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  • Welcome!
    Thank you!
  • -List of events and service opportunities in their materials – talk a little about the Kick-off, Cookies Rock, other events they may have questions about
    -25 hours is composed of combination mentoring plus service at events and trainings
    -Today’s training earns you 3 hours already – we must sign your hours before you leave
    - Show how to use Log Card and discuss the instructions on the back of the card
  • Make sure to stress this slide. Cadettes can earn one bar or the other. They cannot earn both. If they do service for Girls Scouts (mentoring, helping out at cookie events, office hours, etc) they will get their GREEN bar for Contributions to Girl Scouting.
    If they want to earn their blue bar, they need to do a project that is for another organization. They would need to set up a drive for a homeless shelter or help a Cookie CEO run an Operation Cookie Pack (this is service for Soldier’s Angels.)
    If they have any questions – they can contact council at
  • This is just a brief overview; more information about each step during the Mentoring session
    Explain the Cookie Captain info sheet – note that it contains important dates they should put into their calendar, as well as a place for them to record contact information for their service unit cookie manager and mentor troop
  • -Cookie Captains are mentors, leaders, role models. “Take the Lead” and make your sale successful
    -Some “service” requirements can be met through mentoring
  • -Practice what you preach! You will be teaching girls about goals – so set them for yourself!
    -Think about it: What are YOUR goals? What is your troop’s goal? How many boxes will you sell/how much GS Dough will you earn? What will you/your troop do with your cookie money?
    - has “Catch Goals” section to use for you or for mentor troop. Site has print-outs for goal progress posters, certificates of achievement, worksheets to figure out how much you need to sell to reach your goals, etc.
  • Why? (ask girls to answer) Build presentation skills; boost your sales; More grown up/impressive than selling at a booth; Promote GS
    Order Cards – e-mail if you need an electronic copy
    “Cookies Inc” ABC Bakers Teens only site
    “Brand You” ABC Bakers Teens only site
  • - Cookie CEO hours can count toward the prerequisite leadership hours needed to begin the gold or silver award projects
  • -This meets the “career exploration” requirement for the Cookies & Dough IP
  • Your Service Unit Cookie Manager will connect you with a troop to mentor
    Use “Cookie Captain Information Sheet” to keep contact information for your mentor troop, the SU Cookie Manager, important dates, etc.
    Facilitator can write their own contact information on there beforehand as well as the GSCTX Product Sales contact information if you would like
  • Have girls brainstorm examples and ideas at every bullet on this slide
    If there are any girls repeating the program, have them share mentoring experiences and advice on the “Tips from real mentors” bullet
  • pick a topic means focus your presentation on one aspect of selling
    visual aid (poster board, power point, puppet show, anything that will spice up the presentation and help them remember)
  • -These are things that Cookie Captains should use to generate excitement for the little girls.
  • “If you catch a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”
    Daisy troops will be allowed to attend one of your booth sales in time slots of one hour per two girls. They will not get any booth slots of their own. Safety wise adults must be present from both troops.
    Let the girls brainstorm ways to let the younger girls participate in the booth sale. Examples: Daisies can ask customers to support Girl Scouts; Daisies can decide how much the cookies cost using the
  • -Let the girls brainstorm other ideas that are not on this list
    -Under “resources” briefly go through Daisy Activity Packet, Troop Cookie Training Manual
  • -Daisy “Petals” are earned by doing activities that help the girls understand different parts of the Girl Scout Law.
    -Let the Cookie Captains brain storm about different ways that Daisies could earn petals by doing cookie-related activities
    -Here are some ideas, in case they get stumped:
    - For “considerate and caring” the Daisies can write letters or draw pictures for Operation Cookie
    - For “use resources wisely” they can do a craft project to re-use their cookie boxes or take the boxes to the recycling center together
    - For “friendly and helpful” they can practice using manners and helping customers at a cookie booth
  • Let the girls do the good booth/bad booth role plays to give them a taste of what cookies rock will be like. If there’s time, let them do some improv role plays of their own. let them know that this is what they will be leading their mentor troops through when they help at training!
  • Let each group from brainstorming share their game ideas so that everyone has lots of fresh ideas when they go to mentor
  • Each girl gets three hours of service credit for training – be sure to sign all of the hours log cards before girls leave.
  • Ck capt training power point

    1. 1. Welcome Cookie Captains!
    2. 2. • Volunteering at Cookie Events • Mentoring • Log all hours (purple card) • 25 Hours = Service Bar • Cookie Captain Party About Cookie Captains: Service Hours
    3. 3. • Connect with a troop • Give Training Presentation • Assist at one Cookie Booth • Log those hours! About Cookie Captains: Mentoring
    4. 4. •Information al/ •Requirements • Listed on Cookies and Dough IP handout •Take the Lead! Finish the rest on your own – by mentoring this cookie season! Be a cookie expert! Cookies and Dough IP
    5. 5. • You could be teaching about goals – so set them yourself! • Troop/ individual goals • ABC Bakers: CookiEZone – Fun activity for your mentor troops! Be a goal getter:
    6. 6. Goal Setting As a Cookie Captain, it is important to set S.M.A.R.T. goals to help you ensure success with both your cookie sales and your project! S.M.A.R.T Goals are: S – Specific M – Measureable A – Attainable R – Realistic T - Timely
    7. 7. S The “S” in S.M.A.R.T. Goals stands for “Specific”. Specific is the “What,” Where” and “Why?” of Setting smart goals. Think about specific goals when planning your project. What are you going to do? Host an event? Make a Video? Where are you going to do your event? In your hometown? In another town within your service unit? Why is your project important? Will it make your service unit better? Will you learn something from doing it?
    8. 8. MM stands for measureable. People have said, if you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it. Imagine trying to put together an event and not asking people to RSVP to let you know they were coming. What would happen if you had 600 show up? What would happen if you had 3 people show up? Do little things like as for an RSVP, so you know how many people are coming to make your goal easier to see.
    9. 9. A The “A” stands for Attainable. This is important in goal setting because you want to stretch your limits but set yourself up for success. Plan on your goal stretching you beyond what you would normally do but something that you can realistically accomplish in 25 hours For example: Set a goal to make a 5 minute movie in 25 hours is attainable. This gives you time to plan, film your movie and edit. If you are trying to film a 2 and a ½ hour movie, you wouldn’t have time to write the script and film, let alone finish the whole movie.
    10. 10. R “R” stands for realistic. If you think about it, do you think it’s possible to get all of your service hours in a week? Is it possible to sell 10,000 cookies by yourself door to door? This is where the “R” in SMART comes in. Set goals that you know you can achieve, but keep the bar high. You’ll feel better about your project if you have done something that pushed you to try new things.
    11. 11. T “T” stands for timely Timely goals are important. We all know how easy it to is to say we are going to do something and then start putting it off and putting it off. Then suddenly, its due tomorrow! For your goal to happen, its important to keep your timeline in mind. Remember when hours cards are due (April 1st ) and plan your time line accordingly. Remember to keep the rest of your life in mind too. It can be hard to find the time to do service hours if you have a huge test coming up.
    12. 12. • Why Sell to Businesses? • Learn new skills • Boost your sales • How to Sell to Businesses • Set up an appointment • Give a presentation • Send a Thank You note • Resources • Order Card available online • Presentation Outline • Coffee Break Booths Be a cookie sales leader:
    13. 13. • 25 or 30 Leadership Hours – Plan cookie events – Help train cookie captains next year • Earn your Leadership Award Pin! Looking ahead:
    14. 14. Bakery Tour Video: _videos.asp
    15. 15. – Connect with your mentor troop – Set date for training and helping at a booth – Let the troop know what you will teach •product knowledge •booth etiquette
    16. 16. – Start small! – Keep it short! – Have fun! – Let them participate! – Get help from adults! – Tips from real mentors
    17. 17. – Pick a topic – Present visual aid – Prepare notes or an outline – Plan a game or activity – Practice Practice Practice!
    18. 18. • Count Me In Theme • Shout Outs! • Mascot: Sage the Owl • Bakery Tour Video • Cookie Prizes
    19. 19. – Lead by example – Teach them how to sell – Help girls make change – Stress safety rules
    20. 20. – Goal Posters – ABC Bakers website – Cookies Count Try-it – Make up a game – Resources – Daisy Packet – Be Creative!
    21. 21. Brainstorm cookie activities! - Honest and fair – Friendly and helpful – Considerate and caring – Courageous and strong – Responsible for what I say and do – Respect myself and others – Respect authority – Use resources wisely – Make the World a Better Place – Be a sister to every Scout
    22. 22. – Host or help at Cookies Rallies – Operation Cookie Pack – Your service unit’s cookie delivery – Check Possibilities, your Cookie Captain registration packet or with your service unit cookie manager for more service opportunities!