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  1. 1. Deconstructivism Started in1980s
  2. 2. Started in the 1980’s and still going on today.Deconstructivism is an approach to building design thatattempts to view architecture in bits and pieces.Deconstructivist buildings may seem to have no visuallogicIdeas were borrowed from the French philosopher,Jacques Derrida.Buildings may appear to be made up of abstract forms.
  3. 3. Contemporary artTwo strains of modern art, minimalisn and cubism, have had an influence on deconstructivism.A synchronicity of disjoined space is evident inmany of the works of Frank Gehry and BernardTschumi.
  4. 4. Frank Gehry Frank Owen Gehry, is an architect based in Los Angeles, California. His buildings, including his private residence, have become tourist attractions. Gehrys best-known works are as follows
  5. 5. Guggenheim Museum BilbaoIt is very curvy, has a spidersculpture outside of it, a lotof shapes put together, nowindows.
  6. 6. The Frederick R. Weisman art Museum Made in 1993 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Frank Gehry. Curvy frame, round shapes and very angular.
  7. 7. Gehry House • Frank Gehry made this house at Santa Monica, California in 1978. • It has a light wood frame and is an unnatural shape for a house. • Made up of lots of shapes that are different sizes.
  8. 8. Stata Center • Made by Frank Gehry in 2004 in Cambridge, MA. • It has a pointy frame with square and triangle shapes.
  9. 9. Star wood Hotel
  10. 10. Some of his buildings
  11. 11. Some artworks