Paper 1


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Paper 1

  1. 1. Sub : Engineering graphicsNote : answer any five questions. All questions carry equal marks. Neatness carry someweightage. 1. Construct an epicycloid. Given diameter of rolling circle and directing circle are 60 mm and 180 mm respectively. Draw a tangent and normal at 115 mm from the centre of directing circle. 2. Draw and determine length of minor axis of an ellipse with major axis of 140 mm and distance between focii of 100 mm. Draw a tangent and normal at 70mm from one of its focus. 3. (a)The front view of a line PQ measures 60 mm and makes an angle of 45° with XY. Point P is in the HP and the VT of the line is 15 mm below the HP. The line is inclined at 30° to the VP. Draw the projections of PQ and find its true length, inclination with HP and its HT. (b) draw the projections of a line of 100 mm when it is perpendicular to HP and parallel to VP with one end in HP. 4. A square pyramid of 50 mm side and 60 mm long axis is placed on the ground on one of its slant edges such that the apex is in VP and the slant edge makes an inclination of 30° with V.P. Draw its projections. 5. A cylindrical prism of 50 mm dia. and 70 mm long has its axis parallel to H.P. and inclined at 30° with V.P. It is cut by a vertical section plane such that the true shape of the section is an ellipse with major axis of 60 mm long. Draw its sectional front view and true shape of the section. 6. A right circular cone of 50 mm diameter and 70 mm long axis is resting on its base on H.P . It is cut by a plane perpendicular to V.P and inclined at 30° to H.P. and passes through mid point of the axis. Draw the development of lateral surface of the truncated cone. 7. Construct a vernier scale of 1:100 to read m, dm and cm and maximum up to 10 m. Indicate on it the lengths (a) 4.02 m (b) 6.56 m. 8. Draw front view and top view for the given figure.
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