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St Nicholas Birch Cliff Parish Profile (February 2012)


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St Nicholas, Birch Cliff Anglican Church, Toronto, Canada Parish Profile (Feb 2012)

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St Nicholas Birch Cliff Parish Profile (February 2012)

  1. 1. PARISH PROFILESt. Nicholas, Birch Cliff Diocese of Toronto • Anglican Church of Canada 1512 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1N 1R7 Phone: 416-691-0449 •
  2. 2. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Executive Summary Incumbent’s Profile St. Nicholas Church is a family-oriented Anglican Our new incumbent will be... parish located in the Birch Cliff community of southwest Scarborough. This year we are • a spiritual leader committed to both the celebrating our centennial, and events are spiritual and numerical growth of the parish planned throughout the year for both the parish through the setting and maintaining of a and the wider community. high standard for liturgy, preaching and music. Worship at St. Nicholas follows a fairly traditional pattern with emphasis on sermons that connect • tolerant, flexible and open to positive us to our daily Christian life. There are two change and the exploration of non- services held each Sunday morning, as well as traditional styles of worship. Eucharist on Wednesday, and Morning Prayer • someone who demonstrates concern for every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Our and commitment to pastoral care within average Sunday attendance is 150 parishioners. the parish community, to outreach, and to Music is a very important part of our worship. social justice initiatives and actions within There is a choir of talented singers that lead the the wider community. 10:30 Eucharist. We have a new organist who • an open, friendly, visible, and supportive has been a welcome addition to our church leader and participant in the life of the St. family. Pastoral care is a highly valued ministry in our Nicholas parish family. parish. A dedicated pastoral team offers Faith-deepening activities are offered to every everything from communion to companionship age group at St. Nicholas. Our Sunday School to our parishioners who can not attend services. program runs throughout the year, while bible The increasing age of our congregation study sessions and opportunities for guest suggests that there will be an on-going demand speakers occur regularly. for such ministry. Natural Church Development has been a recent initiative at St. Nicholas. We completed our first survey last year and several steps have been taken to develop the areas in which it indicated that growth was needed. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 1
  3. 3. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Table of Contents • Executive Summary / Incumbent’s Profile ............................................................................................... 1 • Welcome to St. Nicholas, Birch Cliff .............................................................................................................. 3 • A Brief History ............................................................................................................................................................... 4 • The Physical Side ........................................................................................................................................................ 5 • The Staff ........................................................................................................................................................................... 7 • Demographics and Survey Results .............................................................................................................. 8 • Natural Church Development ......................................................................................................................... 10 • Liturgical Life ................................................................................................................................................................. 11 • Musical Life ..................................................................................................................................................................... 12 • Outreach and the Community ....................................................................................................................... 12 • Faith-Deepening Activities ................................................................................................................................. 14 • Communications and Financial Overview ............................................................................................ 15 • Our Strengths .............................................................................................................................................................. 16 • Looking Towards The Future ............................................................................................................................. 17 • 2012 Operating, Capital and Memorial Fund Budget ..................................................................... 18 • Parish Survey .................................................................................................................................................................. 19 S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 2
  4. 4. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Welcome to St. Nicholas! Some of the congregation 2011 Over the past 100 years our parish has grown As one participant in our recent survey This Parish Profile is the culmination of a broad and flourished due to God’s favour, the clergy, responded when asked why he/she continued consultative process between the Parish parishioners and the community who have to come to St. Nicholas, ”It is my home.” Selection Committee and parishioners. It is the been with us on our journey of faith. We are a hope of the committee that it reflects the parish full of life, with a number of families The Church of St. Nicholas is seeking an current state of our parish as well as the attending for several generations, and friends incumbent who will tap into the energy of our aspirations of our community for the future. who have met and bonded through the spiritual parishioners and in full partnership with the fulfillment St. Nicholas offers. people move this parish to its next level of development and growth. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 3
  5. 5. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 A Brief History Summer services were held in a tent while the remodelling of the stable was completed. Like our Lord Jesus, the parish of St. Nicholas However the converted stable on Haig Avenue began its life in a stable. The stable, located just was soon inadequate, and was enlarged at the off Haig Avenue, was donated by George Davis, end of 1914. In January 1916, fire broke out and a resident of the small village of Birch Cliff. The the building was destroyed along with most of meeting to discuss the founding of a new the furnishings. Although the building was church took place on June 12, 1912 and, the gone, the spirit of the people flourished. Bishop of Toronto having granted permission to Property was acquired at the present location The Rev. Charles E. Luce to form a mission on Kingston Road and temporary quarters for church, the first service was held June 25th. Our the church services were provided at Oakridge church was given its name because Rev. Luce’s Public School on Danforth Avenue. In 1953, under the leadership of the Rev. Lewis S. father was the rector of a St. Nicholas Church in Garnsworthy, who was later to become the England. The first service on our present church property Bishop of Toronto, the church building was was the laying of the corner stone on July 22, expanded to its present size. During the 1916. Then on May 29, 1917, expansion, services were held in the Birch Cliff Bishop Sweeney officiated in the Theatre across the street on Kingston Road. dedication of the completed Again the community helped us. Church of St. Nicholas at Birch Cliff. The spirit of the people prevailed St Nicholas continued to prosper through the with help from far and near. The second half of the 20th century. Starting in 1956, oak pulpit was a gift from St. the windows in the main part of the church Nicholas Church in Gloucester, were gradually replaced with the stained glass England. The matching altar was a memorial windows which are such a beautiful gift from St. Paul’s Bloor Street. Our part of the church today. baptismal font was about the only furnishing to survive the fire. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 4
  6. 6. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Of the many people, both clergy and laity, The Physical Side whose work and commitment have benefited St Nicholas over the years, one of the most St. Nicholas, Birch cliff is located in the beloved was Edward “Robbie” Robinson, an southwest area of Scarborough known as integral part of the life of the parish from his year Birch Cliff. Our parish boundaries are from as Priest-in-Charge in 1953-54 until his Victoria Park Avenue to Birchmount Road retirement in 1970 and beyond. In recognition of and from Danforth Ave to Lake Ontario. his years of service and to commemorate his Kingston Road is a main thoroughfare, 90th birthday on January 20, 1978, the large with TTC stops directly in front of the basement hall was officially dedicated as building. The parish owns a large parking “Robinson Hall” in a ceremony officiated by lot on Manderly, close beside the church. former rector and then archbishop, Lewis St. Nicholas Church is a classic cruciform Garnsworthy. building, with exposed wood and a In 1995, following severe water damage to the traditional decor and layout. It seats organ loft, the Rev. Canon Prue Chambers approximately 300 people. In the basement there are 2 halls. Robinson initiated the organ room’s transformation into The main level contains the incumbent’s office, Hall, the larger, with a stage, washrooms, and the Memorial Room. Nine stained glass as well as two more offices - one for additional kitchen, holds about 140 people for a sit-down memorial windows were donated by clergy (currently used by our Assistant Curate) function. The stage is at the front of the hall, parishioners and dedicated by Bishop Michael and one for our parish secretary - both of which and the well-equipped kitchen has a pass Bedford-Jones. More recently, the memorial have been renovated within the past 12 through to both halls. There are washroom donation of the Stations of the Cross has further months. We use current office equipment facilities for men and women. The hall was enhanced worship at St Nicholas. including a colour laser printer, photocopier and repaired and the walls painted approximately Through 100 years of ministry, from the Rev. utilize wireless internet throughout the building. 7 years ago. At the same time new floor tile Charles Luce to our most recent incumbent, the was installed with new light fixtures and The main level also contains the Memorial ceiling tile. Rev. Kevin Robertson, St. Nicholas has been and Room, which seats up to 15 people and is used remains a vibrant and active part of the life of for meetings as well as fellowship time after The church and basement areas are all the Birch Cliff community. some services. The east transept is in the process wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair accessible of being converted into a flexible worship space washroom is directly off Robinson Hall. with a moveable altar and chairs. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 5
  7. 7. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 We have recently replaced the gas boiler furnace, and had the entire heating system revamped. There has been air conditioning added to the main body of the church in the past 5 years, and there are air conditioning units in the incumbent’s and parish offices located on the main floor. Two flat roofs have been replaced in the last year. We have recently finished waterproofing the outside foundation walls on the south and west side of the church. As a result of the excavation, we have also landscaped the pathways and gardens surrounding the building. In the basement, some repairs to walls are still required from water damage sustained before the foundation was waterproofed. Robinson Hall The church owns a rectory at 1 Woodland Park Road, less than a 10-minute walk from the The small hall is used for Church School, and On the lower level, there are also change rooms church. This family home is situated in the contains an altar as well as “kid-sized” furniture for the choir, servers and sacristans, a pastoral neighbourhood known as The Hunt Club and and accessories. This hall was repaired and counselling area and the office for the Director was built in the 1950s. We are the original repainted and the hardwood floors sanded and of Music. purchasers of the two-storey, four-bedroom varnished at the same time as Robinson Hall. house, which is in a very good state of repair. The two halls in the basement are used on a Off the small hall is an office where a used book There is a four-piece bath on the second floor as regular basis during the week, as well as on room is established as well as a separate area for well as a two-piece powder room on the main Sunday. servers to store their robes and to change floor. A modern kitchen and finished basement, before services. along with a good-sized backyard, make this a Preliminary planning is underway to renovate very attractive home. the kitchen within the coming year. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 6
  8. 8. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 To learn more about this wonderful community, Assistant Curate: The Rev. Dr. Alison Falby has please visit the links listed below: been half-time Assistant Curate since May, 2011. Holding a B.A. in History and Map of Church/Rectory, and surrounding area Philosophy from McGill and a D.Phil from Bluffs Monitor Newspaper Oxford, Alison taught history at the University of Nipissing and then at Trent University Beaches Neighbourhood information before enrolling in Theology at Trinity College, Toronto. Alison will be ordained Pastoral Staff priest at St. Nicholas on March 24, 2012. Interim Priest-in-charge: The Venerable Dr. Pastoral Associate / Outreach Co-ordinator: Michael Pollesel, before coming to St. Deb Chapman first joined the pastoral team Rectory Nicholas as interim, was General Secretary of as a theological student from Trinity College, the General Synod of the Anglican Church of and has remained with us for the last 5 years The church and rectory are close to the popular in her role as pastoral associate and Canada from 2006 to 2011. Michael was Beaches area of Toronto and Kingston Road counsellor. In addition, Deb runs Vacation elected bishop of the Diocese of Uruguay at Village. This area features over 3 km of beautiful Bible Camp and heads up and organizes our the synod in Montevideo in February 2012. beaches along with a large number of outreach activities. independent shops, boutiques and restaurants. Honorary Assistant: The Rev. Joan Waters- We are close to bus routes, and less than a Garner is a retired priest of the Diocese of Other Staff 10-minute bus ride from the subway station. The Toronto, having enjoyed earlier careers in the Church Secretary: Janet Baron recently public library is within walking distance and a fields of Teaching and Church Music. Joan celebrated the 24th anniversary of her recreation centre with pool and skating arena is has been an honorary assistant since employment as parish secretary. In addition within a 5-minute drive. There are English and December 1995 and from 2006 until to her work in the office, Janet is also a French Immersion elementary and secondary September 2011 was also our music director. leading member of the St. Nicholas choir. schools within a 10-minute drive of the rectory. Downtown Toronto is 20 minutes away by car Honorary Assistant: The Rev. Canon Ian Director of Music: Carmine Lappano with its large selection of live theatre, restaurants, Noseworthy took early retirement from completed his Bachelor of Music in Music cinemas, museums and all other amenities. St. Jude’s, Wexford in 2009 and shortly Education at the University of Toronto in afterwards became honorary assistant. 2000. He became music director at St. Currently, Ian is Interim Priest-in-charge at Nicholas in September 2011. St. Theodore of Canterbury. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 7
  9. 9. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Demographics • 87% usually attend the 10:30 service on The Birch Cliff area in which St. Nicholas is Sunday. 65% of the respondents attend situated has in recent years become more A recent survey conducted among parishioners church weekly, and 19% attend more than ethnically diverse. Originally an area inhabited garnered 113 responses and has supplied one service per week. by people of British or Canadian Anglo-Saxon information which, combined with data from background, the percentage of people claiming the incumbent’s reports and the Diocese, • 70% of the respondents live outside of the such a background dropped from 65% in the provide a fairly clear picture of St. Nicholas as a formal parish boundaries. However, 60% of 1981 census to 31% in the 2001 census, a trend church community. the parish lives within a 15-minute drive of that has certainly continued over the past 10 the church. years. However, this trend has, by and large, not Highlights of the results include the following: • 55% have been members of St. Nicholas for been reflected in the St. Nicholas congregation. 11 years or longer. The fact that such a significant percentage of 12-14 20-34 the population do not live within the parish 75+ (1%) (7%) In looking at the reasons why people first came boundaries is, perhaps, a reflection of this reality. (21%) 35-49 to St. Nicholas, those most often cited were: (10%) Within the St. Nicholas census tract area, 13% • music, listed “Anglican” as their religion in 2001. • clergy, • a welcoming community, and While the age demographic of the parish is • referral by family and friends. predominantly over 50, the community’s largest age group is 30-55. When asked the reasons for continuing to attend St. Nicholas, those identified as More detailed census data is available from the significant factors were: City of Toronto website. (# 120-123 at http:// • spiritual growth, 65-74 50-64 and_index.htm). (27%) (35%) • music, • clergy, and The weekly attendance at St. Nicholas has • a welcoming community . increased slightly over the past six years, with an Age Distribution overall average weekly attendance exceeding 200 and an average Sunday attendance of approximately 150. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 8
  10. 10. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 10+ 0 7-9 (5%) (5%) (7%) Just to name some of the regular groups: • Servers • Greeters • Sunday School • Lay Reader, anointer, and visitor • Outreach Committee • Sides People 4-6 Women’s Breakfast in Robinson Hall (24%) • Prayer Chain 1-3 • Parish Council There are also many social events during the (59%) year that allow our parish to come together in • Social Committee fellowship. Our Valentines Dance, and our How many groups/committees • Coffee Hour Patronal Christmas Dinner and Dance are do you participate In • Funeral receptions attended by over 100 people. We have a • Bazaar Committee monthly Card Party. The parish also runs bus • Choir trips to the Stratford Festival, Shaw Festival, There are many opportunities for parishioners to • St. Nick’s Knights Softball among other Ontario theaters. We also hold a get involved with the church. We have Family Snow Tubing Day every winter, and a Golf • Parish Breakfast numerous groups and committees that are Tournament and BBQ at the end of June. active throughout the year. In our recent parish • Lenten Lunch survey, 94% of the parish indicated they were • Altar Guild involved in at least one group or committee at • Bible Study the church. • Worship Committee In addition to these groups, parishioners are involved in volunteering at the various events, and community clean-up days throughout the year. St. Nick’s Knights Softball Team S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 9
  11. 11. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 NCD Highest and Lowest Five Results (out of 100) 90 90 85 86 87 87 Natural Church Development 80 30 parishioners were asked to participate in the 67.5 67.5 NCD survey, designed to show how strong a parish is, taking into account a number of characteristics such as passionate spirituality, inspiring worship, empowering leadership, 45 45 loving relationships, and needs-oriented developing the implementation evangelism. The key word in each case is the adjective – how it measures the strength of our connection to God and how well that 22.5 29 relationship informs how we live our faith. 22.5 23 25 27 19 The first parishioner survey was completed last winter and several steps have been taken to 0 0 develop the areas where it indicated growth L o w e s t F i v e H i g h e s t F i v e was needed. For example, all parish meetings Lowest Five Highest Five and committees now include, at the beginning of their meetings, a short bible reading or 19 I pray for my friends, colleagues and 80 I know what value my work has in reflection. St. Nicholas is committed to relatives who do not yet know Jesus the overall work of our church continuing with NCD and will administer the Christ, that they will come to faith I experience the benefits of 85 second parishioner survey later this year. The bible is a powerful guide for me working on a team in our church 23 in the decisions of everyday life I clearly understand what is Complete NDC results are available on request. 86 25 I enjoy reading the Bible expected from me when fulfilling on my own my task in our church 27 I often tell other Christians when I 87 I enjoy the tasks I do have experienced something from in our church God Our leaders regularly praise and 87 29 I try to deepen my relationship with acknowledge volunteers people who do not yet know Jesus Christ S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 10
  12. 12. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Liturgical Life Easter services include the Easter Vigil at 8:00 p.m. Saturday evening followed by a Worship at St. Nicholas follows a fairly traditional Resurrection Party as well as the traditional pattern. The Eucharist is celebrated twice each Easter Sunday services at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Sunday, said at 8:30 and with choir and organ at 10:30, and on Wednesday mornings at 10:00. Special services are held for the Feast of the Ascension and Pentecost. A Blessing of Animals The 8:30 Sunday and Wednesday morning (St Francis of Assisi) takes place in October on services use the BAS, page 230 while Sunday at the church lawn. 10:30 uses the page 185 version. On the third Sunday of each month at 10:30, a combination Altar and choir pews Regular monthly services are performed at Morning Prayer and Eucharist is held using the Retirement Suites by the Lake and Chester There are three services Christmas Eve; an Book of Common Prayer. In addition, the Rite of Village long-term care facility. Lay outreach / informal Eucharist at 4:00, a family Eucharist with Healing is offered on the second Sunday of each pastoral visiting is provided to parishioners at children’s pageant at 7:00 and a traditional month. Morning Prayer is held every Tuesday the Houses of Providence and Midland Gardens candlelight Eucharist with choir at 11:00 as well and Thursday morning at 8:45. nursing homes and residences. as a 10:30 a.m. Eucharist Christmas morning. The celebrant typically wears a stole and During Lent, there are weekly Stations of the chasuble, and at the 10:30 service there is a Cross followed by a reflection, and an Gospel procession and a Sanctus gong is struck interdenominational noontime service during the Sanctus and at the consecration. The organized by and held at St. Nicholas every singing of the psalm is led by a cantor with the Wednesday. In Holy Week, services are held choir and congregation singing the refrain. every evening, Monday through Thursday and In addition to the regular Sunday and weekday include sung Tenebrae and the Maundy services, there are numerous other services held Thursday stripping of the altar. Friday morning at St. Nicholas during the church year. At the Stations of the Cross are followed by the Christmas, parishioners have enjoyed a 7:00 p.m. Good Friday service. service of Lessons and Carols with candles the Sunday before Christmas. Blessing of Animals S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 11
  13. 13. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 While not all changes in the liturgy or patterns of Outreach and the Community worship have met with immediate approval, in general the congregation has accepted the There are areas and people within the local changes. Some people still prefer the BCP and/ community who have significant needs and or would like Morning Prayer more frequently, problems. Within our own parish community, others do not like the BCP Morning Prayer/ we can identify issues relating to aging and Eucharist hybrid, while still others prefer page loneliness. Furthermore, the hardships faced by 230 of the BAS to page 185. For the most part single parent families, the under-housed, the however, such differences of opinion have not unemployed and the marginalized are very real posed a major issue or source of conflict. Initially, for many living within our local area. To address some people had reservations regarding the some of these problems, for many years St. introduction of the Sanctus gong. Nicholas has been actively involved in local outreach projects. More recently, not everyone liked the decision Advent Service to have the psalm sung by a cantor while the Under our former incumbent the Rev. Kevin choir and congregation sing only the refrain. In The wonderful 3-manual, 60-stop classic organ, Robertson, we began the discernment process these situations, parishioners have gradually which accompanies most anthems and all required to raise a deacon at St. Nicholas. An become accustomed to and accepted the hymns, creates an atmosphere of praise which initial meeting was held to discuss both the role changes. All such decisions are first discussed at deepens the worship experience of the of a deacon and the process needed to raise the parish Worship Committee, then introduced congregation. The organist also begins the one from our church. We believe that a deacon on an interim basis, with reaction from the service with a prelude, as well as concluding at St. Nicholas would help us to make a greater congregation being monitored before a with a postlude. contribution to the life of the local community permanent change is made. and to wider outreach activities. The choir also takes part in extra services Musical Life throughout the church year, specifically during We are a founding member of the Churches by Advent and Lent. We are pleased to have the Bluffs Food Bank which we continue to Music is a very important part of our worship at welcomed Carmine Lappano as our new support both monetarily and with the work of St. Nicholas. There is a choir of talented singers Director of Music and organist. Carmine has several parishioners who volunteer their time on that lead the 10:30 Eucharist. The choir also been with us since the beginning of September. a weekly basis. The Bluffs food bank began its performs traditional choral anthems at each Since his arrival the congregation has enjoyed operations in 2003 and since then it has grown service, under the direction of the organist/ not only his wonderful organ playing, but also from serving 24 families, to as many as 300. music director. his fresh approach. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 12
  14. 14. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 In addition, from October until May, two Tuesdays Vacation Bible Camp has become an important out of four a group of 10 to 12 volunteers, led by ministry at St. Nicholas. When it began four years ago, our Pastoral Associate, cook and serve a free 8 children attended and last summer there were 30 lunch as part of the Beach Interfaith Lunch children ranging in age from 4-12. As well, over the Program. years the volunteer base has grown to 12 volunteers. The youth of the church help out as youth leaders The week before Christmas, St. Nicholas in and are able to use this time for community hours at partnership with Wimpy’s Diner across the road their respective schools. Volunteers, all screened to and the Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood work with children, help out in a variety of ways. This Centre sponsors for nearly 700 people the Amazing Christmas Feast 2011 program includes lunch which is prepared by some ‘Amazing Christmas Feast’ at which anyone of the volunteers, while others help with the various needing it can enjoy a free turkey dinner. This year Caring about issues of social justice is evident by our outreach activities. Recently, many in the workshops offered. The camp runs from Monday to the Scarborough Mirror featured a story about Friday, 9am-12:30pm in the third week of August. the event. Wimpy’s serves the dinner which is congregation gave their support to a petition followed by a dessert buffet at St. Nicholas, visits opposing the shutting down of the Birchmount The camp is based on a direct learning model with Santa, presents for the children and ‘free’ Men’s Residence across the road from the church, where a main theme is re-enforced through a shopping for basic items donated by the people a facility where clergy and parishioners have been variety of activities. The camp focuses on real issues of the parish, more than 60 of whom are there to involved for many years. kids face such as bullying or self-image problems, help and join in the fellowship of the evening. St. Nicholas is involved with a number of and it always concentrates on God’s unconditional ecumenical and interdenominational events and love for them and the ways they can offer love and The problems of aging and loneliness within our activities. The Lenten lunch program is held each service to others. community are addressed as far as possible by year every Wednesday during Lent at St. Nicholas. Over the four our Pastoral Visiting Team which makes regular It consists of a short service conducted each week years, more visits to our sick and shut-in parishioners as well by a priest or minister from each of the churches children from St. as to retirement residences and long-term care in the West Scarborough Ministerial in which, Nicholas have facilities. This Team has also made possible the through the years, St. Nicholas clergy have always joined in the fun, extension of pastoral care to our shut-ins and played an important role. The service is followed but 65-70% of elderly parishioners as well as providing support by a luncheon where the visiting churches in turn the children still to the clergy in a number of other ways. provide the soup and St. Nicholas the remainder come from the of the meal. wider We participate in the World Day of Prayer which community. was held at St. Nicholas last year. Vacation Bible Camp Game S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 13
  15. 15. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Faith-Deepening Activities For Adults For Children and Youth There are a number of opportunities available for adult members of the parish to reflect on and September to June: deepen their faith. Bible studies are held Toddler Class: A program for 2 ½- to 5-year-olds, periodically during the year and always during offering age appropriate Christian books, puzzles, Lent. activities and crafts. This is a relatively new Women’s Breakfast is held on the first Saturday program that has grown 40% in the last 3 years. of each month. Following the breakfast, a speaker recounts her or his faith journey Socializing at Coffee Hour followed by small group discussions of a question arising from the talk. Such discussion During the month of March, the children come creates opportunities for reflection and spiritual together for Outreach Month, where the children growth. About four times a year, the men are work on various outreach projects (example of invited to participate in a parish breakfast. past projects: making Easter cards for parishioners who are unable to come to church during the Easter season; collecting donations for the Free the Children organization, collecting food for The Children’s Breakfast Clubs). Sunday School in Small Hall July to September (Labour Day weekend): Multi-Age Class: A program for 6- to 11-year-olds, using the “Seasons of the Spirit” lectionary-based The growing number of young children in the curriculum. church has led to the development of a year- round Sunday School program, which is an Senior Class: A program for ages 12 years and encouraging sign of hope for the future. older offering group discussions on lectionary readings and other relevant issues. Adolescents The summer program is available for all ages have the same learning opportunities, with the using the “Seasons of the Spirit” lectionary- based curriculum. Women’s Breakfast exception that the Sunday morning gatherings, while being lectionary-based, have no formal curriculum. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 14
  16. 16. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Two Women’s Quiet Days are held each year at Communications Financial Overview the convent of the Sisters of St John the Divine. Approximately 25 women attend. St. Nicks News [link »] a quarterly publication St. Nicholas is a financially stable parish which which reports on the life of the parish. It includes has been blessed with a loving, caring and A prayer workshop led by Bishop Patrick Yu reports from the clergy, wardens, and giving congregation. We have maintained a took place in the past year, with a second committees. It gives parishioners a chance to balanced budget over the past number of years, scheduled for this March. learn about upcoming events, topics of interest while increasing staff and programs at the and past activities. St. Nick’s News is distributed church. The weekly Wednesday morning Eucharist, in paper form at the church, by mail to shut-ins, rather than including a traditional homily, The wardens regularly communicate our by email, and on the church website. presents a question or concept arising from the finances to the parish through bulletins, gospel and then invites those in attendance Nicks Notes [link »] is included into the order of newsletters and updates throughout the year. (normally 20-25 people) to share their ideas, service with notices and announcements for This communication has been much beliefs and opinions relating to that question. upcoming events, meetings and services. appreciated by the congregation. Two years ago we embarked on a capital campaign to repair Depending on the specific activity, anywhere Email is used extensively to communicate with some areas in the church (primarily roofs and from 10% to 25% of the congregation take parishioners. Special announcements regarding foundation work). We raised over $100,000. The advantage of the opportunities provided to deaths in the parish, a call for volunteers for “Our Faith – Our Hope” campaign met with an participate in such faith-deepening activities events, and reminders about upcoming dates equally generous response. are sent out routinely. Whenever required, the incumbent has met Whenever there is a project or initiative that is with parents and potential candidates to Our church website, www.stnicholasbirchcliff. launched, it generally enjoys great success with prepare them for baptism and confirmation. com, over the years has grown into the many willing donors. We are blessed with strong On an ongoing basis, the people’s sense of extensive site that it is today. The website also and capable lay leadership that manages this connection between faith and daily life has includes links to our YouTube channel and Flickr area of parish life well and allows the incumbent been nurtured by excellent sermons which pages. to focus his or her attention on more important relate the bible readings to modern life and areas of parish ministry. make their message relevant. The parish finances from last year and the Guest speakers from areas such as Faithworks proposed budget for this year are found as an and outreach illustrate the meaning of acting addendum to this profile. out one’s faith among those less fortunate within the larger community. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 15
  17. 17. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Our Strengths We have developed a reputation Over two years ago our over the years for having one of church held an ambitious The strengths of St. Nicholas are evident in every the best bazaars in Scarborough. and very successful capital event and important occasion we organize and campaign to fund repairs come together to accomplish. As a parish, we Recently a very loved and desperately needed. Last support each other in good times and difficult devoted parish member passed year our parish took part in times, and we always enjoy opening our church away. The funeral and reception phase 1 of the “Our Faith – and hearts to each other and the community. captured the character of St. Our Hope’.” Since the Diocese Nicholas in a glorious way. The of Toronto campaign was so service was attended by a close to our capital majority of parishioners who campaign, many played an important part in parishioners volunteering making the reception a very with “Our Faith – Our Hope’” loving, supportive environment were concerned we might the music directors for each other and for the family. retirement reception not reach our goal. On a happier note, we recently celebrated the Through the sacrificial giving and strong faith of retirement of our music directors with a the parishioners, we were able to achieve 138% wonderful reception that again displayed the of our goal. The overwhelming success of the heart of our church. The majority of our “Our Faith – Our Hope’” campaign is evidence of Bazaar 2011 parishioners took an active part in both of these the faith which underlies our generosity. events in some way, whether it was making Our annual bazaar always takes place the first sandwiches, desserts, setting up or doing dishes. Saturday of November. It is a success from a financial and fellowship perspective. It is a year- All of these examples illustrate that we are a long process that involves the whole church in warm, welcoming community that supports some way or another under the leadership of each other in both good times and times of the Bazaar Committee. It brings together difficulty. individuals that would not normally interact with each other on a day-to-day basis. It is anticipated not only by our parishioners but by the entire Scarborough community. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 16
  18. 18. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Looking Towards The Future 50 We believe in a strong future for St. Nicholas and already a number of initiatives are in place or in the planning stages designed to make that 37.5 future a reality. The lack of any ongoing youth programs at St. 25 Nicholas in recent years is an area of concern we are committed to rectifying. To address this In our recent parish survey, 59% of the concern, our Assistant Curate has been given respondents identified themselves as being 12.5 the responsibility of developing a youth ministry open to the development of non-traditional program aimed at attracting and helping to forms of worship to supplement our current keep our young people within the church. liturgy. This raises the possibility of yet another A B C 0 area of potential growth through the creation of We look forward to further developing our a church environment designed to attract new, outreach and social justice initiatives such as younger and non-church going individuals to Where the congregation would expanding our involvement in the free interfaith our parish community. like to see growth lunch program to include one day a week at St. A Spiritual Growth Nicholas. We also intend to investigate the As we celebrate our centennial year at St. possibility of offering cooking classes to the Nicholas, highlighted by the visit of the Primate B Action for Social Justice widowed and to single parents. It is our hope for our Homecoming Service on June 10, we that having a deacon at St. Nicholas will help take seriously not only the words of our motto C How We Minister to Each Other and further enable us to reach these goals. but also the words of our Bishop, Patrick Yu, who at our centennial launch, charged us to be a church which looked to the future by being Full survey results can be found as an willing to share our beliefs with outsiders and addendum to this profile beginning on page 19. invite them into our faith community. We look to our new incumbent to lead us towards the achievement of that goal. S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 17
  19. 19. Parish Profile • St Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Toronto • 2012 Church of St. Nicholas, Birch Cliff • Operating, Capital and Memorial Fund Budget RECEIPTS 2011 2012 EXPENDITURES 2011 2012 BALANCE SHEET SUMMARY Total Budget Total Budget Memorial Fund $303,307.83 Open Offering $4,440 $4,500 Personnel Costs 161,811 166,000 Altar Guild $2,209.64 Parochial Offering 172,156 175,000 (Incumbent, Assistant Curate, Pastoral Associate, Organist, Outreach $4,515.81 Donations & Rentals 31,093 21,500 Caretaker and Secretary) Synod Assessment 26,461 28,660 Sidespersons $0.00 Fund Raising 24,483 23,000 Rectory Rental 27,600 27,600 Rectory Taxes, Choir $354.84 Utilities & Repairs 7,039 4,100 Investment Income 12,822 10,000 Total $310,388.12 Utilities 14,771 16,200 Capital Donations 15,103 5,000 Insurance 8,133 8,400 Other 41,661 35,000 Office Supplies & Postage 12,895 12,000 Total Receipts 329,358 301,600 Repairs, Cleaning & Maintenance 8,958 10,000 Choir, Organ & Altar 8,466 2,600 Christian Education / Outreach 12,871 2,000 Provision for Rectory -338 13,300 Other 5,837 2,760 Capital Expenditures 86,592 35,000 Total Expenditures 353,496 301,020 Inter Fund Transfer 25,000 SURPLUS (DEFICIT) $862.00 $580.00 S T N I C H O L A S , B I R C H C L I F F • 1 9 1 2 - 2 0 1 2 • Fr o m t h e Pa s t i n t o t h e Fu t u r e • w w w. s t n i c h o l a s b i r c h c l i f f. c o m 18