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Nitty Gritty Workshop for International Association of Workforce Professionals

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Bounce Back Iwap

  1. 1. Blair Forlaw Frank Danzo Frank Alaniz 1What is BounceBack St. Louis? 2 Agenda• Assessing Your Skills• Resume Writing• Networking• Interviewing• Questions 3 1
  2. 2. Career Plan• Explore YOU with skills assessment• Understand Occupation and Opportunities• Identify Transferable Skills• Career Training, Education and Experience g, p• Putting YOU on paper 4 MindMap of Job Search 5 Assessing Your Skills• Read previous performance reviews• Ask for feedback• Document key task, activities and accomplishments f each position li h t for h iti• Think volunteer and day-to-day life, not just professional• Understand what you like versus dislike 6 2
  3. 3. Finding Your Occupational Profile 7 Understanding Your Skills 8 Assess Your Skills1. Highlight HARD skills (can do when you walk in the door)2. Highlight training skills (what they need to be trained in)3. Highlight a different color what you don’t like to do.4. Mark all you LOVE to do. 9 3
  4. 4. Transferable Skills 10 2010 Skills Gap Report• Conducted by UM – St. Louis College of Business Administration• Steve Finkelstein, Sr. Partner at Experience on Demand• Conducted Jan. 2010 with 317 respondents 11 2010 Critical Skills• Active Listening • Teamwork/• Customer- Collaborations Orientation • Written• Critical/ Analytical Communications Thinking • Prioritization &• Oral Focus Communications • Decision Making• Time Management • Leadership 12 4
  5. 5. Resume Writing Property ofFrank Danzo 13 Agenda  Purpose of your resume  Thirty second thumb test  Constructing your resume  El t Electronically sending your resume i ll di 14 14 14 Your Resume Sales Brochure Purpose of a Resume  Support your selling efforts  Communicate two messages 1. What type of job you are looking for 2. Why you are qualified to do this job  Generate Interest in learning more about you  Start a conversation with you 15 5
  6. 6. Thirty Second Thumb Test Fold your contact info towards the back of the resume Skills match employers needs Fold your work then they will review history towards the the rest of your back of the resume resume. What is left is your 30 second preview Why? for employers 16Thirty Second Thumb Test 17Thirty Second Thumb Test 18 6
  7. 7. Thirty Second Thumb Test 19 Transmitting Your Resume• Create Word Document and Save• Save 2nd copy as PDF• Save 3rd copy as RTF• If at all possible send as PDF versus DOC• If required to send as DOC send as RTF 20 On-Line Job Applications• 3 Simple Rules 1. Follow the Directions 2. 2 Have completed Sample Application to assist in the process 3. Follow the Directions 21 7
  8. 8. Agenda  Networking  Interviewing 22 Networking Agenda How are jobs found? Elements of a Successful Job Search Personal Marketing StoryTTarget companies and people t i d l Networking Tools Networking Guidelines Networking Process 23 How are Jobs Found? Ads Less than 2% Internet Less than 8% Recruiters Less than 5% Networking More than 85% 24 8
  9. 9. The biggest mistake that jobseekers make when networking? 25 26 27 9
  10. 10. Networking Touch Points 6 - Send e-mail 1 - Call to set up every four meeting weeks with an update 5 - Send e-mail 2 - Meet with the after meeting person each referral 3 - Send hand 4 - Send written thank summary of you note – meeting by e- personal mail - business 28 28 29Networking Meeting Process 8. Do you know 9. Are there any anyone that works people or companies 1. Arrive early for any of my target that should be on my companies? target list? 2. Introduce yourself 7. Do you know and offer to 10. Is there anything anyone on my target purchase a I can do for you? list? beverage 3. Spend time 6. Ask for their 11. How would you getting the know the advice on your job like me to follow up person search with you? 5. Share your 4. Share and review 12. Thanks for your Personal Marketing your agenda assistance Story and target list 30 10
  11. 11. Interviewing Agenda  Why interviews fail?  Interviewers goals?  Getting Mentally Prepared  Preparation Tools  Interview Tools  Follow Up 31 Did vs DO 32 Interview PreparationPrior to your interview Write answers to toughest interview questions Write answers to toughest behavioral questions Write out ACCOMPLISHMENT STORIES 33 11
  12. 12. When Answering Questions  Name  Number  Title  Give the conclusion you want  Happy ending 34Requirements vsQualifications 35 Interview Preparation Job offers are not always given to the best candidate but the best…. 1. 1 Prepared 2. Performance 3. Follow through Let this be you!!!! 36 12
  13. 13. QUESTIONS? Blair Forlaw Frank Danzo Frank Alaniz 37 13