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Nexmo Verify SDK


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Product Brief

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Nexmo Verify SDK

  1. 1. ©2015 Nexmo, Inc. The Nexmo Verify SDK allows you to add phone verifica- tion with a single line of code for password replacement, passwordless logins, 2-factor authentication, and user/ transaction verification. Verify SDK provides application developers with user management as a service allowing them to focus on building core business logic, and includes libraries, code samples, documentation, and UIs. You can scale your app instantly as Verify SDK complies with changing carrier and country regulations, globally. Nexmo Verify SDK Enables • Improved user acquisition • Seamless user experience • Reduced development time • Global scalability • Enhanced security Use Cases • Password replacement • Secure, non-redundant mobile app registration • Cross-device login • Tiered-user verification for KYC • Two-factor authentication (2FA or MFA) • Transaction authentication • Verify phone number for social graph 1or notifications Nexmo Verify SDK
  2. 2. ©2015 Nexmo, Inc. Maximize Verification Success Rate As a part of the Verify SDK, Nexmo’s Adaptive RoutingTM technology allows you to send verification codes over the lowest latency SMS routes determined in real- time. In addition, automatic retries and failover to voice ensure your customer always receives their unique verification code. Integrate Easily, Improve User Experience All you need to verify users is a single function call with Verify SDK. A customizable UX framework pre-integrated with verification workflows ensures that your users have an intuitive experience whether they need to edit a phone number or receive a phone call with a verification code. Manage Users Across Devices and Enable Single Sign-On Easily manage user logins across your mobile and web apps without developing a user authentication backend. Verify SDK takes care of user state management and enables you to automatically login or re-authenticate users, and allow for single-sign on across all your apps to provide a seamless user experience. This allows you to scale your authentication from tens to thousands to millions of users without any additional development. Enhanced Security Complement a phone number with an unique mobile device ID to prevent SIM-swaps and enhance security. Set login expiry times based on your security needs to automatically log out users and enforce authentication. Send verification codes over push notifications and require manual user entry, or allow automatic consumption by your app. Pay on Successful Verification, Get Unlimited Push Verifications on Subscription Use a “pay on successful verification” model if your app only needs to verify phone numbers on user registration or one-off transactions. Add a subscription model with “unlimited push verifications per user per month” if you need to verify users at every login or more than once per month. Thank You!