book.
  12. 13. The magic words were ‘Wiggle Giggle make frogs into princesses’ and the elf waved the wand and said the magic Words.
  13. 14. The frogs turned into princesses and they lived happily ever after.