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Parish Newsletter - Easter 2012

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Nicks News Easter 2012

  1. 1. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2012 NICK’S NEWS The annual tubing party in March was an enormous success this year. The newly ordained Dr. Rev. Alison Falby was the primary organizer of the outing and shrieked like a little girl at a horror movie on her first run down the hill. Michaelʼs Message: Lenten reflections If I can say just a word or might feel in our lives. Its make some decisions about two about Lent, it really is an also a time when we might how we intend to move opportune time during want to seek some guidance forward. And, for me at least, which we are encouraged to about how to respond to this leads right into Easter do some thinking about the these demands, maybe and the Easter season. overlapping demands we establish some priorities, and Continued on page 6 PAGE 1
  2. 2. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2012WARDENS’ REPORT Dear Parishioner: the process of As we look forward accepting names until to Easter in a few Easter, and then will weeks, we are begin the interviewing reminded of what a process. We hope to wonderful place St announce our new Nicholas is as we move incumbent in late through our Spring. Centennial Year. There are plans well Our bishop, underway for the Patrick Yu appointed renovation of the Michael Pollesel as church kitchen, and a our Interim Priest in small committee has Charge, and it has been formed to lead been a pleasure and this. There will be privilege to have additional work and Michael in our midst during planting in the gardens this period of change and has a calendar of all the this spring to finish the transition. Alison Falby was events and guest preachers memorial gardens. We also ordained at St Nicholas on planned for this year. anticipate that we will begin March 24, and it is has been some repair to the brick and We have already seen our privilege to have Alison mortar on the church. There some familiar faces in the in our midst as Assistant are several areas that need pulpit this year, and have Curate and be present as she tuck pointing and other areas welcomed David Bryant and moves forward in becoming a that require repair to the Shelly McVea as guest full priest. This is a brickwork. Once the tuck celebrants and preachers in wonderful event to happen at pointing is complete, we will these first few months. There any time, but especially this begin repairs to the water are many more guest year. damaged areas of the interior celebrants and many event near the Manderley door, the 2012 is our centennial year planned for this year and we book room and the rear and promises to be a year full hope that you are able to south west wall of the church. of guest preachers, special participate in as many of events and celebration. The them as possible. We are truly blessed with Centennial Committee has a faithful, friendly parish The Parish Selection done a wonderful job in family with inspired spiritual Committee (PSC), which is planning this anniversary leadership. Thank you all for responsible for working with year, and we would encourage your support and prayers. the Bishop in selecting our everyone to participate as next incumbent, has been The Churchwardens - much as you can in the many hard at work and you can see Doug Goss, Sonia events that are planned for our Parish Profile posted on Halloran, Anne Moir and this year. Our website our website. We are now in Brian Todd PAGE 2
  3. 3. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2012Centennial Report:Busy times ahead By Sharon Endugesik January brought our kick off celebration withBishop Patrick Yu. We saluted our 100th year withfellowship and champagne. In February we welcomed back The Rev. ShelleyMcVea as our first of many special preachers and we allthank her for leading our Sunday Service. We lookforward with anticipation to welcoming back The Rev.David Bryant, The Rev. Jack Rooney and The Rev.Canon Prue Chambers, in March, April and Mayrespectively. On Friday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m., our own St.Nicholas choir, augmented by guest choristers and Bishop Patrick Yu helped us kicksoloists, will present "An Evening of Lenten Music" off what will be an exciting year ofhighlighted by the Faure Requiem in addition to other centennial In addition, big plans and choir is known throughoutpreparations are well underway Toronto and across Canada forfor the Gala Dinner and Dance its musical sound andon June 9 at the Ellas Banquet professional approach. TheyHall. Save the Date for the practice locally here inonce in a lifetime event. Scarborough, and we lookTickets go on sale in April. forward to further details of We are most pleased and this event.honoured to announce that To round out our summerthe Primate, The Most Rev. events, we will have ourFred Hiltz, will be with us to unveiling of a Heritagehelp celebrate our Toronto plaque on Aug. 9. ThisHomecoming Service on June marks the dedication of our10. first church, a renovated Just two weeks after that stable, as a mission church onon June 24, we are hosting the Aug. 9, 1912.Bach Children’s Chorus Look to our website atBenefit Concert. The benefit is www.stnicholasbirchcliff.coma fundraiser, with all the funds for all our planned events andraised going to the Church by a complete list of specialthe Bluffs Foodbank. The speakers. PAGE 3
  4. 4. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2012 20 QUESTIONS WITH... ...our awesome church secretary Janet Baron 1.Apparently St. I don’t remember when I vocal warm ups in theNicholas was actually the didn’t sing. My Mom told me shower.incumbent when you once that I used to sing 5. What inspires you?started going to church Christmas Carols in July Music – there’s a themehere. Is that true? while sitting in the shopping developing here! Just how old do you think buggy in Dominion. I bet 6. If you could haveI am? Not St. Nicholas, but the other shoppers didn’t dinner with any threeIan NICHOLS was think it was too lovely! people in history, whoincumbent when I was a 3.What do you like to would they be and why?teenager. James Birchall was do when you’re not being He’s not a famousthe incumbent when I the church secretary? historical figure, but my Dad.started going here. Sing He died 24 years ago, and in 2.You obviously have a 4. Do you sing in the that time I’ve thought ofgift for music, which shower? hundreds of things I wish Iwe’re so lucky to have you had talked with him about. I Not through the week,share with us. When did guess I should say Jesus, but on Sunday mornings I doyou first realize you had ‘cause if you really could havesuch a lovely voice?HOLY WEEK SERVICES Sunday, April 1 7:30 p.m. - Sung 10:30 a.m. – Good Friday 8:30 a.m. – Said Tenebrae Service Solemn Liturgy with Eucharist and Blessing of Thursday, April 5 children’s program in Palms Maundy Thursday Robinson Hall 10:30 a.m. – The Sunday 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 7 of the Passion with the Institution of the Lord’s (Holy Saturday) Liturgy of the Palms Supper including foot 8 p.m. – Easter Vigil and Monday,April 2 and washing, stripping of the Sung Eucharist followed Tuesday, April 3 Altars and Gethsemane by a Rockin’ Resurrection 7:30 p.m - Holy Watch Party Eucharist Friday, April 6 Sunday, April 8 Wednesday, April 4 Good Friday (Easter Sunday) 10 a.m. - Holy Eucharist 9:30 a.m. - Stations of 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. - 12 noon - Ecumenical the Cross Sung Eucharist Lenten Lunch Program PAGE 4
  5. 5. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2012dinner with anyone how couldyou not pick him? And after havingdinner with Jesus, eating with Type to enter textanyone else in all of history wouldjust be a letdown. 7. What is the absolute bestthing about being the churchsecretary here at St. Nicholas?Photocopying the newsletter? I get to work with people whoI really care about and who are animportant part of my life. 8. What’s the absoluteworst thing about being thechurch secretary at St.Nicholas? Janet with her “sister” Suzanne(left) and Bonnie (middle). Having to nag those I don’t think I could You’re joking butsame wonderful people I name any one person, It’s some people really think wework with about deadlines! usually the piece of music are sisters. We’ve were 9. What book are you itself I like, I don’t care taken for twins once if youreading at the moment? who’s singing it, as long as can believe that – we they’re not messing it up. couldn’t. We have T-Shirts, Nothing, I’m actually 13. What is the most one says “I’m not her” thenot a big reader, I prefer to memorable thing that other says “She’s not me.”watch old movies, from the30’s, 40’s and 50’s. has ever happened to 16. Can you imagine you at St. Nick’s? your life without St. 10. What’s on your My wedding, and the Nicholas Birch CliffiPod? baptism of my children. Anglican Church in it? I don’t have one 14. What is the No. 11. What is your all- highest note you can hit 17. What do you gaintime favourite piece of with your voice? personally from yourmusic to sing? I can hit a high C when relationship with this I don’t think you could place? I’m completely warmed up,ask a more difficult but only in a vocal warm up Lovequestion. One thing I do singing on a vowel, I doubt 18. Have you everreally enjoy singing is I could actually do it in a dreamed of singing in anTenebrae, which you can all song. B-flat is about the opera or a rock band?come and hear on the highest I can sing.Wednesday night in Holy I’m not much of anWeek, at 7:30pm. 15. Are you and opera fan, but can you see Suzanne Lehtinen me singing in a rock band?! 12. Who is your all- sisters? I’d fit right in with Mick &time favourite singer? PAGE 5
  6. 6. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2012 Experiencing Godʼs reign during Easter Continued from page 1 occurs to me that the end of choice to follow up is not in March will mark the six my hands, but yours. There is a line of thinking month period. I imagine that which tells us that the Easter * * * he wasnt far off the mark, season can be likened to a and I fully expect that youll Being in the midst of honeymoon. A time when, to be hearing about an Centennial celebrations some extent at least, the appointment before the end allows us to re-connect with demands and preoccupations of June, which would people who may have played of the everyday are compete the nine month a prominent role in our own suspended and the couple timetable he had laid out. lives as well as in the life of lives in a period of "as if." St. Nicholas over the years. I I continue to appreciate my I have heard Easter described sincerely hope that you will time here at St. Nicholas. in these terms. A time of "as make every effort to come, This is a parish with a lot of if " - when the Church - (you welcome, and listen to the very good and positive and me) - lives as if Gods long list of preachers who qualities. And, I would hasten dream for all of creation had have been scheduled to be to add, it also has a lot of yet reached its fulfillment, when with us over the course of untapped potential. we allow ourselves, if only for this year. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes .. a short while, to experience can see things that may have As I said in my report to the some of what we expect the become obscure to folks who Vestry, I want to express my reality of Gods reign will be have been involved in the life thanks to you for having like. of a parish for several years, welcomed me into your midst * * * and I tried to point out some during this time of transition of these in my report to the for both you and me. When Bishop Patrick spoke Annual Vestry some weeks to me about coming to St. ago. My hope is that these May God continue to guide Nicks as in Interim he gave will be acted upon. Having and bless each of you. me a time frame of between said that, I know that the Michael six and nine months. It the boys, or AC DC, or what about Ozzy?! what we’re all about, the reason we’re here, 19. Has much changed in all the years God’s love and forgiveness. you’ve been here? 20. With the Maple Leafs hopelessly Everything has changed, many times over, out of the playoffs, do you think your all the day to day stuff, the way we do things, great- grandchildren will live long the people, the style of worship, it’s all enough to see them win a Stanley Cup? changed. It should all change, that’s how we I’m just trying to think, they’re a hockey grow. What doesn’t change is the message, team aren’t they? PAGE 6