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Green school

  1. 1. IGBC Green Schools The Concept & Benefits Indian Green Building Council Designing Green Schools® 17 April 2010 © Confederation of Indian Industry
  2. 2. CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad A unique Public – Private Partnership(CII, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, USAID and Pirojsha Godrej Foundation) Centre of “Excellence” for Green Buildings, Energy, Environment, Water, Renewable energy & Climate change activities in India ® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  3. 3. Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Launched by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in 2001 Pioneering Green Building movement in India® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  4. 4. Vision of IGBC To usher in a green building movement in India India to become one of the world leaders in green buildings by 2015® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  5. 5. Green Building – The Definition A green building is one which uses Less water Optimises energy efficiency Conserves natural resources Generates less waste Provides healthier spaces for people as compared to a conventional building® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  6. 6. Green School A school building or facility that creates a healthy environment that is conducive to learning while saving energy, water and resources® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  7. 7. Sustainable Development Use of Resources to meet our needs without depriving theresources for future generations ® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  8. 8. Why Green Schools ? Need to be green in all aspects To address Productive learning environment Student’s health issues Ample natural light Fresh air ventilation High quality acoustics Environmental site assessment Master planning® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  9. 9. Green School Rating System – Focus areas IGBC, a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy Efficiency Material & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality ® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  10. 10. The Indian Way Rediscovery of the Indian ethos We worship the 5 elements of Nature (Panchabhutas) Prithvi (Earth) Sustainable Sites Jal (Water) Water Efficiency Agni (Energy) Energy Efficiency Vayu (Air) Indoor Environmental Quality Akash (Sky) Daylight, Night Sky Pollution ® © Confederation of Indian IndustryWater body Local materials Daylighting Views
  11. 11. Green School Rating System - Categories S No Credits Points Mandatory Requirements 7 1 Site Selection and 21 Planning 2 Water Efficiency 18 3 Energy Efficiency 24 4 Material Conservation 14 5 Indoor Environmental 15 Quality 6 Green Education 4 ® 7 Innovation & Design 4 Total © Confederation of Indian Industry 100
  12. 12. Green Schools – The Need® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  13. 13. Schools and Educational Institutions in IndiaStudents & Faculty At least 20% of Indian population® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  14. 14. 1. Daylight & ViewsImproves student concentration andperformanceAdjustable blinds and shades help reduceglareLightshelves bounce sunlight deep into theroom and provide even light distributionEnhances the learning environmentReduced Use of Artificial Light - Reducesenergy costs® Enhances the learning environment © Confederation of Indian Industry
  15. 15. 2. Enhanced Ventilation Increased Fresh Air – High indoor air quality Students and faculty healthier Reduces absenteeism Minimised respiratory & other environmental illnesses® Reduces the health issues © Confederation of Indian Industry
  16. 16. 3. Acoustics Improved acoustics create a more productive learning environment for children Allow teachers to be heard without straining their voices Enhance productivity and keep students more alert® Better understanding © Confederation of Indian Industry
  17. 17. 4. Low emitting materials Low VOC - Paints & Coatings Furniture Dust-free chalk pieces Eco-friendly House Keeping Chemicals® Enhances indoor air quality © Confederation of Indian Industry
  18. 18. 5. Green TransportationSchool BusesSafe Cycle paths & side walksUse of Eco-friendly Vehicles forCommuting Reduces CO2 emissions & smog® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  19. 19. 6. Waste Segregation & Handling Recycling programme Segregation and dedicated space for recycling Paper Plastic Food and liquid waste Centralised storage space for recyclables Waste from the Wealth® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  20. 20. 7. Water EfficiencyRain water harvestingUltra low and lowflow & flush waterfixtures Water closets Lavatory faucets® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  21. 21. 8. Master Planning Integrated Design Reduced Environmental Footprint Restored habitat Increased greenery® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  22. 22. Benefits of green schools Energy & Water Costs Student health & Test Scores® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  23. 23. Initiatives to promote Green Schools ® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  24. 24. Green Schools - IGBC InitiativesGreen I Contest for SchoolStudents (Young India of CII) Architectural Design Competition ® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  25. 25. Water awareness & conservation program for school children Program initiated at schools in Hyderabad Objective : to create awareness on water conservation through the program Completed 40 schools Over 2,500 students participated in the® program © Confederation of Indian Industry
  26. 26. Water awareness & conservation program for school children Good response from Government schools in Hyderabad Joint initiative with Mahindra Satyam foundation, Hyderabad Government School, Hyderabad Conducted programme in local language Programme initiated in Jaipur schools® Over 500 students Army School, Jaipur participated © Confederation of Indian Industry
  27. 27. Water awareness & conservation program for school children Students taking pledge to save water Students participating in quizTime table & stickers on water ® conservation for school © Confederation of Indian Industry children
  28. 28. CII - Water Conservation Poster contest 36 schools from Hyderabad participated Around 200 students participated Themes Water saving tips Causes for water shortage & ways to reduce Water pollution & control measures Participants 4 - 8 standard® students © Confederation of Indian Industry
  29. 29. ® Award distribution function © Confederation of Indian Industry
  30. 30. Green schools within a generation Green Schools lead to Greener Community® Ultimately towards the Better India © Confederation of Indian Industry
  31. 31. Rating Programmes to Suit Different Building Types One single rating cannot be applied to suit all building types Launched IGBC Green Homes IGBC Green Factory Buildings LEED India NC LEED India CS Other Programmes on the anvil IGBC Green SEZs * IGBC Green Schools * IGBC Green Cities * IGBC Existing Buildings *® IGBC Landscape * * Rating under development © Confederation of Indian Industry
  32. 32. Green Building Movement in India S Criteria 2001 Till Date No 1 CEOs & senior people 50 ≈ 5,000 involved 2 No. of professionals 10 ≈ 6,000 trained on Green Building concepts 3 No. of registered 1 550 Green Buildings Built – in Area (sq.ft) 0 371 Million 4 Green Building products 5 110 & equipment 5 IGBC Membership 0 836 (Founding Members) (77) 6 IGBC Local Chapters 0 9® 7 IGBC AP’s 0 137 © Confederation of Indian Industry
  33. 33. Green Building Movement In 2001,1 Green Building 20,000 sq. ft. 550 Green Buildings, 371 Million sq. ft. ® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  34. 34. Green Building Journey The Lessons Learnt® IGP, Gulbarga © Confederation of Indian Industry
  35. 35. Lesson Learnt # 1 Green Buildings pay for themselves Green Buildings make business sense Tangible benefits Energy, water Reduced investments on few equipment Incremental cost : 2 - 6 % Payback : 4 - 5 years Incentives are only incidental ; Not the inspiration® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  36. 36. Lesson Learnt # 2 Get the best From WhereverGet the best products, trends & technologiesfrom where ever they are Eg., High efficiency chillers, Sensors, IBMS Standards & Codes ASHRAE 62.1 (Fresh air), IPMVP (Monitoring)Will lead to market transformation2001 : High Performance glass imported2010 : Best of glass manufactured in India® Today the world is flat; Seek the best © Confederation of Indian Industry
  37. 37. Lesson Learnt # 3 Architecture should be contemporary Changing life styles, taste Changing weather patterns Designs also undergoing changes Wipro, Kochi Daylight assuming increasing importance Designers should know the intricacies & benefits of using the latest technology, equipment , etc.,® Tradition & Technology should co-exist © Confederation of Indian Industry
  38. 38. The Road AheadMajor Goals by 2012 Facilitate 1,000 Green buildings Enable 1.0 Billion sq. ft. of green footprint Train 5,000 Accredited Professionals Facilitate tapping Green building materials market of USD 40 Billion Ultimately contribute towards a Greener Planet® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  39. 39. ‘A green building should create ITC Green Centre, Gurgaondelight when entered,serenity and health when occupiedandregret when departed’ - Natural Capitalism® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  40. 40. Go Green . . .® www. © Confederation of Indian Industry
  41. 41. ® © Confederation of Indian Industry
  42. 42. Directory on Green Building Materials & Service Providers Directory released Single-point reference on Green Building Material & Equipment and professionals in India Reach out to 20,000+ professionals 500 companies/consultants participated® CD released during GBC 2009 © Confederation of Indian Industry