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7 Tips to write a successful CV


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7 tips that will help you write a successful CV

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7 Tips to write a successful CV

  1. 1. 7 tips for creating a successful CV Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  2. 2. Show what makes you unique You have to stand out from other candidates Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  3. 3. Show how you can make the company money Show how you can resolve the problems the firm has Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  4. 4. Easy to scan and read Recruiters spend around 20 to 30 seconds to scan CV Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  5. 5. Clear and highlight key information Don’t hide information or make complex visuals Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  6. 6. Keep it error free Check your spelling and grammar. Make sure your dates match and you’ve provided the correct contact details Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  7. 7. Keep it short Reduce your CV to maximum 2 pages Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  8. 8. Keep your CV up-to-date Review your CV every month. Add new important information and cut information that is no longer required. Inno-Smart Barcelona -
  9. 9. Silvia Rodriguez-Donaire, Ph.D. @srodriguezd INNO-SMART Barcelona CEO & Co-founder Professor at UPC & IQS Business School 7 tips for creating a successful CV Inno-Smart Barcelona -